Friday, July 22, 2011

Lets Talk About... Marriage

Kelly's Korner is talking marriage today, so I figured I'd link up! 

I'm by no means an expert on marriage. E and I have only been married for almost 7 months, so we're still getting the hang of things, haha! So, instead of advice, I'm just going to shoot for talking about what I've learned so far on this journey.


Oh I think that's the biggest! Can I just tell you how unbelievably stubborn I am??  I have zero patience... especially when it comes to men. I swear, if he leaves his clothes BY the hamper one more time I'm going to freak, haha! But... I've been trying to learn to be patient with him and appreciate the great things he does for our family.... and let the 'small' stuff slide.
 I've also learned a lot about 'appreciation.' I used to feel like I had to DO things to receive love... to keep someone in my life. But now I've learned that simply telling my husband how much I appreciate the things he does for me or Tayler goes quite a long way! It's amazing how he'd rather hear, 'Thanks for working so hard today!' than me bring him home a surprise from the store. I never knew words could go such a long way, but they do!

We had our first baby in March and we found love on such a deeper level. He watched me give birth. I don't think it can get any more intimate than that :) I saw a different side of him.... that 'father' side and it was beautiful. I love watching him interact with Tayler. He changes her whole world when he walks through the door!

I love that man more than I could EVER imagine loving someone. He is my very best friend. I've learned so much by becoming his wife.. and I'm excited to learn even more in the next 50+ years!

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Lori Alexander

When the going gets rough, just keep reminding yourself that he is your best friend and that love is a commitment not a feeling. Keep up the good work!


There is something so special about watching your husband become a father. Great advice :)