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Project 365: Day 200- June 18th

I spent the first half of my Friday morning cleaning our apartment. The most taxing chore was the kitchen! It honestly just needed a good ol' scrubbing. So, I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor with a bleach mixture I bought at the store. Scrubbed the counters, scrubbed the oven... it desperately needed it! I did the same thing to the bathroom too! And Ethan just kept remarking at how amazing the house smelled every single time we walked through the door! I LOVE it :) And I scrubbed the fridge. Looks good, huh?

And then guess what... MY SD CARD CAME! Finally! So I can get back to take tons of pictures... just like I like it haha :)

then, Ethan FINALLY came home hehe! We went and grabbed something to eat and headed over to the Homecoming where I got an amazing funnel cake. Oh yummy :)

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Project 365: Day 199- June 17th

I don't know if you can read that or not, but YES. I FINALLY made it to level 3 on Frogger for Super Nintendo! I have been trying to do this since I got the Super Nintendo and it's FINALLY been achieved. Oh, it was a good day! :) Ethan even witnessed it haha! Of course, I died right after that, but oh.. it was an accomplishment :)

And Ethan and I had a really relaxing afternoon. We went and grabbed some Subway.. stopped by Dollar General.... where Ethan does most of his hilarious things, haha:

Iron Man 2. He's a B/A. Obviously. hahaha!

Then TJ and Laken came over and we watched the boys play COD4 for awhile. Oh, pure excitement haha! Ethan bought a new bike at a yard sale. Lets hope this one actually lasts LOL

Then we all headed over to the Dresden Homecoming for a little while. Ethan got a bratwurst. I froze, haha! But we had a lot of fun :)

Lets hope my SD card arrives tomorrow!

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Project 365: Day 198- June 16th

I spent the better half of my morning talking with Ethan and his best friend Josh's girlfriend Kelly trying to figure out our room situation when we go down to Georgia in a few weeks to visit Josh. He's currently at BCT and is due for a visit here soon. We finally got arrangements made and it's looking like all systems are go :)

After that, my brother came down to the apartment... with a Charleston Chew and my Super Nintendo in hand, haha! We finally got it hooked up and I started kicking his butt at Mario Go-Kart almost immediately, bahahah :)

And then mom came down to meet us for the Dresden Homecoming parade and carnival! The parade (no offense to anyone else, haha) was pretty beasty! It's a lot longer than most parades I've seen in my life. Mom got some candy thrown to her.... and it was nastily melted.. and it was called a "Slow Poke." For some reason that just made us laugh, haha!

I hung out with Arena, Mom, and Corey during the parade. And mom finally…

Project 365: Day 197: June 15th

Oh, it's a sad day in the life of Alyssa. RIP SD card :( Yes, my old SD card is corrupted and no, we cannot obtain any of the pictures. We can't even save any pictures on to it anymore. Ugh. So, I've been going the past few days with just taking a few pictures on my cell phone. (Thus explains my quite boring Project365!) But I've ordered a new one and it should be here soon and I will FINALLY be back in the game :)
And after ordering a new SD card, Ethan came home and we went to the pool. This is obviously not a picture of the pool we went to, but I needed something to document where we were, haha! And I didn't take my cell phone and well, obviously my camera isn't working at this moment in time... *sniff sniff*

It was a wonderfully relaxing day :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 196- June 14th

Alright, funny story. My boyfriend, he's special, haha! I applied for 3 jobs yesterday and had the envelopes in our mailbox with the red flag up. *sigh* So, he comes home from work, we run some errands, and he gets in his car to head to job numero 2. Well, I hear him pull back in about 5 minutes later and he's like "Baby, I just opened this envelope and someone sent you your resume and cover letter. Who would do that?" *smacks head* I was like NO ONE would do that dork! I was sending those TO THE PLACES ON THE ENVELOPE. Sheesh, haha! So we sat and laughed about that for about 10 minutes. God love him haha!
Then while he was at work I through a roast in (it has to cook for 12 hours, so we can have it for dinner Tuesday!) And then I decided to make my first strawberry pizza... EVER. Ugh, I slightly burned the bottom of it, but hey, it was my first time, ya know? Ethan called me while he was at work and I told him I made it so he had me run 3 slices up to him hehe and ap…

Project 365: Day 195- June 13th

We went to my brother's girlfriend's graduation today from Ohio State University. Unfortunately, my SD card malfunctioned and we are currently working on retrieving those files (if it's possible) I'll keep every one posted :)

However, here is a picture I took on my cell phone of the shoe! :) The section to the right that is bare is where ALL 6,000 some graduates sat during the ceremony. We had so much fun that day! It was a long ceremony, but well worth it! :) We went to Panera that morning and I had the chipotle chicken panini again. AMAZINGness!

We met Marie's parents and sister for the first time (and Marie and Corey have been dating for almost 2 years haha!) Then mom, dad, and I went to a Mexican restaurant afterwards and watched some World Cup action :)

Then I came home, showered, and went to watch Ethan play some basketball with his boys! :)

It was a long, but fun day! :D Hopefully I can get my other pictures downloaded soon!

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 194- June 12th

It was a rough morning to begin with... with not getting to bed til about 4AM and all, haha! My alarm was set for 7 and I didn't wake up til 9... oops. So, we were in a REALLY BIG hurry to get to Dad's graduation by 10! Fortunately, mom and Corey saved Ethan and I some seats! We sat with Mom, Corey, Brad, Grandma, and Grandpa. It was kind of a long ceremony, but it was well worth it cause dad deserved that moment :) CONGRATULATIONS DAD!

Here's the proud graduate:

Alrighty, and remember that project I told you Ethan and I were working on? Well, I called dad last Wednesday and asked him what he wanted for graduation and he told me that he had his eye on a Demarini bat at MC Sports. So, Ethan and I went there and those suckers were $250 bucks, haha! Well, we can't afford that, so we went to Goodwill and Ethan bought an aluminum bat for $1.99. Then we went and got spray paint and tape and the nice lady at MC Sports gave us a Demarini box for free that we could put this fak…

Project 365: Day 193- June 11th

Friday was a pretty laid back day. I cleaned the house and then picked up Brad and we headed to Lil' Ethan's ball game! :) We are so proud of him hehe! He did a great job Friday night!

Here's Brad, Corey, and me watching haha!

And, well, we have a bit of an ADD problem, haha! So, Corey was showing us Grandpa's method of how you pull off someone's leg LOL Obviously good times :P

And here's mom, Corey, and I watching... well, err, taking pictures, haha!

And this kid I called "The Lightning Whisperer." See, it started lightning and a few people saw it so they started stating "Hey, it's lightning!" And this brave soul turns around, looks up at the sky, and says "I'll check this out..." haha! Like he's the only one on earth that could detect lightning haha! So I kept calling him "THE LIGHTNING WHISPERER" hahaha!

And here's Lil' Ethan batting :) Good job buddy!

And the rest of the night.. well, we were up til 4AM …