Monday, September 5, 2011

Project 365: Day 80- September 4th

Our day started out at this really awesome arcade/pizza place nearby. It is a total blast. The last time we were there I was extremely pregnant and didn't feel like doing much. Today, I was ready to dominate in anything and everything I could haha! We were there to tell my little brother Ethan good bye. He is moving in the next few days... I know, sad story :( So, we all get together to spend one last day together. We are really going to miss him!

Here is a picture of our whole family (minus my sister Jennifer and my brother Corey.. they both live far away right now!) 

We had a blast. I tried to kick some total booty in Air Hockey.. and I failed, haha! My husband beat me... a sad 7 to 3. Boo! Maybe next time?

Tayler had a great time though... She was chit-chatting...

And.. oh, she had a good time playing some Nascar. What 5 month old doesn't, right? :)

Doesn't she look adorable playing? She's a better driver than her dad ;) hahahaha!

After that, we went to Kohl's. We have a charge card. It is never good for us. I got like 7 new shirts, plus a headband, and Ethan got 2 new shirts... all for $80. You can't beat that, folks! Plus, we had a cute little girl to wonder around with us :)

Then, we went home and changed our clothes and headed out for our DATE NIGHT! I was so excited!! But guess what? We left without... MONEY. So we did everything possible for FREE, haha! We went and enjoyed some of God's green earth. Isn't it just beautiful?

And here is E and I having some fun together :)

Having date nights creates good mommies and daddies.. I believe that with my whole heart. It gives you a chance to reconnect as a couple... We had a great time!


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