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Project 365: Day 158- May 7th

Mother's Day is Sunday and so Corey, Ethan, and I sent flowers to my momma at work! I had to stop by and see them hehe! I was so excited when she texted me! So, I dropped my parent's laptop off to my dad at his college, then headed on over to my momma's work! It was Customer Appreciation day.. and well, I'm not a customer, haha, but they gave me a free hot dog, chips, and pop anyways! Whoohoo hehe! So here's a lovely shot of the flowers :)

I bought two new pair of shorts from Wet Seal and two new tank tops that I just LOVE. They were both on sale... I HAD to do it, haha :)

And today we got our new laptop hehe! We needed a new one cause of mine being destroyed thanks to McAfee (which we're working on getting to fix mine!) It's sooo nice! I am so in love with it lol! It has Windows 7! Amazing!

Today was Day 3 of our Love Dare challenge... and the dare was to buy something for each other. I bought Ethan superhero boxers and his mouthwash he's been asking …

Project 365: Day 157: May 6th

The morning started off with Ethan having a big breakfast: french toast with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, powdered sugar, cinnamon, and syrup. Yummm! And of course, a nice glass of milk hehe :) I LOVE making him breakfast in the morning because I love seeing the smile on his face.. I love his thankful, appreciative attitude every time... and I LOVE knowing he has a full tummy to go to work on :) He's my boy. I just adore him.

After making him some breakfast, I got dressed and met my mom at Whit's Frozen Custard for some yummy in my tummy lunch hehe! :) I got 2 coney dogs, a bag of chips, and a pop for $3.50. What a deal, right? Mmm! And I bought Ethan a strawberry shortcake for Day 2 of our "Love Dare" challenge... "Love is Kind." :)

Then we got some deliveries! Ethan got his new phone (which he absolutely hates and wants to take back LOL) and we got our new printer! I am so thankful for it! Finally we're able to print things off at our apartme…

Project 365: Day 156- May 5th

Our morning began by Ethan having some breakfast.. and we started The Love Dare challenge. Day 1 was "Love is Patient." The dare was to go all day long without saying anything negative to your partner. What a dare right? But how amazing. Saying negative things is the root of disagreements, anger, resentment, etc.

After we read our first chapter, Ethan left for work and I got started on chopping veggies and cleaning! My parents were coming over for dinner and I wanted everything to be perfect! This was the first time they were going to see the place and I was sooo nervous, haha! Obviously... since I was awake at 6AM cooking! LOL I chopped up all the veggies and stored those in containers, made the bed, dusted, organized our DVDs, vaccumed, scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors, mopped, did the dishes, organized the towels, cleaned the back bedroom, cleaned the bathroom sink, organized our shoes.... lots to do to make sure the house was in top shape before the parents cam…

Project 365: Day 155- May 4th

So, I woke up this morning with high hopes that this day would be a good day filled with working appliances, running cars, etc. Monday was a bit crazy, so my fingers were crossed that Tuesday was a little more peaceful. Wellllll, that wish did not come true, haha! I woke up to a non-working laptop. Lovely. Here McAfee had a virus upgrade a little while ago that sent tons of computers crashing-- yep, mine was one of them. So, I spent all day Tuesday trying to find someone to fix it. Well, it can't be fixed until the weekend, so my lovely mom let me borrow her laptop until Ethan's laptop is delivered later this week. God love her. I have so much school work that needs done! Hopefully my laptop CAN get fixed soon!

Once I got that taken care of... and I let BOTH of my parents see my burn, haha! I headed home. My parents seemed to be a bit worried about my leg.. and the fact that I'm no longer home for them to take care of it, lol. But I assured them Ethan has been a great doc…

Project 365: Day 154- May 3rd

And our morning started off as usual: I got up about 5:15 and made Ethan breakfast, he ate, got ready, and left for work. I laid back down to get a few more hours of sleep LOL but I was awakened at about 7AM to Ethan saying "I broke down... car overheated." Poor fella was about 50 miles from home or so :( I felt so bad for him. So while doing laundry, my morning (from about 7AM to 10AM) was spent on the phone with him.. on again, off again.. until he got home. He finally called me at about 10:15AM... 10 jugs of water later.. and asked me to come get him. He was only about 5 minutes from the apartment bless his heart. And so, he spent the next couple of hours getting his car prepped to get worked on.

And after he got done with that, we headed over to my FAVORITE place in the village we live hehe! I got my usual: hamburger with bacon, lettuce, and onion... spicy curly fries... and mustard. Mmm! Quite the piggy, huh? haha!
Then, Ethan asked me if I wanted to go on a ride on h…

Project 365: Day 153- May 2nd

This rainy Sunday morning started off by sleeping in wayyyy too late, haha! And finally getting the rest of our dresser put together. Looks great, huh? The boys did a great job.. and Carrie hehe! I LOVE it! We both got 2 drawers... and wow, does the room look more organized! Here's our closet space too :)

And after we got that together, I made Ethan some breakfast since he had to go to work and I left and met my mom, dad, Corey, and Marie at Bob Evans for some yummy lunch. I got a hamburger with the works and some fries with a good ol' raspberry iced tea. My favorite! Yummy! When we were getting ready to leave, we were standing in line waiting and these two older gentleman totally crowded in front of us LOL we laughed for like ever over that, haha!

And here's the group standing in line at Bob Evans. From left to right, it's Dad, Corey, Marie, me, and momma. We had so much fun! I love hanging out with these guys!

And after Bob Evans, it was a night spent doing a paper …

Project 365: Day 152- May 1st

Frankie Muniz once said "Yeah I like cars and basketball, but you know what I like more? Bananas."

Chyea. We love bananas. Doesn't matter what kind. But seriously-- check out the banana on the left LOL Marie found that at their commons and brought it to my mom and dad's to show us! Look at it compared to a normal banana on the right LOL Crazyness! But anyways, the morning started with me driving to mom and dad's house and meeting Corey and Marie there. They decided to stay for the weekend, so I wanted to get there a little early to spend some time with them before heading to decorate for Kourtney's baby shower.

And you guessed it. We headed over to decorate for Kourt's shower. Here's a few shots of that:

(The entire room)

(Upclose of the tables)

Then mom and I headed back to the house, got ready, and went back for party time! :) The baby shower started @ 5PM.. and we had sooo much fun! Here's the table we sat at with Helen and Arianna:

And we playe…