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Project 365: Day 242- July 30th

I woke up Friday morning and started cleaning :) I swear by this stuff too! Look it up, buy it, use it :)

And we spent the rest of the day posting our Jet Skis on Craigslist, taking calls/emails, and attempting to sell our jet-skis! If you want these, let me know -- $1600 for everything!

Then Ethan went to get a tattoo, but... it took foreverrr, so instead we went to Subway and spent the night cuddling and watching Forrest Gump.... it was nice :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 241- July 29th

I woke up this morning and worked on 2 homework assignments that were due today.... and cleaned this mess of an apartment, haha! :)

After this, Ethan came home... WITH PIZZA! :) We had some yummy Domino's Pizza... thin crust bacon and onion... mmmm! It was soooo good :)

Then, well, I'll have to post the rest at a later date. *mental note to Alyssa about what today means* Hold your horses everyone :)

Cheers to Project 365.

Project 365: Day 240- July 28th

Ethan got the day off today due to an accident on I-70 so he came home about 10:30 :) So we spent the day together! How did we spend most of the day? Cleaning his bike, scrubbing his bike, putting stickers on his bike... haha :) He loves his new bike (even though the tire did pop... bless his heart)

And after that, I left and went to Dad and Corey's softball game. And they won! Both games.. here's a few action shots of them:

(Dad letting a ball pass him by)

(Bub getting ready to crank one out)

(Momma and her halo watching the game hehe!)

(The guys ready to win this game!)

and after the game, we all went to Steak-n-Shake to spend some time together! :)

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Project 365: Day 239- July 27th

Today... I scrapbooked. Shocker, right? haha! Well, I'm trying to get 3-5 months of dating done since our 6-7 month pictures will be delivered at the end of this week :) So, I got quite a few pages done today, wahoo!

(Ethan jet-skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding :))

(Ethan modeling his life jacket hehe!)

(Splish, Splash. My tubing adventures, haha)

(Survivor scrapbook page... Our crazy tubing adventure haha!)

And Ethan finally got his dirt bike back! YAY :)

And we ended our night cuddled up watching "Pretty Little Liars" :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 238- July 26th

My morning started off amazingly. My FAVORITE Supernatural episode was on: "Yellow Fever." Hilarious, let me tell you. Dean becomes paranoid of everything, haha! Even little kittens. He screams like a little girl when he sees one during this part:

After watching "Supernatural," I made a yummy veggie pizza and created quite a mess when I did it haha! :) Thanks mom for the recipe! Here's my messes:

And here's the veggie pizza. Yum!

And after eating, scratch that, haha... making the veggie pizza, I wrote a paper I had due for class. Then it was time to scrapbook! I hadn't done that in awhile. Here are the pages I worked on:

(Ethan grilling out :))

(The day we got our jet-skis!)

(Where we put the jet-skis in at the river)

(We found paradise on the river hehe!)

And after scrapbooking, a truck became available to purchase for CHEAP, so I picked it up for Ethan :)

Now we can jet-skiing without calling someone to put us in, haha! :)

Then I came home and made some roast …

Project 365: Day 237- July 25th

I woke up not feeling the greatest this morning and Ethan woke up hungry haha! So that meant he was in charge of cooking since I could hardly get off the couch... and he decided to grill out! I LOVE when Ethan cooks hamburgers and brats. He does such a good job with the spices and everything. He even chopped up onion, peppers, and jalapenos to put on our burgers and grilled those as well. It was so yummy! Here is my chef:

And after we got done eating, we cuddled up and watched "The Shining." I hadn't seen it before.. and I wasn't watching it alone, haha! So, Ethan grabbed a blanket and we curled up to watch! :)

Then, Ethan had to go to work :( So I cleaned up the house, packed Ethan's lunch, and then got ready to go watch Dad and Corey practice with my momma! :) It was a beautiful, cool day today. It felt sooo good outside :) Here's the field and the boys practicing:

And here's momma and me watching:

What a lovely day! Cheers to Project 365! :)

Project 365: Day 236- July 24th

We woke up this beautiful Saturday morning... entirely too early, haha! And decided it was too hot out and we were going to intertubing/jet-skiing. So, we went with Lance and Aaron. Too much fun! Especially when Aaron decides to stand IN the water and work on the battery of his jet ski... with a metal wrench. Then wonders why he's getting shocked, haha! Silly goose :P and after all of this crazy water fun, Ethan and I went to Subway then drove to Dairy Queen and met my parents and brother who were only about 20 minutes away at a ball game :) Here's Ethan and I driving back from meeting them:
And oops! Forgot he had glasses there... haha! :) Oh and can I just say that I am SO my mother's daughter? Look at our fridge... I write out our dinners each week and they day we're having them. I love organization :) haha!

Then Jon and Arena came over and we had sooo much fun! :) Here are a few pictures from the night:

(I drove him CRAZY lol)

(the crew :))

Cheers to Project 365!