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Project 366: Day 50 [April 6th]

Morning sweet bloggers! Hope you all slept great! :) 
It's FRIDAY. Always a good time around here ;)
We started off our morning by SNUGGLING. I thought at first, we were going to have another rough day yesterday. Tayler's temperature got a little too high for my comfort and she was heading down the same path today. I gave her some tylenol and juice and about an hour later... she perked up. She didn't feel 'hot' (or as hot) and she actually got up to play in her play room! That was the first time she did that since Wednesday and my mom always told me, 'Go by how she acts. If she acts fine, she feels fine.' So, I took that as a good sign :)
While she was playing, I got to cleaning. My grandma called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch with her and my mom so I knew I needed to get a great deal of cleaning done prior to leaving! I LOVE cleaning my house. I LOVE a clean house. I LOVE that Fridays are the designated day for that. I literally don't feel '…

Letting Go of Revenge..

It's amazing the path God takes you down... to change you.
I use to be a 'Vengeance is mine' kind of person. No, not the person that quoted, 'Vengeance is mine thus saith the Lord.' I took revenge in to my own hands. It was typically fueled by anger, frustration, bitterness, self-pity, stubbornness, pain, hurt, aggravation, and of course... the almighty thought of 'I'll give them exactly what they gave me. You reap what you sow, right?' 
Yes, I took revenge in all sorts of ways.
I was the queen of subtlety. I was the queen of 'rubbing-success-in-your-face.' I'm ashamed to even admit this, but I'm doing it to show you where God can take you!
If someone hurt me, I would let my attitude get the best of me. I would sit there and fume over ways to 'get them back!' I wasn't the kind of person to just sit back and take it. If they hurt me-- I wanted them to hurt. It was as simple as that. I hated knowing that someone was getting aw…

Project 366: Day 49 [April 5th]

Morning fellow bloggers! :)
So, first I wanted to share some news!
I am working towards learning a lot more about photography and I am doing that through a personal (facebook) website. It is called 'Bay Photography.'

You can find that here if you are interested!
I am really excited! I am doing all sessions for free so that I can learn as much as possible about my camera, editing programs, etc. If you are interested, please let me know!
And now for the 'Photo A Day' challenge for April!

Today's task was: TINY.
I took a few pictures of it!

Just my interpretation of 'tiny.' What did you take pictures of?? :)
All of today was spent cuddling. I had a very sick baby. Her fever spiked to 102.4 which completely freaked me out. She's never had a fever that high :( We're pretty sure it's a cold. She's been coughing, a runny nose, etc. Here she is cuddling her Mommy:

And even though she enjoyed cuddling Mommy, Gigi came over for lunch and she decided …

Project 366: Day 48 [April 4th]

Good morning fellow bloggers!
Hope you are having a fabulous day today! :)
First, I thought I'd start off with the the April 'Photo A Day' Challenge!

Today's task was to take a picture of someone who makes you happy.
I'm guessing you all know who I'm taking a picture of, right? ;)

My pretty little baby :)
And speaking of her.
She probably hates me, haha!
Since I got my new camera, she has been my faithful test subject. I took a few more 'Easter' pictures of her today and thought I would share!

She's just precious!
We spent a lot of time outside today because it was so nice out! We had time on the porch swing together and then I let her play in the yard for a little bit :)

And I wore my new skirt from Walmart today. I love how 'flowy' and 'cool' it is :)

I also spent a great deal of time doing laundry today! I had some catching up to do and I wanted to wash our bedding! Don't you love climbing in to bed to FRESH bedding?? Mmm! I …

Weekly Meals [4/9-4/13]

Man oh man! I am finally ahead of the game this week, haha! Usually I am writing the grocery list like 3 hours before the store! This is awesome, haha! It makes me feel better when the grocery list is finished ahead of time because then I can add things as we run out. This is a relief! :)
And this is what I have for the dinners for the week. It could change slightly depending on what we run out of in the days ahead, but it should stay pretty much the same! 
What are you cooking for next week?
Easter Dessert:  Rice Krispie eggs
Monday: Pepperoni/Sausage strombolis (per Ethan's request!)
Tuesday: E's birthday (Birthday breakfast: bacon, eggs, hashbrowns)
Wednesday: Taco Dip/Bacon Cheddar Dip (per Ethan's request!.. it's his birthday week so he thinks he has a say in things ;))
Thursday: Cook-Out with Fries
Friday:  Breakfast for dinner: French toast, Bacon.
Saturday: Going out!

Project 366: Day 47 [April 3rd]

Morning bloggers!! :)
Hope everyone is having a fabulous day today!!
Yesterday was a gorgeous day (minus a few patches of rain here and there!) I stayed inside most of the day with Kenton and Tayler. They absolutely love playing together and they are just hilarious! It was a pretty full time job in here yesterday with having to get caught up on dishes, their hungry appetites, getting myself ready for Tay's 1 year check-up, getting her ready, and getting Kenton out the door, hehe! He went to his Mommy's work for a little bit while I ran over and got her checked out. I figured it wouldn't be a long process since she was just getting a check-up and shots were not going to be until next week..
I have to show y'all a picture of Tayler at the doctor, haha! She will probably kill me when she's 16 for this, but seriously-- I think she looks so stinkin' cute it's unreal!

Does she not look ornery?? Yes-- I have to live with her every single day LOL! Hilarious!
Once …