Friday, September 23, 2011

Project 365: Day 98- September 22nd (and Project 52)

Soooo.. my big girl is 25 weeks old today! :) We're almost to 6 months.. can you believe that? :)

Here she is:

Freaking booger butt, haha! She is sooo ornery! What is she up to this week? We moved her up to Stage 2 baby foods. She's loving them and actually finished her first one this week :) She said 'Ut-Oh' when she dropped something out of the bouncer. She is scooting her butt in the air.. no crawling as of right now, but we're getting there, haha! She is just growing like a weed. I'll know more about her weight/height soon because her 6 month doctor's appointment is coming up soon! 

We got up today and headed to a meeting for our new house. Tayler was getting bored I think (it was a 2-hour long meeting.. errr..) and I only had so many toys. So, yes, I did what any mother would do and got on the floor to play with her, haha! The Mortgage Company said it was alright... haha!

She was a little more happy after that!

We were SO happy after signing some papers.... we headed on up to the strip to get something yummy to eat. I just LOVE my husband and I LOVE he has Thursdays off with us :)

And guess what we decided on?


Our favorite and oh yes, our families were jealous, haha! 

Chips.. Salsa.. Tacos.. Spanish Rice. Yum!

Then we went back to our old stomping grounds, haha, showed Tayler where Mommy and Daddy used to live, etc. And we visited E's Momma. She loves spending time with Tayler :)

And we stopped by and visited Matt, Carrie, and Jaylee. The girls played :)


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