Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 1: People Who Have Influenced or Inspired You

1. Jesus Christ-- He inspires me to be at peace and love... every day :)

2. My parents -- They've always inspired me to be a good person, to go after my dreams, to be a hard worker... I'd be lost without them. They are two of the biggest influences in my life. I have been truly blessed to have them as my parents!

3. My brother, Corey--- I struggled with anxiety during the time I was about 18-21 years old... and he never stopped believing me or encouraging me to find my way through it. He was always there for me.

4. Ethan -- He's always saw the good in me... and for that I'm grateful. He believed in me enough to encourage me to submit the book I'd been working on.

5. Joyce Meyer-- Reading her books helped me so much during some obstacles I faced. I appreciate her passion and her transparency. She didn't hide any of her struggles in her books and that's what blessed me.

6. Bro. Cook- Out of all the men that preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, I will say that he changed my life the most. He is the least judgmental person I know and only sees the person... not their past when talking to them. He and Sis. Cook have always been an inspiration to me and although I haven't seen them in quite some time, I think about them often and appreciate them more than words can say.

7. Angie Olney/Tonya Gard- These are two women I've always looked up to. They've lived their lives following their heart. They are some of the least judgmental people I know and are two of the best mothers I have ever had the privilege of knowing. They are definitely an inspiration to me and will be even more as I become a mother :)


The List Challenge

The List Challenge

For the next 50 days, join me in this "list" challenge. These are 50 lists to lift your spirits, which I think everyone could use... every single day :) (Plus-- this will help time pass as I wait for the birth of our sweet baby girl :))

1.People who have influenced or inspired you

2.Things you are grateful for

3.Places you have been

4.Places you want to go

5.Books you’ve read

6.Your favorite things – what brings you joy?

7.Good things that happened this week

8.The best things that happened in the last year

9.The best days of your life.

10.The songs for the soundtrack of your life

11.Acts of kindness you’ve committed

12.Things you want your children to know about you

13.Reasons why you love your significant other

14.The high points for your autobiography

15.People who love you

16.The cutest things your kids ever said

17.Everything you would do if money were no object

18.Favorite gifts you’ve ever received

19.Favorite gifts you’ve ever given

20.Occupations that you have ever wanted to have (including when you were a child)

21.The best advice you’ve gotten.

22.The worst advice you’ve gotten.

23.Things you’re procrastinating

24.Ways you calm yourself down when you’re angry.

25.The best ideas you’ve ever had

26.The best projects or organizations you’ve ever been involved with

27.The ways you have grown since your early 20’s

28.The most beautiful things you’ve ever seen

29.The greatest lessons you have learned

30.Life’s lessons that you learned the hard way

31.Things that have mad you laugh until you cried.

32.Qualities you most admire in others

33.Qualities others most admire in you

34.The elements of an ideal year

35.All the compliments you’ve ever gotten

36.Foods that you have eaten that are so good that others could hear you enjoying them

37.The times you have asserted yourself

38.Things that inspire and energize you

39.The places where you feel completely comfortable to be yourself

40.The most important turning points in your life

41.Times when you looked and felt your absolute best

42.The things you’re good at

43.What you would do with the power of invisibility

44.Things you want to teach your children

45.Things you still want to do in life

46.Bits of trivia that most people don’t know about you

47.The things you love about your body

48.Accomplishments you are most proud of

49.The things you love about your home

50.Who (living or dead) you would invite to your dream dinner party

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Project 365: Day 417- January 21st

I woke up early this morning and switched our fridge out. We have been renting one from Aarons and they were suppose to come pick it up today, so I got started cleaning the old one and moving food and drinks into the new one... I am so ready to get that fridge out of our kitchen because THIS is what it looks like right now haha:

And this is what our new fridge looks like... MUCH bigger than our old one:

I'm so thankful for it! :) But guess what?? Aarons never showed up. Yes, I waited from 1PM-7PM (the time slot they gave us) and they never came. Grrr, haha! It's funny-- they don't hesitate to call you and remind you to pay your bill, but once you're done paying for it, they are in no hurry of getting it out of your house LOL! Oh well I suppose, haha!

While waiting for Aarons to show up, I did my nails for my maternity pictures tomorrow :)

I had a VERY active little girl in my tummy!

And I started watching "Desperate Housewives" season 1! :) I've never seen it before and it was highly recommended by my friend Emily H, so I tried it... and oh my heavens, I LOVE it :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365: Day 416- January 20th

Today marked being 29 weeks pregnant :) Yes, in about 8-11 weeks this baby girl will be here! How incredible! :) I keep looking back at my pregnancy pictures from 4... 5...6 weeks and I cannot believe how much has changed. We have been blessed with a beautiful house... God has saw us through all of the obstacles we have faced.. He is so good to us! Alright and here are the 29 week belly pictures...

