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Project 365: Day 85- September 9th

We woke up this morning.. well, let me rephrase that... I woke up this morning EARLY (go figure!) and guess what Tayler did? SLEPT IN. She had a bottle early in the morning and fell asleep with me after Daddy left for work and she didn't wake up until almost 10:00AM. I'm serious, haha! This is how she was laying. I had like no room mind you. That little booger ;) haha!

Such a cutie. Out like a friggin light!
I worked on my article for about an hour, then it was time for us to clean, clean, clean because Uncle Corey and Aunt Marie were coming down to spend the weekend and guess what we were having Friday night?
My favorite, y'all! Who doesn't like a fire-cooked hot dog and a smore?

And here's Corey and Marie hanging out by the fire :)

And E told me to pose in my 'farmer's clothes' hahhaa! Thanks hubby of mine, you're so sweet LOL

It's crazy to think that the last time we had a bonfire at my parent's house was when I was 4 months p…

Holding Anger

"Holding anger is poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves." I've noticed that here lately I have been holding anger inside towards individuals that have been in my life. I'm not usually a grudge holder, but that appears to be how I've chosen to deal with the hurt over the past few years. It seemed reasonable enough, right? You keep being mad at the individual that wronged you, so that- in your mind- they never receive mercy for their actions. Perfect idea!
Except for guess what? Chances are the person who gossiped about you, lied to you, lied about you, etc. (especially if you rarely talk to them).. is NEVER going to know that you are angry with them. So who are you really hurting in this situation? Yourself. You are letting someone that did not respect you, did not love you... take up room in your heart and your mind and you know w…

Project 365: Day 84- September 8th (and Project 52)

My bug turned 23 weeks old today. Can you believe that in about 3 weeks my little munchkin will be a half a year old already? Pregnancy flew by.... her newborn year is flying by... Why does time have to go by so quickly? I want to embrace these little times where she doesn't say she hates me and slam the door in my face, haha! Anyway, here's my adorable ALMOST 5 and 1/2 month old...

And here she is in her jumper giving me QUITE the look, ha! And guess what? She got her toe nails painted PURPLE today in celebration, haha! :) Thank you Gigi. They look absolutely adorable!

They were Hot Pink a few weeks ago... and now they are a Metallic Purple. She's got better feet than her mother. Someone wanna come give me a pedicure? haha!
And yes, my daughter is going to HATE me when she is older, but I had to post this picture. We were teasing her last night about 'cellulite' (no we aren't serious...) so I HAD to take this picture. LOL

Sorry if you are offended LOL it's just…

Project 365: Day 83- September 7th

Are you getting tired of the Fall Wardrobe pictures? Sorry, ha! I'm just really excited! I seriously LOVE this time of year more than any of you could imagine. I wait all Summer for it to finally get here and so once it enters the picture.... I'm ecstatic and embracing it for all that it is :)

I love little overcoats like that black one.. perfect for t-shirts or sweaters! And of course.. jeans! Ahh :) And speaking of fall. Guess what kind of decorations are in our house now? Mmhmmm! We finally busted them out and boy oh boy, am I one happy girl!

And oh my word, I never noticed Tay's head sticking out up there, hahaha! Do you set out any Fall Decorations? We do it up around here.. inside and out!
And guess what? I'm a Scentsy Consultant, Author, Mommy.. and I added another thing onto my list. I'm now writing articles for a company. It doesn't make A LOT of money, but it is enough to cover our groceries... which helps us out a lot! I LOVE doing it. I'm finally g…

Project 365: Day 82- September 6th

Tuesday, I spent all day with my sweet Tayler-Bug! It was SO cold out (Yes, fall is right around the corner and I CANNOT wait. This is my favorite time of the year!!)
So, Tayler and I dressed WARM.

I sported my sweatshirt, jeans, and of course-- coffee. My fall comfort drink!
Tayler was in an adorable little warm up suit..

Notice the Chicken Noodles all over her face? haha! Too cute! That's her newest favorite food!
And she spent some time with her Papaw today-- one of her favorites too ;)

Those darn teeth need to come through. She's constantly chomping, haha!

She also always wants mommy's camera as soon as it's out! haha!

Our Wedding Reception

We got our pictures from our wedding reception which took place 7/30/2011, so I thought I would share a few with all of you :) These were taken by Jessica Barber Photography (she is amazing)

Project 365: Day 81- September 5th

Monday... good ol' Labor Day :) It was a wonderful, relaxing day where we got to spend time together and we got to spend some time with family members we hadn't seen in awhile :) I love those kinda days!
Our day started at Kohl's. Tayler and I went with her Great Grandma and Gigi. Tay thought she was a big girl riding in the stroller/cart, haha! 

She loves being out of the car seat and looking around the store :)She even posed for some pictures with her Great Grandma Shirley! Cuties!
Then Daddy came and picked us up so we could go visit Grandma Carol :)

She hadn't seen us in a few weeks and we had a wonderful visit!
We had such a great day! Once we got home, we were starving so we had some pizza and we went on a walk. Tayler LOVES being outside!

And, heavens........... my weird husband LOL

Never a dull moment when he is nearby haha!
Happy Labor Day!

Project 365: Day 80- September 4th

Our day started out at this really awesome arcade/pizza place nearby. It is a total blast. The last time we were there I was extremely pregnant and didn't feel like doing much. Today, I was ready to dominate in anything and everything I could haha! We were there to tell my little brother Ethan good bye. He is moving in the next few days... I know, sad story :( So, we all get together to spend one last day together. We are really going to miss him!
Here is a picture of our whole family (minus my sister Jennifer and my brother Corey.. they both live far away right now!) 

We had a blast. I tried to kick some total booty in Air Hockey.. and I failed, haha! My husband beat me... a sad 7 to 3. Boo! Maybe next time?

Tayler had a great time though... She was chit-chatting...

And.. oh, she had a good time playing some Nascar. What 5 month old doesn't, right? :)

Doesn't she look adorable playing? She's a better driver than her dad ;) hahahaha!
After that, we went to Kohl's. We hav…