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Project 366: Day 64 [April 20th]

Good morning all you lovely bloggers out there! :)
I figured I'd start off the blog today with the April Photo Challenge! We're on day #20 today and I have to say... I'm pretty impressed that I've kept with this that long, haha! Usually I give up on blog challenges, but I figure since this was is taking pictures and that's something I love... I'm going to finish it out! :)

Today's task was: SOMETHING YOU DREW.
Oh Lord.
I'll tell y'all right now. I wasn't blessed with that skill. My art teacher in the 7th grade told me that art wasn't what my future career should be in.. and I venture to say he's probably right, haha! But I'll still share the drawing with you. I was showing Tayler 'how to draw' and I decided to draw Plex (the yellow robot off of Yo Gabba Gabba) because I figured that would peek her interest a bit!
So, here's my drawing of PLEX:

Not too shabby I suppose... it completes the task and that's what I needed…

Project 366: Day 63 [April 19th]

Morning bloggers!
So first, I just have to share my adorable child today. As you saw yesterday, she started wearing her hair in piggy tails. Well, today she was a piggy-tailed Buckeye and my goodness, she looked so stinkin' adorable!!

Oh my word, right?
I always say it, but holy cow-- I don't know how I stand being home with such cuteness all day ;)
I didn't have Kenton today because he wasn't feeling well.. which, as sad as it is that he doesn't feel good, it worked out well BECAUSE..
I shattered the front of my phone. 
Lovely right?
I've had a good run with this phone though, honestly. I've had it for a year and a half and it's still in tact. That's pretty amazing if you're asking me! 
So, since my mom is on vacation, she came to the Sprint store with me to figure something out. Well, she basically watched Tayler while I TRIED to figure things out, LOL, but they couldn't do anything for me, so we left and went to McDonalds. The McDonalds …

Project 366: Day 62 [April 18th]

Good morning bloggers! :)
Hope you're all having a fabulous Wednesday!
Lets start the day off with the April Photo Challenge! Are you keeping up with it? 

The task today was: HAIR.
This probably isn't the traditional picture for 'hair' but I thought I'd show how I'm totally due for another hair cut... pronto, haha!

And speaking of hair, want to check out the cutie in my house that wore pig tails in her hair for the first time ever??

Is she not the cutest little baby ever?
I don't know how I stand being home with her all day long some days, haha! :)
Too stinkin' cute!
And her and Kenton were playing with their little 'cars' today. I don't know that you would call them 'cars' but that's how I referred to them today because they were kind of 'racing' with them, haha! It was adorable!

Aren't they too cute? :) 
They were having an absolute blast!
After Ethan got home, I made a giant stromboli for him, Bobby,…

Project 366: Day 61 [April 17th]

Good morning bloggers!
Hope you're all having an amazing day today :)
I thought I'd start off today with the April Photo Challenge!

The task for today is: Something You Don't Like.
And I thought I'd share this with you all:

Yes, this is my lovely house. My living room to be exact. I LOVE my living room. I don't like NOT having a coffee table or an ottoman, haha! Is that pathetic?? I absolutely love having my feet propped up whether I'm watching a movie, 'Yo Gabba Gabba', or working on the computer. And I hate not being able to do that, lol! At our old house, we had a different couch (the one that is across the room) and it had a recliner built in to it. You best believe, I had my feet propped up constantly. But that isn't the case here, haha! I am so ready to have a coffee table or an ottoman. Maybe one day?? LOL
I spent the day with Tayler and Kenton. We had some fun! :) Then Ethan came home and it was time for dinner! For some reason I was really…

Celebrity Doppleganger Link-Up!

I'm linking up with 'A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers' and doing my 

After running a face recognition at I found that:

My top match was:
Sarah Michelle Gellar.
The face I used was:

and Sarah Michelle Gellar with bangs:

What do you think??
I also got matched with Jojo...

Misha Omar..

Alexis Bledel..

Do you think any of the celebrities look like me?

I think Alexis Bledel would be the closest match, but who am I? haha!

Who is your celebrity doppleganger??