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Dreaming and X-Factor or Dreaming of X-Factor?

So, for some reason during the two hours that I was tossing and turning last night (so frustrating-- for some reason I do this at night time anymore and it drives me bananas, haha!) But I was thinking about the day Ethan and I started dating and how we took a picture the FIRST day we met at our mall outside of F.Y.E (this is December 26th, 2009)

We look so young there, huh? He was 19, I was 22. Crazy how life changes, haha!
Then, we went back last year and took a picture at the same spot. We wanted it to be a 'tradition' that every year on the 26th, we go back to our 'roots.' :) (this is December 26th, 2010)

I was 25 weeks pregnant there. And Ethan had the terrible mustache, hahahaha! Gah, glad that's gone LOL! 
But I was thinking about how cute it would be to add Tayler to the mixture this year? :) Head on over there December 26th, 2011 and put her right in the middle. I was day dreaming about December 26th, 2020 when we have like 4 kids all around us. I think it …

Cry It Out...

We did 'Cry It Out' (CIO) for the first time last night. When she first started sleeping in her crib in her room, she did really good with it. She took a bottle and fell asleep, but now she fights it. She has four teeth now, so she's a big girl... maybe she thinks she doesn't need sleep, haha! However, Mommy and Daddy need some alone time, so we thought we would give it a try. I was a nervous wreck. I started crying as soon as I laid her down. I kept telling myself 'She is safe. She just had a bath, her diaper is changed, she has been fed... She is just crying because she is mad and doesn't want to be laid down.' But it was still heart-wrenching. We laid in bed for what seemed like forever, waiting for her to calm down. Ethan tried comforting me because I was a mess. I hate hearing my baby cry... and knowing that I could be saving her from it is even worse, but I know that this will help both of us in the end. We laid her down at 8:35 and by about 8:55 she…

X-Factor (12/7/2011)

Any X-Factor fans out there? 
Once again, yes. I've been sucked in to the reality television world, haha! 

I couldn't believe there were only 5 contestants left last night. I've been watching since it's started and I still lost count, haha! It's amazing to me that there will soon be a winner. Who is your favorite? I know, I already told y'all last week that I think Josh will win, but who knows. I'm never right when it comes to guessing these things.
Lets just go down the list on how they did last night.
Rachel: So adorable. I really want her to win just because I think she is the cutest thing in the world and I want her to have all the money in the world to buy a house where she has her own bathroom :) She did great last night, as always. She has such a powerful voice.
Melanie: AMAZING. As always. When she performed 'There Can Be Miracles," I'm not even afraid to admit that I cried. It moved me. It was impressive. 
Marcus: He should win, but I…

Teen Mom 2

Did anyone catch the Teen Mom 2 premiere last night?
I'll go ahead and admit it, I'm addicted.

I never watched this before and then when we moved in with my parents, my mom got me addicted, so I watched all of them on Netflix, got caught up, and well, here I am.. blogging about it :)
If you didn't watch it yet, then do not read on because it will spoil things for you. Not that there's much to spoil. I actually thought it was a rather boring episode. I've never actually 'watched the clock' when one of these were on, but it lacked the drama I thought it would. Sue me, I'm a sucker, haha! I hate it in my own life, but enjoy watching it on TV. 
Leah: Leah, Leah, Leah... I think she basically said what a lot of stay-at-home-moms feel. I'm glad she was honest. Being a stay-at-home-mommy isn't for everyone. That's not saying she's a bad mom. It's just some women are not cut out for being at home all day long. I'm not a career-woman. I o…

Merry Christmas?

Remember me talking about Christmas Spirit yesterday? Well.. to carry on with that, we decided to take Tayler to see Santa Claus. She's 8 months old. I didn't figure there would be a 'fear' factor in here yet, you know? People told me "Oh, this will be the easy year.. next year is when she will start being scared of him." So, I figured we would run inside, get a few ADORABLE pictures for our Christmas, and head on out. No pain. 
Boy, was I and EVERYONE ELSE wrong, haha!
I'm not even going to explain. Just enjoy the pictures, haha!
(When we first got in there... she's doing good.)
(Okay, I don't know him....)

(Get me out of here!!!)

(Mommy trying to comfort her... see the real tears? Poor baby...)

(And after about 15 minutes.. and Daddy being by her side.. she was better!)
We had such a "fun" time, haha! We made some memories and that's what counts. I love that kid! Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Spirit

It FINALLY feels like Christmas. I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't feel that 'spirit' and anticipation I usually feel around this time of year. But lets face it-- last year, I had everything decorated around our home the day OF Thanksgiving. This year, it still wasn't done as of Saturday. I need the lights, the soft glow of the Christmas tree, presents under the tree... all of that goodness to just FEEL the beauty of this holiday. I know it sounds 'superficial' but you know what I mean. I know the meaning of this holiday, so I don't need all of that to understand my thankfulness towards Jesus Christ for coming in the flesh to rescue us... but I just need it to *FEEL* the Christmas spirit. I can't even explain it... :)
But let me get to the point.
THE HOUSE IS DECORATED!! :) We are going to get a Christmas tree tonight, but everything else is done. Decorations out on the table, Merry Berry Scentsy warmer, lights around the bar... anything you can…