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Healthier Lifestyle!

So, we had our 6 month doctor's appointment today. Everything was great.. except for I was REALLY disappointed about my weight gain. The holidays definitely were not good for me. I was so upset I cried. I had been doing so good... and just to see that my hard work is slowly slipping out of my hands frustrates me. So, I vow for the next 4 weeks, I am going to work extremely hard at being good about what I am eating. I want to be healthy for the baby AND me. I don't want to feel disappointed. I know I am going to gain weight. I gained 40 with Tayler, but I want to feel good about what I'm eating and I KNOW I have ate terribly the last few weeks. 
So, for the next 4 weeks (to see if I have made a change at my next appointment..) I am going to work hard to see a difference and not a huge amount of weight added on.
First: It's going to start with what I am eating. I'll be the first to admit... I'm a mashed potatoes, bread and butter, hashbrowns girl. I LOVE my star…

23 Weeks Pregnant!

We are 23 weeks pregnant today! :) [1.9.2013-1.15.2013]

I rarely post full body pics of this preggo, so I thought I MIGHT start doing it every week, haha! We will see how I am feeling as the weeks progress, haha!
If you can't read the photo, it says:
We finally got your room painted, but we still need to have Gigi paint the tree on your wall and put up trim. [We painted it a royal purple and Gigi is painting a white tree on the wall. We are also putting up white trim and white letters above her crib. I'll take pictures once it is completed!]
Mommy craved taco dip this week. Sadly, it gives her heartburn! [Seriously-- I wanted it sooo bad, but it made me feel so sick every single time, haha!]
What am I saying?? I have heartburn from drinking a glass of water... but usually only at bedtime, haha! [I take my pill with water every night before bed.. and I ALWAYS have heartburn. It never fails, haha! It's crazy. She better have a head full of hair. Tayler had a head of black h…