Friday, September 23, 2011

Project 365: Day 98- September 22nd (and Project 52)

Soooo.. my big girl is 25 weeks old today! :) We're almost to 6 months.. can you believe that? :)

Here she is:

Freaking booger butt, haha! She is sooo ornery! What is she up to this week? We moved her up to Stage 2 baby foods. She's loving them and actually finished her first one this week :) She said 'Ut-Oh' when she dropped something out of the bouncer. She is scooting her butt in the air.. no crawling as of right now, but we're getting there, haha! She is just growing like a weed. I'll know more about her weight/height soon because her 6 month doctor's appointment is coming up soon! 

We got up today and headed to a meeting for our new house. Tayler was getting bored I think (it was a 2-hour long meeting.. errr..) and I only had so many toys. So, yes, I did what any mother would do and got on the floor to play with her, haha! The Mortgage Company said it was alright... haha!

She was a little more happy after that!

We were SO happy after signing some papers.... we headed on up to the strip to get something yummy to eat. I just LOVE my husband and I LOVE he has Thursdays off with us :)

And guess what we decided on?


Our favorite and oh yes, our families were jealous, haha! 

Chips.. Salsa.. Tacos.. Spanish Rice. Yum!

Then we went back to our old stomping grounds, haha, showed Tayler where Mommy and Daddy used to live, etc. And we visited E's Momma. She loves spending time with Tayler :)

And we stopped by and visited Matt, Carrie, and Jaylee. The girls played :)


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Project 365: Day 97- September 21st

Tayler and I got blankets and slept on the floor in the middle of the night because she wouldn't sleep in her crib and there's ZERO room in our full bed (yea, we are definitely going to upgrade that soon, haha!) And apparently Daddy thought we looked absolutely adorable, so he went ahead and took a picture of his two girls :)

But we soon got our booties up and moving because we were going shopping with Gigi today! :) I wanted to buy some things to make a few decorations for the new house... super exciting! Our first stop was Catos, but they don't have carts or anything like that, so I had to carry Tayler around but she wasn't having it, haha, so we went outside and sat so she could play while Gigi shopped :) Here's Mommy and Tayler:

Love that little girl. And she loves her best friend :)

After that, we went to Hobby Lobby to buy a few things. My first project was making a thing for the front door. I LOVE it (I bought a cheap grapevine wreath, flowers, a letter, and paper) and I weaved the flowers through the wreath, covered the letter.. The only thing I do not like is the black ribbon. I'm going to have to think of something else to do, darn it! But other than that, I think it looks pretty good. Just have to think about something else to hang the "B" from. Any ideas?

I also bought this nifty thing.

It was on sale at Hobby Lobby for $4.50. OF COURSE I bought it, haha! I'm sick of throwing my keys down when I walk through the door... and forgetting where I placed them EVERY time, haha!

After all of that, we got ready, picked up E, and headed to 'Denny's' for some dinner :) We got breakfast foods-- who doesn't like breakfast for dinner, right? :) I got bacon, sausage, pancakes, and hashbrowns. Yummo!

Here's Papaw, Gigi, and Tayler hanging out!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, our slobber box...

Lawd, have mercy, haha! It's everywhere, bless her heart!

We had a great day!


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Project 365: Day 96- September 20th

I haven't felt good here lately, if you couldn't tell by my recent posts. I feel a cold drifting in, darn it. Sore throat, cough, runny nose, stuffy nose (how on earth does that work?) So, Tayler and I... once again... did not do much to do. Not to mention, it's RAINING out and gloomy. Boo! haha. So, we watched cartoons and relaxed today :) Here's Tayler in her jumper. I love that little face:

And she loves her jumper! :) 

So that's about all I have to show for today, haha! I'm so boring, I know! 


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 95- September 19th

We didn't really do a whole lot today. It was rainy and icky and I felt terrible. This whole changing of the seasons thing kicks my butt every single year. So, we were lazy today. Plus, Gigi is on vacation this week, so we all sat around and watched TV. I did some laundry and cleaned, but that was about it, haha! So, I don't have very many pictures from today, so I thought I would share something else.

About 2 months ago, we found a house that we LOVED. We had made plans of what we were going to do to it. It felt like a dream. We went to the realtor to make an offer. But we were strung along.. and along.. and along. We were lied to unfortunately and just went through some tough things. We were hating the 'buying a house process.' Well, the couple counter-offered, but we had completely had it with everything. So, we denied the counter-offer and went about our way. 

