Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project 366: Day 69 [April 25th]

Good morning bloggers!! :)

I woke up this morning and I felt


It was insane how much better I felt than earlier this week. I was seriously like a different person. It was unreal. I have no idea what kind of infection I had going on, but those antibiotics sure took care of it! :) I still had a sore throat and an ear ache, but I didn't feel 'blah!' I haven't had the motivation to do ANYTHING all week and today, I did 3 loads of laundry, dishes, and other chores. It was wonderful to be back to my old self! I even dressed in normal clothes instead of peejays. It's the little things folks!

And while I was up doin' all that wifey stuff, haha, I even made our dinner for the evening and tuna for E to take to work with him. I felt like I've neglected his lunches all week, so it was time to get my behind in gear now that I was feeling better! :) Ethan asked for taco dip for dinner this week, so I decided to make that this morning and let it chill for dinner! If you want the recipe, you can check it out HERE.

Here was the finished product today:

Yes. I forgot onions and green peppers at the store this week, so it looked a little bare, but it still tasted yummy! :)

And I made tuna the way E likes it. A little pickle, boiled egg, etc.

I think it looks disgusting because I HATE tuna, haha! But Ethan enjoyed it!

And oh my word.

My daughter looked too cute for words today. I put her little vest on her and I couldn't even stand her adorableness!

I love it! You can't see the side of her head but she had a hot pink bow in too! She is just so precious! :)

And during nap time today, I had to giggle at Kenton, the little guy I baby sit. He fell asleep on his back.. I went upstairs to throw laundry in, came back downstairs, and this is how he was sleeping LOL

So funny! These kids always have me laughing...

Like when my daughter decides to use her play purse as a seat.

BAHAHAHA. She got stripped down after lunch because she got food all over her, haha! But how cute is this picture? She is just too precious and hilarious for words! Such a personality now! I can hardly believe in a few days she is 13 months old!

As the night passed, Kenton went home, we got our baths, and we settled in for a relaxing night :) I love those moments when it's just my hubby, baby, and me! They are precious! Speaking of precious... the April Photo Challenge task today 

was 'Looking Down.'

That was what I looked down at last night.

My precious sweetheart sleeping on me :)

She is the best. I wouldn't trade these moments for the world!

And what was E doing during this 'precious moment?'

Peeling boiled eggs. YUCK. They stink SO bad, haha! I hate eggs as it is, but to boil them makes them smell even more!! I think they smell like stinkers! LOL Does anyone else feel this way?

And tonight was American Idol night.

I'm going to be honest.

I thought it was SO boring last night. 


But if I had to pick who is going home tonight it would be:


Lets see if we're right!

Cheers Project 365!

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