Thursday, December 30, 2010

Project 365: Day 394- December 29th

I had a rather.... boring day today, haha! I had to hang around the house because our landlords were coming to fix the toilet and our front door and didn't give a definite time they were coming. So, I got up early, ate some breakfast, and relaxed. They eventually came, got the job done (thank God-- we have some amazing landlords), and were on their way. So, I snuggled up on the couch-- fighting off an awful head cold-- and chilled until Ethan got home. Since this Project 365 could get REALLY boring today, I thought I'd post a few more pictures from our wedding :) Here we are-- our first picture as man and wife:

And it was the mayor that married us :) We snapped a picture as we were leaving--

And we took a picture of our hands/rings and our precious Tay-Bug :) We are so in love with her and so excited to meet her one day!

I told her Daddy really does love her even though he has dirty nails LOL!

Our evening got a little more exciting because Ethan had a brilliant idea to meet my parents for Tla Que PaQue... OH MY GOSH, they have the best chips and salsa. I'm craving it now LOL!! But here's a picture of us with my parents:

And then we came home, Ethan went to hang out with a few friends, I organized Tayler's clothes in her closet, and we went to bed :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Project 365: Day 393- December 28th



Yes, it was spur-of-the-moment.. a spontaneous move, but it was what we wanted :) Here's our theory-- we are low on funds, we have a baby on the way (hehe, that we absolutely adore), and we just don't really have the time to plan a wedding or really even have a wedding. Almost every weekend up until Tayler's due date is booked with appointments, maternity pictures, ultrasounds, baby showers... yes, it's busy, haha! So, we decided to have a private ceremony. And when I say private, I mean JUST Ethan and me :) We weren't trying to be selfish. We still love every single person in our family. This is just how we wanted it to be done. Every other person that gets married gets to pick out what THEY want as far as colors go, the cake goes, etc.... so we just picked out what wedding we wanted :) We're in love and we wanted everyone to know about it :)

Here's a shot of our marriage certificate we get to keep and our rings :)

And here's a close up of my ring that I ABSOLUTELY love :)

And here's Ethan's ring:

There will be more pictures to come once I get them edited, cropped, etc. :) 

Cheers to Project 365!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project 365: Day 392- December 27th

Woke up this morning and headed to that dreaded doctor's appointment-- oh you know, the glucose test one. Now, let me remind you-- at my last appointment I was told I COULD or COULD NOT eat anything beforehand... but if I were to eat anything, to make sure it was not too sugary. Well, the brilliant woman I am- I decided I was not going to eat anything because I DID NOT want to take the 3 hour glucose test.. so, I walk in the door, give my urine sample, get my weight and blood pressure taken, and head to my room. The RN comes in and asks if they had given me my test yet to which I replied "no" and guess what? They didn't give it to me! It was unbelievable. I know SO many people that fasted before their appointment and they took it.. but she told me that they wouldn't give it to me on an empty stomach. Unbelievable, right? Gaaaaaaaah. I was so frustrated. And that wasn't the most frustrating or upsetting part of the appointment, but I'll talk about that later. Anyways, I rescheduled my glucose test and got my little card with the date. We'll see how this goes...

After the appointment, I came home and ate-- I had a grumpy girl in my tummy LOL She doesn't like mommy's tummy growling, haha! Once I got home, I took a little nap and then I decorated the kitchen with the things my parents bought us for Christmas :) 

Here is the kitchen table. Ethan absolutely loves that napkin holder because before I had the napkins under the kitchen sink-- he hated bending over to get them, haha!

And here is the hand towels and what not under the sink :) 

And the only thing left to do is hang up curtains--- that's Ethan's job! haha!

After working on that, Ethan came home. We grabbed some dinner, went to the grocery, and we bought Monopoly there! So, we of course came home and played it-- and he KICKED my butt, haha! I went bankrupt. Bummer duuude.

After Monopoly, our friends Josh & Kelly came over with their new little girl Gabriella :) We finally got to meet her and hold her, hehe! It was so exciting! Ethan even held Gabi! He was soooo nervous at first, but we told him he had better be getting used to it LOL!! After they left, Ethan and I turned on a movie we had rented-- "The Killers." It was actually a really good movie! I LOVED it :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Project 365: Day 391- December 26th

December 26th marks a big day for Ethan and me....... OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY :) Yes indeed. And we wanted to start things off just how they were on December 26th, 2009. So, first thing was first-- we woke up, got ready, and went to the mall to meet my parents :) First off, lets take a look at us on December 26th, 2009 in front of FYE:

And here we are December 26th, 2010 in front of FYE:

Oh how times have changed, right? :) hehe!

After we got this picture taken (and while we were waiting on my parents), Ethan went and did a golf simulator hehe! Here he is taking a few shots:

Then we finally met my parents and we ate at Wendys-- just like last year hehe! :) Last year, however, I barely ate because I was SOOO nervous I felt like I was going to throw up. This year, I was 25 weeks pregnant and ready to scarf down anything, hahaha! Once again-- how things have changed! Then we walked around and I helped my mom pick out a dress for her ball she is going to for New Years :) I think she looks gorgeous!

