Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project 366: Day 84 [May 10th]

I'm behind!

It has been SO busy around here the past few days, I have completely neglected my Project 366. But I am here now to get caught up! 

Alright.. now, for the May Photo Challenge for Day 10--

'Your Favorite Word!'

It's actually four words.


Love my husband and love that I get to kiss him every day!

Alright, now that all of that mushy stuff is out of the way, on to our day today!

I spent most of the day editing. With the busy couple of days I had ahead of me, I knew I needed to get started! Here was my work station:

Love every second of this and I am so thankful for it :)

And it was hilarious.

I had a lot of editing to catch up on.. and I had one baby that wanted to be held and rocked to sleep and another baby that wanted to be held! LOL Here's Tayler getting a bottle and Kenton trying to jump up on me, haha! Hysterical! :)

I wouldn't trade a single second of it though!

I think the pictures I was editing today turned out really well! It was of an engagement session.. my first! We had SO much fun! :) 

Today was throw-back Thursday on Instagram. Anyone else participate in that? I love it because I absolutely love reminiscing. Today I posted a picture of one of our maternity pictures. It was my absolute FAVORITE and we have this one in our living room :) These were taken by Jessica Barber Photography.

Isn't that gorgeous? LOVE them!! :)

We had a visitor today too!! Gigi came to see Tayler! They shared some fries and some giggles :) I love watching my parents be grandparents!

They had so much fun together :)

And I had to share this hilarious text message from Ethan I got today. I kept saying, 'He knows I am the boss!!!' LOL!!

He seriously cracks me up :) 

I made dinner tonight... and it was YUMMY! We had French Onion soup and I made some homemade croutons (Thanks Giada At Home for giving me that idea!)

Mmmm. So good! :) 

Hope you all had a GREAT day today! 

Cheers to Project 366!

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