This is my favorite bare belly shot thus far :)

You can finally see how much space she's occupying and I just LOVE it! :)

I cannot wait to see her one day :) Not TOO soon, haha! But soon enough! I stay awake at night just thinking about her-- what she'll look like.... what color will her eyes be? What color will her hair be? Is she going to have really chubby cheeks? I'm so in love already and I can't even imagine how much more in love I'll be in about 56-77 days :)

And what better way to celebrate being 29 weeks pregnant than with a winter storm, right? :) They said it wouldn't start until about 3:30/4:00PM, but it started about 11:30/12:00 (noon.) Crazy huh? haha! They were letting schools out early... everyone was preparing and boy did that snow come down! Here's just one picture of it:

So, since it was snowing out-- I didn't do much today. Are you shocked? Don't be, haha! I just watched some movies, did homework, and snuggled until Ethan came home :) Once he got home, we went to Subway, dropped a present off to Kyra for her and Bentley since I can't make her shower, and then we headed home. Ethan went to play basketball so I had this brilliant idea that I was going to do my toenails. Oh my gosh! Yea, wasn't smart AT ALL, haha!! I can barely reach my toes so this took me FOREVERRRRR.

And then Ethan FINALLY got home and we cuddled up to watch "American Idol" hehe!

Cheers to Project 365!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 415- January 19th

I woke up this morning, cleaned up around the house, got ready, and then headed into town to meet my mom at a place we were looking at for our baby shower :) I seriously love my mom. She's always so organized and ready to get things done. She walked in with her book, notepad, and a pen and was ready to get things taken care of! I love the facility. It has everything we need (including a TV... oh yes, wait and see what we do with that, hahaha), and bathrooms. It's awesome and I can hardly wait for my baby shower to get here! :) Oh.. and here is a shot of my momma doing what she does best-- organizing!

And here's a shot taken by the organization of the facilities we are planning on using:

I am sooooo happy and cannot wait! I feel so blessed to have the family I have. They make sacrifices and do things just so Tayler and I have a great shower. I am so grateful! :)

After that, I came home and relaxed for a few and then I got a visitor! Lisa! :) She brought Tayler a present... wanna see what she bought her? Absolutely!

How cute is this outfit? It matches her room! :)

Bath stuff, lotion, and desitin :)

TOWELS!! :) I love baby towels with the cute little hood, hehe!

And washcloths that match :)

Thank you so much, Lisa! We appreciate it!

Carol came over and Ethan came home with Jersey Mikes, so we enjoyed those.. and then Ethan decided that we needed to get our new fridge inside so that Aaron's can come and take away the fridge we've been renting. Oh my lord, that was a sight to see, haha! It was very stressful, but thank God Lisa was also here to help him ;) haha! She man-ned the front door!

It was difficult and there were some rough moments, but we finally got it moved in the house! :) And Ethan cleaned it all up last night, but this is what our kitchen currently looks like until Aaron's comes to get our other fridge, haha!

And then we cuddled up and watched the beginning of the new season of "American Idol." Boy oh boy, were we laughing hard. And we already have our favorite-- we'll see if he makes it through Hollywood! We're crossing our fingers, that's for sure!

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 365: Day 414- January 18th

Guess what happened today? My husband got off work early and since it was raining out, we snuggled up for awhile and watched a few episdoes of "Ghost Whisperer." It's always been my favorite tv show, but Ethan is falling further in love with it, haha :)

I absolutely LOVE this show and I LOVE cuddling up with him to watch it. hehe! Sometimes I get spooked if he doesn't curl up with me, haha! And after watching that, I made some dinner :) We had Oven Roasted Chicken with Potatoes, Broccoli, Cheese, and Bacon bits :)

And then it was reading time with our sweetheart, hehe! We love reading to Tay-Bug! Ethan picked a book and we snuggled up to read. Here's mommy reading to her:

Ethan was really getting in to it, haha!

We had such a good time hehe! She loves reading time with her mommy and daddy. And it was SO cute. Ethan was getting down there at my tummy and was talking to her and kissing and as soon as he put his lips on my tummy to give her a smooch, she kicked his lips, haha!! :) It was adorable! After reading time, we watched new movie "The Last Airbender"

Cheers to Project 365!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 365: Day 413- January 17th

I was so excited this morning. Why you might be wondering? Because I was going to lunch with my momma and my Grandma at my FAVORITE restaurant and going shopping for my maternity pictures and my baby shower! :) But guess what? When we got to my favorite restaurant-- we found out it was closed :( They don't open until 3PM on Mondays. How sad, right? :( So, we went to Steak and Shake instead, but it was still super yummy! I got a double steakburger with lettuce, onion, and tomato with cheese fries and a small salad with ranch dressing! Super tasty! :) But anyways, here are a few pictures of all of us--

(Momma and her momma-- my Grandma Smith :))

(Grandma Smith and me! :))

(And my sweet momma and me :))

Grandma Smith got Tayler and me some presents too! She bought me tons of plastic containers for my house which are perfect because Ethan packs his lunch every day and she bought Tayler-Bug a towel, 2 pacifiers, 2 pacifier holders, and bibs :)

Thank you Great-Grandma Smith From, Tayler!

