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I've got some breaking news.
We're changing the baby's name!
Shocker, right?
Thank God I haven't gotten anything personalized yet! HAHA!
Alright. Want the story?
Most of you that know me, know that I love the name 'Quinn.' Always have. When we were discussing names, I begged and begged Ethan to fall in love with that name, but he never did. After we found out we were having another girl, I asked him again, but he said Sawyer was his #1 choice... and well, I liked it too, so that was that! We both agreed on a name-- I wasn't going back! It just made sense!  He said, 'If we have another child some day.. and it's a girl... we'll name her Quinn.' 
Well.... fast forward to last night at dinner. We were eating salsa and chips and just talking about how excited we are for the baby to be born and he says, 'You know what? I have been thinking. What if the next baby isn't a girl? What if we don't have any more babies? I'm…

21 Weeks Pregnant!

We are officially 21 weeks pregnant as of today! :)
According to my lovely 'What To Expect' App, baby is about 8" long and 1 whole pound! I believe it considering 2 weeks ago, she was about 10-11 ounces! I can't believe how fast time is going and how quickly she is growing. I feel her consistently now... I LOVE this part of pregnancy. I love feeling her move around and jumping to different noises, etc. 
We had our last Christmas as a family of three yesterday. It was SO much fun! Our ALMOST 21-month old had so much fun.. and got entirely too spoiled! Here's a family picture of all of us from last night. Sorry I'm in a sweatshirt, but I was beat, haha!

And yes, that's my dad creeping in the back, haha! :)
Everyone kept saying 'Next year, you'll have two kids!' LOL It's crazy to think like that. 
Alright.. and how about a 21 week preggo shot!

If you can't read the picture, it says:
We survived our first Christmas together! But next year,…