After walking around, Ethan and I headed home to relax and nap for a few. We napped and Ethan played his new hunting game, haha. He looked so cute doing it LOL and he said he really enjoyed it :)

Then we packed up my car and headed back to my parents house to spend some time with my family and my mom's cousin Misty and her family :)

We had such a good time! We talked and ate some YUMMY food :) Then Ethan, Brad, and I loaded up the car and headed back home. We dropped Brad off at the mall and we went home to meet Matt and Carrie. They bought a present for Tayler hehe! Here are the onesies they got her:

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 390- December 25th

We woke up Christmas morning and I felt like SUCH a little kid, haha! I was so excited to go out to the living room with Ethan and open presents :) We woke up at 730AM-- even though, he wanted to sleep a little more, hahaha! We got up and opened some gifts. 

Oh goodness, what did he get me? Candles, word-search puzzle books, a giant onesie, an ipod car charger, a digital picture frame that shows up to 1000 pictures, a cook book.. I think that's all! I had SUCH a good Christmas thanks to him :) Here's a picture of the picture frame:

And what did Ethan get? A hunting game for the Wii, Deal or No Deal for the Wii, and Carnival Putt putt for the Wii. A camo diaper bag (so we have no more worries about carrying around my girly diaper bag haha), a few new shirts from Old Navy, a car charger for his cell phone, a car charger for his Zune, and a speaker for his car for his Zune. He also got new snow boarding goggles and toe warmers. I can't remember if there's anything else in there, haha! But either way, we both had a stupendous Christmas! :)

After opening presents, we headed over to Carol's house around 830AM. She opened her gift from Ethan and me and Tayler :) We got her a sign for her house that says "Welcome to Carol's" and it has a picture of her dog Annie on it :) Tayler got Grandma a beautiful picture frame that says a precious little poem on it hehe! Here's a photo of the sign we got her:

And Carol purchased me a Coach Diaper bag :) It's ADORABLE. I love it!

After opening a few gifts at Carol's house, we headed to my parent's house to open presents there! :) Everyone got to open gifts! It was such a fun time! Here's Corey opening a gift:

He got a Lakers jersey and LOVED it :) Ethan and I got Corey and Marie Cavs/Trailblazers tickets :)

Here's Dad opening a present from Corey and Marie:

He loved that book bag! He also got tons of fitness stuff. Ethan and I got dad tickets to an OSU/Notre Dame hockey game :)

And here's mom opening a present from Dad:

She got some Lia Sophia jewelry from him :) Ethan, Marie, Corey, and I got mom a pop corn popper, a hot cocoa mug that is personalized, hot cocoa, and pop corn :) 

And here's Ethan opening his presents and Tayler's presents, hehe!

We got a blanket from them that is double-sided-- Tri-Valley colors on one side and Maysville on the other, haha! Tayler will represent both alumnis :) We also got a video camcorder. I LOVE IT! And Tayler's swing, hehe :) It was a wonderful Christmas!

We had dinner with my family, relaxed and watched some football, then we headed back to visit some of Ethan's family. We saw his cousin, his grandma, his uncle.. and then we went back to Carol's house for some more Christmas fun with Susan, the boys, and Jon & Arena. Susan got us a car cleaning kit, a bracelet from Tiffany's and Co., and a sign for Tayler's bedroom. Here's the sign hehe:

Arena & Jon got Tayler an OSU cheerleading outfit :)

We had SUCH a wonderful Christmas :) Oh and should I mention it was a WHITE CHRISTMAS??? Beautiful! 

And at the end of the night, we cuddled up, turned on the YUMMY scentsy candles my mom got us that made the room seem extremely cozy:

and we went to bed :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 389- December 24th

I woke up EARLY on Christmas Eve, grabbed some breakfast, cranked some music, and started my baking! I was making cupcakes for the festivities hehe :) The cupcakes I was making for my side of the family were 'Oreo Surprise Cupcakes." The recipe can be found HERE. And I had some troubles, let me tell you, haha! I am a cook, NOT a baker, LOL. But I got through it and here is what they looked like:

And then I made cupcakes for Ethan's side of the family called "Cookies-n-Cream" cupcakes. The recipe can be found HERE. I think they turned out alright :)

After baking (for about 4.5 hours *sigh*) I cleaned up the house, showered, and got ready for our Christmas Eve party at my Aunt's house :) Ethan came home from work and we headed out the door. We had SUCH a fun night! We played Taboo-

Ethan was REALLY good at it. Dad, unfortunately, struggled a bit. Wanna see the video? haha! SURE!

After Taboo, it was presents time! :) Ethan was excited he had a gift under the tree, hehe!

He got a cute shirt form my Grandma. I got a stocking for Tayler that says "Baby's First Christmas" and a maternity shirt, bracelet, and hat for Tayler from my sister. I LOVEEEE Tayler's hat:

After presents, we OF COURSE had dance time... like always! We danced to the Cha Cha Slide.. Cupid Shuffle, and we had a slow dance (like we do at every Cottrell Christmas Eve, hehe!) and this  year I actually had someone to dance with :) My best friend--

We had SUCH  a good evening. Great food, wonderful atmosphere, amazing family :) 

Afterwards, we headed home and hit the sack. We were BEAT, haha!
Cheers to Project 365!