Sunday, April 8, 2012

Project 366: Day 51 [April 7th]

Morning bloggers! Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL day today!! :)

Tayler and I woke up this morning and we decided it would be a great idea to make Daddy some breakfast in bed! So.. we got to work! We made gravy for sausage biscuits and gravy, we baked some biscuits, and we cooked some bacon! (Oh, and we put on a pot of coffee ;) A must have in the Bay house!) 

Tayler was really working hard...

First, by dumping out all of her puffs all over the floor. Yes, this has happened before. Usually I'm a little quicker about getting them when she opens the cupboard. But I was preoccupied today, haha!

She was also working really hard...

Looking at her reflection in the oven. She kept looking in it and laughing, haha! It was the cutest thing ever! Cooking takes about 10x longer when she's in there with me, but I seriously wouldn't want it any other way. It's memories! :)

And here's the breakfast we made Daddy:

He thought it was pretty tasty! :)

After that, we got ready and we headed over to Papaw and Gigi's house because Uncle Corey is in town!! We were so excited. I posted on Facebook this though:

'Uncle Corey is in town! :) So we are going to spend some time at Papaw and Gigi's house! Funny how when I pulled up... Everyone went to Tayler's door to get her... 'Hey guys!! I am just her driver....' Hahaha!'

Yep. I just tow her around, haha! :) Too funny!

Once we got there, we went for a LOOOONG walk with Gigi and Uncle Corey. I was exhausted, LOL! They walk quick, haha!

It's the life, right? :) She got a little cranky towards the end (after Mom banged her head off the side hahaha) so we headed home!

And guess what?

Even at Papaw and Gigi's house she gets to watch 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' What a spoiled girl, haha! :) Everyone sings along with her though. It's adorable! We had some yummy pizza and wings and just relaxed for awhile! 

Then we headed home because we had to get started making the Easter dessert for our family dinner on Sunday!

We were going to make Egg-Shaped Rice Krispie treats! I found the recipe on Pinterest HERE. 

Here are the ingredients that you'll need:

Rice Krispie cereal (I got the off brand), plastic eggs, little marshmallows, butter, and chocolate chips for decoration.

We started off pouring 4 cups of marshmallows and 4tbs of butter into a pot on the stove and turned it on low heat.

I also had the chocolate chips heating up too with about 1/2 a cup of HOT HOT HOT milk! If you use cold milk, the chocolate will seize up! 

After melting down the marshmallows a bit, I started adding cups of Rice Krispie cereal.

And I just kept stirring in the cups of Rice Krispies until finally... it was made!

And then I lightly buttered the inside of the plastic eggs and stuffed them with the Rice Krispie cereal!

Let them sit for about 10-12 minutes. I think the longer the better, honestly. (Now, I'm not saying over night, haha, but a little longer than 10 minutes!)

And then they will look something like this:

After all of them were made, we covered a few with the chocolate we melted down, but we left a few just as rice krispie treats!

We had sooo much fun making them! Hope you all do too! We were going to decorate them and all of that fun stuff, but we ran out of time!

We ran out of time because Ethan finished Tayler's bedroom! If you all remember correctly, our bedroom used to be one HUGE room. We had a large bedroom upstairs and then a smaller bedroom downstairs. Well, we transformed the downstairs bedroom into a play room for Tayler, so she has been sleeping in our little 'nook' in our bedroom. But we decided to make it two rooms, so Ethan has been working really hard putting a wall up, painting, and getting the carpet stretched. And it's FINALLY finished. Do you want to see the final product??

When we lived at our old house when Tayler was just born, we always talked about being able to give her a BIG bedroom and thank You Lord, we finally can! I LOVE it! :) I am so happy with the results and she loves it! She played in there forever yesterday. It was awesome! Thank you Ethan for working so hard on it! :)

And I'm still doing the April Photo Challenge! Are you?

Today was 'shadow' and I thought this was a pretty cool picture:

It's Tayler's shadow in her crib :)

And last night, we tried out a new restaurant in our town. Well, it's old news now, but we haven't been there before so it's new to us LOL!

Tayler was extremely cranky, haha! Everyone was passing her around and feeding her their food to keep her appeased LOL She was just extremely tired. Oh and since she learned to walk, she thinks she has to be up and moving around constantly! But we had a blast with Papaw, Gigi, and Uncle Corey! :)

Hope you all had a great day today!

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