Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Project 365: Day 75- August 30th

We had a Big Brothers Big Sisters Appreciation Dinner today :) If you are not familiar with this organization, please do! It is a wonderful organization that matches children with adults to give them a positive role model, someone to talk to, someone to confide in. We were matched when I was a Sophomore in college with a young man named Brad who has inevitably become my brother. I don't see any different between him and my siblings who are 'blood.' Then, a year ago, we were matched with a 9 year old named Ethan. He did not have a father figure and was in need of that male role model in his life. Well, he not only became our 'little'.... he became our family. So, we had a dinner last night to honor those that have had matches for 1 year (and other great honors!) Here is Tayler getting ready to head out the door for the dinner :)

And here's Tayler and Mommy before walking out the door:

Can you tell that we have a lot of fun together? haha! Cause we doooo :)

They had the place decorated sooo cute! The theme this year was 'Start Something BIG!' (Get it? :)) And they had it decorated with a 'school theme.' They had 'Thank You' in foreign languages, erasers on the table, markers on the table, flash cards on the table... BEAUTIFUL :)

The dinner was amazing too! We had lasagna, salads, rolls, succotash, and brownies... mmm! :) Plus they served us Coke. My favorite, haha! 

Here is the crew after the dinner and awards ceremony:
Tayler LOVED Ethan's hair apparently, haha! Notice his look? LOL!
Unfortunately Ethan is leaving us soon :( They are relocating and it just breaks our hearts, but I hope we can get a new match because I LOVE doing this program! 

Once we headed out, Ethan had a bouquet of balloons and Tayler was mesmerized by them, haha!

She is the cutest thing EVER! :)


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