Saturday, April 28, 2012

My 1000th Blog Post is Almost Here!!!

This blog is my 993rd blog post!

Know what that means??

In 6 more blogs, I will officially be writing my

1000th blog post!!!

What an exciting moment! :)

Now.. I need your help!

What should it be about?? 

I want something






Help me! :)

Whether it's a topic or other idea....

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Project 366: Day 71 [April 27th]

So the morning started EARLY, haha!

I watched Natalie over night, so I had to get her off with her Mommy at about 7AM. And well, Tayler decided that was the PERFECT time to wake up.... so, I figured since I was already up and Kenton wasn't here yet, I would get started cleaning! Like I've said before, I give all of you mommies with 2 mobile babies MAD PROPS for cleaning your house, haha! It is difficult to do with two munchkins! I got the entire downstairs cleaned before Kenton got here, which is pretty good! :)

And well, that must have worn Tayler out watching me do that...

She was ready for a nap by 10AM, haha! Poor baby! I told her... there's something that fixes that! If we sleep in... we don't need naps so early LOL! I don't think she bought it, haha!

But she eventually woke up. She can't ever sleep when Kenton is here and she knows she has a buddy to play with, haha! Once she woke up, I took a picture of her because I wanted everyone to see how freaking ADORABLE my child is. I LITERALLY have the cutest kid ALIVE. Oh my word!

We are in SO much trouble with that cute face, y'all!

Once she was up and the house was cleaned, I got started working on the grocery list and clipping coupons. It's an addiction. I'm not one of those crazy couponers, haha, but I just clip enough to bring the grocery bill down a little bit!

This was my work space today:

And I got all of the meals for the week figured out!

Monday- Stir Fry.
Tuesday- Meatloaf/Mashed Potatoes
Wednesday- Ethan is cooking. He said he's making chicken strips, potato skins, and onion rings
Thursday- Broccoli and Cheese Soup/French Bread
Friday- Chicken Teryaki and Rice

And for the weekend we can have some lunch meat sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. Just something simple!

And after that was finished, I decided to get a cup or two of coffee. I promise, by 3:00PM today, I was completely exhausted. I don't know if it's from being sick this week or what, but I felt run down. I thought coffee would do the trick! I wrote on FB that 'Just smelling coffee gave me energy.' So true!


After was grocery shopping time! We made our switch off... Kenton left and Natalie came. And we were off!

Here's a shot of Mom, Tayler, and Natalie at the store :)

Aren't they all cute??

Papaw and Ethan came along too! Towards the end, Tayler was getting restless, so Papaw got her out to 'play' haha! She is sooooo spoiled! Guess what she got?

Yep! A giant purple ball, haha! I think Papaw just adores her! :) We had so much fun!

So, I figured I'd do the April Photo Challenge real quick...

The task today was: 'Somewhere You Went..'

and well...

We went grocery shopping, haha! Our cupboards and fridge was BARE... we needed a lot of things! :) It feels good to see some yumminess in front of ya!! haha!

We even got the girls some jammies.

They were on sale.. and they needed them gosh darn it, haha!

And oh my word, we were laughing at Tayler's hair last night because she had piggy tails in all day.. and this is what she looked like after..


Hope you all had a great day!

Cheers to Project 366!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Project 366: Day 70 [April 26]

I thought I'd start off today with the April Photo Challenge :)

Today's task was: Black + White.

I took that to mean Black AND White.

That's my gorgeous girl. I took pictures of her and the little guy I baby sit today and I just loved her eyes in this one :) Such a  pretty girl!

And she looked too cute today! I told everyone that I absolutely loved her onesie! I bought it for $1 and it was TOO cute for words! This was the first time she got to wear it. But I was heartbroken.... it was 18 months and fit PERFECTLY. Where's my baby? :(

She's just too precious for words, I tell ya!

And on instagram today, everyone was posting pictures with the hashtag #throwbackthursday, so I figured I'd do the same! 

First picture of my little girl... EVER. Gosh, I miss that moment! :( It makes me want another one sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. 

But.. I'll move on so I don't get all emotional on you all! 

Here's my big girl now. She naps all on her own. It's insane. She just got on the couch and laid her head on the pillow. I got her a blanket. She laid like this for awhile...

And then she soon fell asleep just like that! What a sweetheart! But she missed out on dinner. I'll be honest. It was rainy here yesterday and I had absolutely NO motivation to cook, so we ordered...


We got the box deal for $10. A pizza, breadsticks, and cinnastix. Oh, it was absolutely AMAZING let me tell you! :)

And Tayler finally woke up....