And then mom and I went shopping for baby shower supplies AND maternity picture supplies :) I bought 2 new shirts for my maternity pictures, but I don't want to post pictures of those until my maternity pictures, hehe! And I'm not going to post the "maternity picture" supplies I bought because it will give stuff away, LOL, so you'll just have to wait until my maternity pictures get done to see that! :) However, while shopping, I saw that Kohls had a sale on baby clothes and we bought our sweet Tayler 2 outfits!

(We thought this was perfect because Ethan plays a guitar.. and well, Tayler thinks her daddy rocks, haha!)

(And I had to get this sleeper! Yes, Tay-Bug, your mom absolutely ADORES you :))

Cheers to Project 365!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 365: Day 412- January 16th

After having lunch at Wendys at 10AM thanks to this huge craving I had for hamburgers and fries, haha, we went home and got showered up and met my mom, dad, and little brother Ethan at the movie theater. Guess what we were seeing??


It was suuuuuch a cute movie, haha! I laughed a lot.. and enjoyed our yummy pop corn, raisinets, and Sprite!! :) Plus, 3D is so freaking cool. You get to wear glasses! So, of course, we all had to get our picture taken in them :) Here's our attempt at a picture. (Don't be a hater, we had to set it up on a table and set the timer, haha)

And it was blurry, darn it. Soooo, we tried again and it was MUCH better :)

Aren't we all so cute? haha! :) We had such a good time!

Oh, and today marks being 28 weeks, 3 days pregnant (199 days pregnant) PLUS Ethan loved the shirt I was wearing, so we took a picture of Tayler and me in it :)

She's getting bigger, hehe and I LOVE it.

Cheers to Project 365!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365: Day 411- January 15th

I woke up this morning, got dressed up in my leopard tank top, and maternity dress pants... oh, it's baby shower season for sure! :) I have 4 baby showers to go to between today and Februray 12th (including mine) haha, and today marked #1. How exciting :) Mom picked me up and we headed there! We ate some yummy food and we played some neat games. The first game was they brought around diapers with stickers inside of them. All of the diapers said "Clean Diaper" but one... that was the "Poopy Diaper" haha! I, of course, got the "clean diaper." I never win LOL

Guess who got the "poopy diaper?" MY MOM, hahahah! They all told her there would be plenty more where that came from in the near future LOL

I love her face, haha! "Ewwwww"

The next game was "Name that Tune." All of the songs had "Baby" in the title. Oh mylanta. I did terrible, haha! Most of the songs I got were modern songs (i.e Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey, Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears) or they were songs off of movies (i.e Father of the Bride) haha! Here's my paper revealing my lack of music trivia:

And the next game was Bottle Bowling. We had to make bowling balls out of diapers and tape:

And you had to knock over bottles:

Here's momma bowling:

And guess what? Our team won :) I was on a team with Amelia, Eva, and well, of course, myself! We had a "60" after 3 frames, yay! We all won gas cards which is definitely needed in today's world, hehe!

We had so much fun! Then it was gift opening time for Haley! Here is her gift table:

And here's Haley opening her presents for Lil' Conner :)

And while she was opening presents, they had a neat game where they passed a present they wrapped about 25 times around the circle and every time she opened a present, we un-wrapped the present.. and the last one to unwrap the present, got to keep it :) Linda won!

It was such a fun baby shower and made me even more anxious for mine, haha! :) Oh and Tayler's friend Abby (and my friend too of course haha!) bought Tayler lots of presents today! I'm only going to share one, but if you have me on Facebook, you can see them all!

She bought her clothes, headbands, washcloths, a toy box type deal, a rattle, books, lotion, wipes... Tayler is surely spoiled already, hehe! :)

And guess what Tayler's mommy bought her?

Tons of headbands, flower clips to clip on any of the headbands, and a hat :) It's become a bit of an addiction, haha, but I wanted Tayler to have headbands to match every outfit :)

We had a busy day and we were tired by like 5:30PM, haha! Once we got home, I organized things for my baby shower and talked to my mom about a few ideas... we have to start really getting to work on it. Less than a month :)

Cheers to Project 365!

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