Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cry It Out...

We did 'Cry It Out' (CIO) for the first time last night. When she first started sleeping in her crib in her room, she did really good with it. She took a bottle and fell asleep, but now she fights it. She has four teeth now, so she's a big girl... maybe she thinks she doesn't need sleep, haha! However, Mommy and Daddy need some alone time, so we thought we would give it a try. I was a nervous wreck. I started crying as soon as I laid her down. I kept telling myself 'She is safe. She just had a bath, her diaper is changed, she has been fed... She is just crying because she is mad and doesn't want to be laid down.' But it was still heart-wrenching. We laid in bed for what seemed like forever, waiting for her to calm down. Ethan tried comforting me because I was a mess. I hate hearing my baby cry... and knowing that I could be saving her from it is even worse, but I know that this will help both of us in the end. We laid her down at 8:35 and by about 8:55 she had quieted down. I checked on her at 9:04 and she was out like a light! Not too bad for our first night!! :) I felt accomplished once I saw she was asleep and I am so proud of her, I cannot even explain it. We'll see how tonight goes!! :)