Must have been a hard nap, eh? Check out that hair, haha! She is such a cute and rough waker-upper!! :) LOL

After that, we stripped her down and let her eat some dinner! She loves her some pizza... then she cuddled... diaper and all.. with her daddy! I don't think y'all even comprehend how much I love these two!

I am one blessed lady, I will tell you that much! :)

And we finally got Tayler a bath and some peejays and oh my word, she was cracking us up. Natalie brought a book with her tonight and Tayler was walking around with it and it looked like she was reading it. It was hysterical. I think she just liked her reflection in the little mirror, haha, but it was still precious nonetheless! :)

And darn it, I was wrong about American Idol... as usual! I predicted Hollie going home and Elise went home! So sad :( And I cannot believe Skyler was in the bottom 3! :( Ridiculous!

Hope you guys had a great day!

Cheers to Project 366!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project 366: Day 69 [April 25th]

Good morning bloggers!! :)

I woke up this morning and I felt


It was insane how much better I felt than earlier this week. I was seriously like a different person. It was unreal. I have no idea what kind of infection I had going on, but those antibiotics sure took care of it! :) I still had a sore throat and an ear ache, but I didn't feel 'blah!' I haven't had the motivation to do ANYTHING all week and today, I did 3 loads of laundry, dishes, and other chores. It was wonderful to be back to my old self! I even dressed in normal clothes instead of peejays. It's the little things folks!

And while I was up doin' all that wifey stuff, haha, I even made our dinner for the evening and tuna for E to take to work with him. I felt like I've neglected his lunches all week, so it was time to get my behind in gear now that I was feeling better! :) Ethan asked for taco dip for dinner this week, so I decided to make that this morning and let it chill for dinner! If you want the recipe, you can check it out HERE.

Here was the finished product today:

Yes. I forgot onions and green peppers at the store this week, so it looked a little bare, but it still tasted yummy! :)

And I made tuna the way E likes it. A little pickle, boiled egg, etc.

I think it looks disgusting because I HATE tuna, haha! But Ethan enjoyed it!

And oh my word.

My daughter looked too cute for words today. I put her little vest on her and I couldn't even stand her adorableness!

I love it! You can't see the side of her head but she had a hot pink bow in too! She is just so precious! :)

And during nap time today, I had to giggle at Kenton, the little guy I baby sit. He fell asleep on his back.. I went upstairs to throw laundry in, came back downstairs, and this is how he was sleeping LOL

So funny! These kids always have me laughing...

Like when my daughter decides to use her play purse as a seat.

BAHAHAHA. She got stripped down after lunch because she got food all over her, haha! But how cute is this picture? She is just too precious and hilarious for words! Such a personality now! I can hardly believe in a few days she is 13 months old!

As the night passed, Kenton went home, we got our baths, and we settled in for a relaxing night :) I love those moments when it's just my hubby, baby, and me! They are precious! Speaking of precious... the April Photo Challenge task today 

was 'Looking Down.'

That was what I looked down at last night.

My precious sweetheart sleeping on me :)

She is the best. I wouldn't trade these moments for the world!

And what was E doing during this 'precious moment?'

Peeling boiled eggs. YUCK. They stink SO bad, haha! I hate eggs as it is, but to boil them makes them smell even more!! I think they smell like stinkers! LOL Does anyone else feel this way?

And tonight was American Idol night.

I'm going to be honest.

I thought it was SO boring last night. 


But if I had to pick who is going home tonight it would be:


Lets see if we're right!

Cheers Project 365!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project 366: Day 68 [April 24th]

Good morning bloggers! :)

I woke up this morning...

still not feeling good! :(

My throat was throbbing, my ear hurt.. I just felt miserable. I was sooo ready to get in to the doctor. My appointment was at 1:40PM and I was seriously counting down the hours until it was time to head out the door.

Around noon, both of the babies fell asleep. They were both so tired and cranky, bless their hearts. And they both were out like a light within 10 minutes. Such sweethearts.

Aren't they both so cute, hehe!

But soon, they had to wake up so we could head out the door for the doctor appointment. Fortunately, my mom was coming along so she could watch Kenton and Tayler while I was getting checked out :) 

And speaking of heading out the door...

the April Photo Challenge today was 'Something You're Grateful For.'

And guess who that would be?

Tayler! :) That right there is my miracle.. my blessing... everything my whole life revolves around. I love seeing her smile every morning. I love her snuggles. I love everything about her! :) We have the chairs down because they keep her out of the dining room, haha! It's too large of an opening for a gate, so.. we got a 'hick' gate, LOL! :) And I just got done sweeping. She loves that vacuum cleaner!

But then I grabbed the diaper bag, got Kenton, and Tayler and headed out the door! :) We got there and I filled out all of the paper work since I hadn't been there in about 2 years. Then it was time to head on back! I was SO ready for the doctor to see me and figure out what was wrong. I just wanted medicine. Something to help.