Well, when we first moved out, there was a house that we saw that we absolutely LOVED. It was our 'dream house' essentially, but it was completely out of our price range. So, obviously, we couldn't even try and purchase it. Well, on Friday we found out that they had dropped the price and we could FINALLY afford it!!! So, we made an appointment to see it Friday night.. we, of course, loved seeing it in person. We made an offer. And the realtor told us to wait it out. Well, we weren't even 10 minutes up the road and we got the phone call that they ACCEPTED THE OFFER!!!! They had been praying to sell the house, we had been praying to purchase a house.... and God BLESSED us abundantly!!! I never thought in a million years we would own something this nice and beautiful. I am so thankful that God saw our hearts desire. He is wonderful to us! So, let me share some pictures everyone!! This was an announcement I have been dying to make, hehe!! :)

Here is our house! We move in before November 1st!

(I LOVE LOVE LOVE this part of the house!!)

(Our front door)

(Our office)

(One of my favorite parts!! THE FIREPLACE.. it's gas. I can't wait to make some smores!)

(I LOVE this kitchen! God blessed me above all I could have asked-- it has a dishwasher!!!)

(The main bathroom :))

There are tons of other rooms, but I took a picture of my favorites, hehe!!

Now-- my pinterest addiction is really kicking in! I plan on going to the store one day this week and picking up some things to start some projects for a few of the rooms. I can't wait to see the finished product and of course, I'll share it with everyone!


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Monday, September 19, 2011

Project 365: Day 94- September 18th

We started our morning off with lots of cuddles. Tayler hasn't been feeling good (thanks to those lovely teeth coming in, bless her heart!) So she was cranky, didn't want to sleep, but wanted to snuggle. So, Daddy took that offer up before we left to go watch a football game :)

He can't ever take a normal picture. Seriously. haha!

Then we were on our way to our little cousin's football game :) It was GORGEOUS day out, so we definitely jumped at the chance to be outside!! :)

Here is Trinton getting ready to take someone down, haha:

Go boy, go!

Tayler was being such a good girl. She sat on our multi-school blanket with her "best friend" and watched the boys and the cheerleaders.

Looks like such a big girl.

Daddy even got down there and played with 'them' :)
Of course, he poses. Did you expect anything less? haha!
And Tayler spent some time with her Gigi! She LOVES her Gigi :)

Once we got home, we started working with Tayler on her crawling again. And guess what? Papaw even learned to crawl today ;) Such a big boy, haha!

He was trying to show Tay how to do it :)

After that, TJ and Lakin came over. It was so nice to see them! It's been awhile! 


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Project 365: Day 93- September 17th

Saturdays in the Fall ALWAYS means college football. Yes, my team has had a bad rep this year. We've went through a lot.... it's been rough, but hey-- they're still my boys. Once a fan, always a fan. It can't change just because players are suspended and a coach resigns (even though I wish this new coach would already 'resign' haha!) But anyways, we're loyal fans regardless... and my daughter is already carrying on that tradition ;) Her Aunt Arena and Uncle Jon bought her an Ohio State cheerleading outfit for Christmas last year, before she was even here, and she wore it for the first time today. I think she looked absolutely adorable!!!

 And thank you Rachael for that adorable headband. It matched perfectly!!
After we got her ready, it was time for some grocery shopping. Tayler usually sits in her carseat during our shopping adventures, but today was her first time riding in the cart like the big girl that she is! :) And of course, this mommy documented it, haha!!

Oh, she's too cute! Everyone at the store was talking about how freaking awesome her outfit was. I was certainly a proud momma! She LOVED sitting up and seeing everything! It was such a fun experience! I am so privileged to be her momma! :)

Once we got home, Gigi made us some 'taco soup' and we got ready to watch the game. Some were calling it the "Ineligi-bowl" others called it the "Scandal-Bowl." Why? Because Ohio State was playing Miami and you all know the grief both of those teams have received this year, haha! Anyways, here was my view during the game:

We lost, but hey-- that happens!

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Project 365: Day 92- September 16th

Friday, Tayler and I had a pretty laid back day. I worked on an article early in the morning, then we cleaned the house. After that, it was relaxation time :) Ethan and I were having a "date night" later on that evening, so I wanted to get as much cuddling in as possible! :)

Gigi bought Tayler a new shirt the day before, so I put it on her today and I have to say that she looked absolutely ADORABLE.

"Grandma's Little Pumpkin" :)

Perfect for Fall!

We snuggled, watched Cartoons, then once Daddy, Gigi, and Papaw got home, Ethan and I got ready and we said our goodbyes to Tayler. I don't think she really cared we were leaving, haha! She was playing with her "best friend" and her Papaw!

Okay. Maybe she wasn't PLAYING with her best friend, haha! (She was biting her!) But either way, she was pretty preoccupied.

I'll reveal more about our "date night" later. Keep your eye out for some crazy, exciting news y'all!


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