Sunday, September 4, 2011

Project 365: Day 79- September 3rd

Today we went to the Rib Fest! Yes, that's exactly what it is.... soul food and lots of it! There were ribs, barbeque chicken, baked beans, homemade ice cream, cole slaw, sweet tea.... and lots of blues and jazz music. What fun right? We went with Gigi and Papaw and of course, Kelly and Gabi walked around with us! :) Tayler loves having a friend with her and we do too!

Here's Tayler riding in her stroller like a big girl. She thinks she is BIG stuff in this, haha!

Once we got some food, we all settled in on the grass to chow down! I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with some fries with cheese and bacon. Yea, totally not diet food y'all! haha! :) After we got done eating, it was play time with our sweetheart. Daddy was 'dropping' her and she LOVED every single bit of it!

Here is Papaw and Gigi hanging out with us:

And yes, it was hot...and yes, the music was blaring, but that didn't bother Tayler at all, haha! She was down for the count!

But soon the CRAZY loud music woke her up... and she was scared (because I am serious, haha, it was looouuuuud.) She wanted her Daddy. No one can soothe like a Daddy, right? :)

And Papaw and Gigi bought Tayler a glow in the dark necklace... she LOVED it, haha! She just kept staring and staring... and staring...

And we ended the night with a bath and bottle and Tayler put on her new peejays from her sweet Gigi. 'Toadally Adorable!'

Cheers! :)

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