Saturday, April 7, 2012

Project 366: Day 50 [April 6th]

Morning sweet bloggers! Hope you all slept great! :) 

It's FRIDAY. Always a good time around here ;)

We started off our morning by SNUGGLING. I thought at first, we were going to have another rough day yesterday. Tayler's temperature got a little too high for my comfort and she was heading down the same path today. I gave her some tylenol and juice and about an hour later... she perked up. She didn't feel 'hot' (or as hot) and she actually got up to play in her play room! That was the first time she did that since Wednesday and my mom always told me, 'Go by how she acts. If she acts fine, she feels fine.' So, I took that as a good sign :)

While she was playing, I got to cleaning. My grandma called and asked if I wanted to go to lunch with her and my mom so I knew I needed to get a great deal of cleaning done prior to leaving! I LOVE cleaning my house. I LOVE a clean house. I LOVE that Fridays are the designated day for that. I literally don't feel 'peace' if I have a messy house, so this is an absolute MUST for me each week. Mopping the floors, sweeping the floors, dusting, scrubbing toilets, doing all the dishes, cleaning out the fridge, doing laundry... :) It's a good day!

Does a Momma's heart good! :)

Before leaving at noon, I got the office, living room, Tayler's play room, dining room, mudroom, and downstairs bathroom cleaned! Which meant the kitchen, stairs, our bedroom, Tayler's bedroom, and upstairs bathroom for when we got back! 

And today's 'April Photo Challenge' was LUNCH.

Now, I didn't bring my Nikon with me to Steak and Shake, haha, so this was taken with my cell phone, but it's my sweet Tayler playing with her place mat and the little car Steak and Shake gives kiddos! She was feeling a lot better today and it made me so happy! Right here, her temperature was about 99 (but it shot back up to the 100s sometime later :() 

At least she was playing :) That was a good sign! We had a wonderful lunch! I got the Steak-And-Shake meal (my usual, haha!) It comes with a hamburger (I got lettuce, tomato, onion, and mustard on it), fries with cheese sauce, a side salad with ranch dressing, a chocolate milkshake, and I got a Dr. Pepper! :) Tayler and I split the hamburger and fries and we took the milkshake home for Daddy ;) It was tasty!

Once we got home, it was back to the grind! Tayler played while I finished cleaning up everything!

That's the kitchen. Looks 10x better clean, let me tell you, haha! We finished up everything and settled down to relax until Daddy got home! Then it was on the go again! He had a basketball game tonight and I desperately needed to go grocery shopping!

Before we left, we took some pictures of Tayler. Her Uncle TJ and Aunt Lakin bought her this outfit for her 1st birthday and I had been waiting for a cooler day for her to wear it-- and today seemed PERFECT. Couldn't she be a baby Calvin Klein model, y'all?? :)

Gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her :) So pretty!

And Ethan wanted to try out the ol' camera too! I thought he did a phenomenal job on this picture :) Great job, love!

We have so much fun messing around with that thing and learning about it! :) I am so thankful we have the opportunity to learn about taking pictures.... together!

Then E was off to basketball and I was off to grocery shop. It was a mad house in there! I picked up some things to make Rice-Krispie Eggs for Easter dinner (I'll post the recipe later, of course!) And I also picked up things for Tayler's Easter basket. EEEK! And I picked up all of the necessary items for our 'Menu' this week! You all know I'm a planner and my brother and sister-in-law purchased a menu board for my kitchen for my birthday.. and I finally used it! 

I love it! Keeps me a lot more organized! I used to have to sign on here and look at the meals each day because I would forget, haha! So for the week-- 

We are going out to eat Monday.
Tuesday (it's E's birthday) and he wants Taco Dip (I'm making Crack Dip for myself!)
Wednesday we're having Pepperoni and Sausage strombolis!
Thursday we're having breakfast for dinner :)
Friday is cooking out! Hopefully we finally do this!

And guess what I bought at the store??

Ugh. It's an addiction. These are my absolute FAVORITE. Mercy, I could eat them for breakfast, haha! ;) What's your favorite chips??

Hope you all had a great day! We were all exhausted and went to bed early :)

Cheers Project 366!

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