That's the doctor's office. 

The nurse came back and took my temperature and filled out all of my information in the computer. Then I had to wait for the doctor. I felt like I was waiting for forever. My mom stayed out in the waiting room with the babies and I was texting her letting her know I was still waiting for my doctor. And YES, autocorrect got me again!!!

See it?

'The nurse already did the other staff.' 


So I told her I meant, 'other stuff' LOL Gosh, I was cracking up when I read that!

But the doctor came back and checked me out and he said that my ear looked great (which meant no ear infection), my throat didn't look irritated at all, my lungs sounded good. But as he checked my neck, he said my lymph nodes were very swollen and they hurt to the touch. I was crying as he was pressing on them. He said he thinks their swelling is what's creating the pressure in my ears and making my throat sore. He said he isn't sure what's going on, but he believes there is some kind of infection going on since my lymph nodes ARE swollen. So, he gave me an antibiotic and told me that if it isn't better in 2 days, to come back in so we can figure out what is going on...

So, please just pray that the antibiotics help! I just want to feel better!

Once I got home, I knew Ethan was probably going to be starving and I was hungry, so I made strombolis... again, haha! I told y'all we are addicted! Here's the recipe for it. And this is the final product. Not exactly gorgeous, haha, but let me tell you-- this things are TASTY or else we wouldn't eat them every week, haha!

LOVE dipping mine in pizza sauce :) YUM!

And later on, Carrie and Matt came over. If you all remember correctly, Carrie was pregnant at the same time as I was. She was due March 27th and I was due April 7th. And they ended up having their sweet baby Jaylee on March 15th and I had Tayler on March 31st. Carrie and Matt are moving to the same city as us this weekend, so they were up here signing papers and all of that good stuff! :) Then they came over to visit. It is going to be so exciting to finally have friends here! All of our friends live in the city we used to live in! 

Aren't they all so cute? They were having a blast! Of course, Tayler was involved in 'Yo Gabba Gabba' haha! Jaylee was just hanging out and Kenton wanted to play too! :)

And just wanted to tell everyone that Wednesday night is the cut off for getting pictures in for the Mother's Day Contest! :)

Hope everyone had a good day!!

Cheers to Project 366!! :)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project 366: Day 67 [April 23rd]

Morning fellow bloggers!! 

I thought I'd start the day with our April Photo Challenge!

Today's task was: VEGETABLE.

Well, does this count?

Mashed potatoes? 

haha! They're a veggie, right? :P This was dinner last night! The steaks look really dark almost burnt, but I think it's the glare from the window, haha. They were really brown! I put cubed steaks in the crock pot with mushroom gravy that I made and beef broth. I haven't been feeling good at all here lately, so I didn't take any pictures of the process :( What a slacker right? I just wanted to get stuff done and eat it. So, there you have it! Mushroom gravy steaks, garlic mashed potatoes with the gravy drizzled over it, and bread and butter. Yum! Tayler even ate all of hers so it must have been tasty ;)

And I have to show the kiddos. I baby sit a little boy during the day time and of course, Tayler is always here! We have a play room for them with a tent, TONS of toys, a slide, and a TV.. and guess where they were for most of the day?

Right at my feet, haha!

I was editing pictures today.. since I didn't feel like doing much else.. and because it needs done :) and they hung out right there. They'd get bored and start whining, haha, and I'd say, 'Kids, there's a play room right around the corner!!' hahahha! They were cracking me up!

Once Ethan got home, he brought a box inside.. .which only meant one thing...


When I give CDs out, individuals always ask me, 'Do you have a card that I can give to others?' And I always have to tell them no. But NOT ANYMORE!! :) Thank You Lord! Vistaprint is such an awesome company!

They do have my phone number on them, but I edited them out since this is the internet, haha! But aren't they cute? I LOVE them :) 

And I had to share this picture of Ethan. He came down the stairs and I just had to giggle. I said, 'Did you have trouble getting ready?' LOL He said, 'They're my peejays! They're comfy!!' LOL They just didn't match, haha!!

He's so funny, haha!

Oh and he got instagram.

This should be interesting ;)

And I thought I'd share my buddies today:

I've had an ear ache and a sore throat for the past two days and it is only getting progressively worse. These help for a period of time, but once they start wearing off and I'm in the last hour or so of being able to take more.. I'm miserable. And don't even get me started on how much sleep I am NOT getting lol! I am ready to feel better! Have no fear-- I scheduled a doctor's appointment for Tuesday! Lets hope I get something to make me feel better! I'm sick of feeling this way!

Hope you all had an amazing day today!!

Cheers to Project 366!

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