Monday, September 26, 2011

Project 365: Day 99- September 23rd

Friday, Tayler and I spent Gigi's last vacation day with her :) We watched some movies and relaxed. It was really nice! After our Daddy came home, we got ready and went to Matt and Carrie's house to hang out :) We met up with Matt, Carrie, and Cassie (Ethan's sister, who found our she's having a baby girl in February! YAY for a neice :)) 

For awhile, Tayler was the only baby there because Jaylee was at her aunt and uncle's house and Kyra hadn't arrived yet, so Matt played with Tayler and the giant caterpillar, haha!

She LOVED it :)

And FINALLY, Bentley got there and it was time for Tayler and him to play, haha! He kept touching her feet. She didn't like that much. It was hilarious to see them interacting together! 

And then, JAYLEE arrived! It was sooo cute to see them all together again. If you remember correctly, they were together right after we had them. Tayler was 11 days old.

And now look at them, all of them turning 6 months old this month!

I cannot believe how big they have gotten! Seems like just yesterday we were all sitting around with some big ol' bellies, haha! Now, they're finally here and growing like weeds!

We had such a fun night! Tayler fell asleep about 9:30 right after her bottle with Daddy. Adorable.


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