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Project 365: Day 42- July 28th (and Project 52)

I know, I know... I'm supposed to be writing a blog about yesterday, but I think today... I'm just going to reflect a little bit about this thing called
Tayler turned 17 weeks old yesterday... and before I forget, let me share a picture of that cute little booger!

Ornery. Ornery. Ornery.
Everyone always thinks I'm playing when I say she's ornery, but seriously folks-- this is legit, haha! I know she's only almost 4 months old, but that girl be JOKIN' on her momma, haha!
She has not been wanting to sleep at night here lately. We were doing so good. She was sleeping in her crib til about 4/5 in the morning thanks to the lovely invention called OATMEAL ;) and then BAM out of nowhere she decides she no longer wants to sleep when I put her in her crib. Where'd that crazy girl come from? She whines.. and whines... and whines... until about 2 am even when I'm holding her. I know, I'm shocked! I don't know who replaced by sleeper, but please brin…

Project 365: Day 41- July 27th

Today was a catch up day! I had to get dishes done and other random things! Andddddddd, I made some yummy breakfast casserole!! :) Do you want the recipe for that? Check it out HERE.

And after that, I went with mom and dad to look at some of the houses they are looking at.. and of course, it got us dreaming. A few of the homes had 3+ acres of land which meant that there was PLENTY of land for us to build a house near theirs :) It is a dream, but could it possibly be a reality! What are our thoughts? We want a basic modular like this--

We want something like this and then we plan on building an unfinished basement! We can work with that later. We want to put a pool table down there, a few extra rooms.... all of that good stuff!
Now, we just pray! Pray that God will bless this idea and lead us down the road He wants. If we're meant to do that, then so be it! 
Jesus name.

Project 365: Day 40- July 26th

Everything is done for our wedding reception Saturday :) We finalized everything today and got all of the little last minute things completed. Well, I guess I shouldn't say EVERYTHING. We still have to pick up food, decorate the place, and make the salad, green beans, and rolls... but that's it! :) We have the hotel booked. Someone to pick us up... I think we're set to go. Do you even know how excited I am? E and I got married in December... I was 6.5 months pregnant and we didn't have a real wedding. We got married at the court house. And while I do not regret that decision, I do wish I would have gotten to celebrate with everyone :( So now.. my parents have made it possible for me to have the wedding reception of a life time! I even have a dress! It's crazy... I'm already married to the man, but I still have butterflies and little girl excitement for Saturday! :)

My husband and I both decided today to start a weight loss challenge. We're going to motivate …

Lose the Pounds!

4 months after Tayler was born and I'm STILL not back to my pre-preggo weight! I feel disappointed with myself... and it's time for that to change!
So, today I'm done with drinking pop... done eating fast food... I'm ready to fix this situation.
I wear a size 5 jeans and I wore a size 4 when I got pregnant for Tayler.
I was 136 pounds when I got pregnant for Tayler and I'm 147.2 pounds right now. UGH UGH UGH. 
So the hubby and I decided that we are going to work together to be healthier and be fit! Here's our START pictures:E:

So, today marks the start of a LIFE CHANGE. My goal-- lose 15 pounds. Starting.... NOW!

Project 365: Day 39- July 25th

We had SUCH a list of things to do today it was insane, haha! And go figure--- my husband lacks extreme motivation to even get out of bed. I know I shouldn't be whining-- he works midnight shift, so he's used to sleeping for quite awhile during the day, poor fella, haha! Prior to leaving, I gathered my list. E makes fun of me for this... but I swear, we'd never get everything done if I didn't make them LOL and the stroller required a post-it of it's own. We were going to the mall and Tayler is just too heavy to carry around in her car seat anymore LOL! What was on that long list?- Get E's outfit the wedding reception
- Get a hair accessory for me
- Get nude make-up for me and waterproof mascara
- Get a pair of white flats
- Get bouquet
- Get garter
- Get masks for us as well as our guests
- Get clothes for Brittany out of storage unit
- Pick up Formula
And guess what?
WE GOT EVERYTHING DONE BY 6:30PM! :) We are officially all set for our wedding reception, we just…

Project 365: Day 38- July 24th

We wanted to have a pretty relaxing day today. That's typically how Sundays roll for us since that's the night E has to go back to work. We woke up, watched some TV, ordered some pizza, and played with Tayler. Typical, right? :) We must have wore her out though because she became a snuggle bunny which rarely happens anymore. Someone tell me how she can be almost 4 months old and NOT want to cuddle with her mommy anymore. I didn't give permission for this to happen little miss Independent! So, I took advantage of it today ;)

E and I went and looked at a few other houses today... I fell in LOVE with this one...

It has a living room as soon as you walk through the door, then you go into the Master bedroom/Master bathroom (with a jacuzzi tub ;)). After the living room, you walk into a GORGEOUS kitchen with beautiful tile and amazing countertops! And off to the side of that is the utility room. It's huge! Then you walk around the counter and there's another living room (w…

Project 365: Day 37- July 23rd

Today was going to be a super awesome day! :) We were going to Leeann's BABY SHOWER! :) Yes, I said it haha! Cue baby fever, because yes indeed--- it happened! :P Leeann is pregnant for a sweet little girl named Fayth. I'm so excited to see her and so excited for Leeann and my cousin Justin. They are going to be wonderful parents. The shower was gorgeous! They had little gift bags with nail polish, files, make-up headbands, and lip gloss. How sweet, right? and we had AMAZING chocolate cake. Yummy! The shower was held here:

Steak n' Stein at Roscoe Village :) Thanks Google-- what a gorgeous picture since I forgot to take pictures of it hehe! :) Thanks for hosting it, Aunt Trudy! We loved it! 
Tayler posed with the Mommy-To-Be :) She loved her cousin Justin talking to her :) After that, we headed home for a relaxing night at home! We were exhausted! We had some bratwursts and played with Tayler-- a typical night in this household! Mom was holding the cell phone and having her st…

Project 365: Day 36- July 22nd

Today was another busy day, haha! E, Tayler, and I went to visit 3 houses in the town over from the town we originally wanted to live in. It's not ideal, but it's what we can afford, so that's the route we thought we would take.... It was a cute little house, but we are having a very frustrating time with the realtors. I guess I'm not going to really call out names or businesses because I don't want to burn any bridges so to speak, but I'll summarize our experience and my thoughts--
We were lied to... two times. How upsetting. I know we are a young couple and I know we don't have that 250,000 dollar budget that some people in this world have, but that still doesn't mean you can feel free to disrespect us, you know? I won't go into details about the first lie for the sake of this company, but I will say this. We wanted to make a VERBAL offer. We were told we could not do this... then we were told, 'Okay, we'll make a call and let you know what…