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Project 366: Day 88 [May 14th]

Morning everyone!
Hope you had a great Monday!
Lets first start off with the photo challenge! Today's challenge was....

This is one of my favorite spots. Not my favorite, but one of my favorites ;) It's gorgeous here!
And now... for our day! :)
It was a relaxing day today for us! I had 5 photo sessions that I needed to edit and get burned on to CDs, so I just lounged around today in my yoga pants and a shirt that says 'Fo Sho!' haha! LOVE it.

It was a super comfy kinda day!
Oh-- and I thought I'd share that we got a new shower curtain for our bathroom and I am SO happy that we have a theme for that room finally!!!

I know it's totally cliche. A beach themed bathroom, haha! But I LOVE it! I can't wait to get started decorating! :)
And Tayler looked super cute today (as always!) in her outfit that her Gigi bought her!

She is the prettiest little thing! :)
And we had taco salads for dinner! They were yummy! Nacho chips, seasoned hamburger, lettuce, chee…

Project 366: Day 87 [May 13th]

I'll start off this blog first by saying 
to all of you mommas out there!! :) Hope it was an amazing day!
And now for our photo challenge today.
Here's my momma and me:

This wasn't taken today, obviously, haha! It's an oldie, but goodie! I'd be the one that FORGOT her camera all day today. Go Mommy! ;)
We woke up this morning anxious to see Tayler, got ready, and went to meet my mom, dad, and brother (along with Tayler) at Denny's. Have you ever ate at Denny's? OH MY WORD. Amazing! :) I wasn't a huge fan of my meal (the spices they used on the sausage left something to be desired...) It was the Santa Fe Skillet. I should have just stuck with my usual, haha! :) And yes, I forgot to get pictures here! We were kind of in a hurry going in because of rain, through the meal because Tayler was kinda cranky, and leaving because it was STILL raining, haha! Mom and Dad came back to the house for a few, but Tayler was sleepy, so I …

Project 366: Day 86 [May 12th]

Good morning everyone! :) Hope you're having a good Saturday!
I thought I'd first start with the May Photo Challenge.. like always!
The task today was: Something Fun!
I know... I'm going to sound extremely weird, but I LOVE making up the grocery list, making a list of meals for the week, and posting it on the chalkboard. That is SUPER fun to me! (Does that age me?? haha!)

This week, our meals are:
Monday-- Tacos and more Salsa (I talked about it yesterday, haha!)
Tuesday-- Two Timin' Pasta Bake, Salads, Garlic Bread
Wednesday-- Garlic Chicken Pasta
Thursday-- Broccoli and Cheese Soup/French Bread (Yea, it's summer.. oh well! ;))
Friday-- Pepperoni Rolls (new thing I found on Pinterest!!)
What are you making this week?? 
And now for our day!
First of all, how sweet is my baby cuddling with me?

Gah, she is the best thing in my world! Sooo grateful for her! She has changed me for the better and I love her more than you could possibly imagine!
Once we got up and moving, we…

Project 366: Day 85 [May 11th]

Friday. Friday. Friday.
You know I got mad love for ya ;)
Lets first start off with the May Photo Challenge!
The task today was: KITCHEN
so I thought I'd share my kitchen!

I promise. It is like my FAVORITE part of our house! :)
And now.. for our day!
I got my new scentsy! I bought the Scentsy of the Month for May and it was CHERRY VANILLA. If you haven't smelled this yet-- DO IT. It's amazing! Check out... if you are curious :)

Mmm :)
And Tayler and I shared a bowl of cereal at 1PM. I can't help it. It sounded good... and apparently she thought so too ;)

She's learned to say 'more' too... although, it comes out sounding like 'mope!' hahahaha! Too freaking cute :) I took a little video of it, but I still don't know how to upload it with an I-Phone, hahahahha! :) 
Here she is relaxin'

She's too cute! :) I love watching her watch cartoons :)
After that, we went grocery shopping. I felt like we were out of absolutel…

Project 366: Day 84 [May 10th]

I'm behind!
It has been SO busy around here the past few days, I have completely neglected my Project 366. But I am here now to get caught up! 
Alright.. now, for the May Photo Challenge for Day 10--
'Your Favorite Word!'

It's actually four words.
Love my husband and love that I get to kiss him every day!
Alright, now that all of that mushy stuff is out of the way, on to our day today!
I spent most of the day editing. With the busy couple of days I had ahead of me, I knew I needed to get started! Here was my work station:

Love every second of this and I am so thankful for it :)
And it was hilarious.
I had a lot of editing to catch up on.. and I had one baby that wanted to be held and rocked to sleep and another baby that wanted to be held! LOL Here's Tayler getting a bottle and Kenton trying to jump up on me, haha! Hysterical! :)

I wouldn't trade a single second of it though!
I think the pictures I was editing today turned out really well!…