Sunday, July 24, 2011

Project 365: Day 36- July 22nd

Today was another busy day, haha! E, Tayler, and I went to visit 3 houses in the town over from the town we originally wanted to live in. It's not ideal, but it's what we can afford, so that's the route we thought we would take.... It was a cute little house, but we are having a very frustrating time with the realtors. I guess I'm not going to really call out names or businesses because I don't want to burn any bridges so to speak, but I'll summarize our experience and my thoughts--

We were lied to... two times. How upsetting. I know we are a young couple and I know we don't have that 250,000 dollar budget that some people in this world have, but that still doesn't mean you can feel free to disrespect us, you know? I won't go into details about the first lie for the sake of this company, but I will say this. We wanted to make a VERBAL offer. We were told we could not do this... then we were told, 'Okay, we'll make a call and let you know what the seller says.' We then get a phone call that the seller will not negotiate on the price and that he won't take any lower than the asking price. We were okay with that... until we PERSONALLY talked to the seller... and he said, 'I was never contacted by 'said company.' You wanted to make an offer? How much?' ANOTHER LIE. I couldn't believe it! Like I previously said, I know we're young... but we are not stupid and we will figure things out. So guess what? I refuse to work with them anymore. If you're going to lie about a simple offer, what else will you lie about? 

So, after that madness... I came home, cleaned the house, and then mom, dad, E, Tay, and myself went out to dinner :) Here's Tayler while everyone was eating hehe! She's too cute!

And we went to Walmart and bought some glasses for E.. and he even bought me a new shirt, hehe! :) I love it! Thanks so much, E!



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