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Project 365: Day 171- May 20th

My mom and dad's 23rd wedding anniversary was yesterday and since my dad had to umpire games all night, I decided to cook them dinner at the apartment tonight. So, I spent my day cleaning the house and preparing dinner. What was on the menu you might be asking? Strawberry Vinagerette Salad, Bubble Pizza with pepperoni/hamburger/sausage/mushrooms/onions/peppers/cheese/ and sauce, breadsticks, pasta salad, and blueberry/banana smoothies. Yummy huh? hehe :) I had so much fun doing it! BUT I hit a bump in the road when it LITERALLY took me 20 minutes to open this jar of mushrooms LOL

Here is where I was browning the hamburger:

The dining room table with the salads :)

And the table with the bread sticks hehe :)

And the bubble pizza/pizza bake :) Sorry for the messy oven! LOL I'm a VERY messy cook, haha!

Then after we got done eating, we went over to my lil brother Ethan's baseball game :) Here he is smiling for the camera when we first got there! He said "YOU CAME!" hehe :…

Project 365: Day 170- May 19th

Since moving in to Ethan's and having our own place, I've been trying out my hand at making things, baking, cooking, etc. When I lived at home with my parents, I never HAD to cook, you know? I heated up leftovers for lunch, mom made dinner. It was simple. But now, I'm on my own with a very hungry, growing man, hehe :) So, yesterday, after all my homework was completed, I decided to make some pasta salad (with wheat pasta, cucumbers, peppers, and onions) and tuna for some tuna sandwiches... and I baked some banana nut muffins and blueberry muffins because Heather had me CRAVING muffins the other day haha :P Ethan walked through the door and said "Sheesh, it smells sooo good in here!" :) I love hearing that hehe! Makes me feel like a regular lil' housewife and I can't tell you how big that makes me smile :D

(the pasta salad and tuna)

(and the blueberry and banana nut muffins!)

And after cooking and baking, Ethan and I had some dinner, then went to the grocer…

Project 365: Day 169- May 18th

So, as many of you know about 2 weeks ago we had a baby shower for my friend Kourtney and her son Kael. Well, baby Kael came into the world around 1:30PM today! How exciting. He is a cute little thing, huh? :) We are all so excited for you Kourtney! Can't wait to hold Kael James and spoil him rotten!

After that exciting news, Ethan came home with more exciting news: He didn't have to work the night shift! So, we spent the evening watching Sherlock Holmes :)

Good action packed movie with quite the humor hehe! I ADORE Jude Law, so I was very happy to see him as Watson. It's elementary you know? hehe :)

And then we had The Depot and snuggled up to watch American Idol. Can I just say that Lee WILL WIN? Because he will hehe :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 168- May 17th

After a rough day with our electric company (haha) and working like 6 hours on a paper I completely slacked on, I decided to curl up with some One Tree Hill and my scrapbooking things. Marie and Corey bought me a scrapbook forever again to use... and I found it last night, so I decided to start a scrapbook for Ethan and I. We're coming up on our 6 month anniversary in a few weeks and I figured I'd want to get started on something for us sooner rather than later :) So, I ordered my pictures from Walmart to have those delivered and got started on our scrapbook last night :)

My bag Tina got me, page protectors, page covers, stickers, cutting board, shapes, letter, scrap paper, crayons.... I was ready to have quite the scrapbooking night hehe :)

And this would be the first page of our scrapbook :) I stole Marie's idea of the bow on the first page like she did for my scrapbook on my 22nd birthday hehe! I LOVE the idea and can't wait to get more done...

And Ethan and I spen…

Project 365: Day 167- May 16th

Since we bought the new blender Friday, Ethan has been on a milkshake/smoothie making SPREE, haha! Well this morning, he decided he wanted one for breakfast.... sooo, he starts pouring the milk in and well, here the dispenser was open so the milk went ALL over the ground, bahaha. As soon as it happened I heard "Why didn't you close that when you were done cleaning it? When I do things, I make sure that stuff is taken care of..." Why yes dear, it was my fault. Soooo, I clean up the milk. THEN, after he gets done blending it, he goes to POUR it (instead of using the dispenser *smacks head*) and guess what? The lid WASN'T on there tight and it went ALL over the floor.. yet again, bahahha. Yes babe, you do things RIGHT the FIRST time haha. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe LOL Here's the mess:

Enjoying what was left of the smoothie.. well, enjoying what wasn't on the floor... OR his shirt (as you can see hahaha) And after relaxing, watching Sherlock …

Project 365: Day 166- May 15th

Well, after an early morning, Ethan getting a speeding ticket (bahaha), and trying to find Matt LOL we went to Heath so Ethan could do some indoor paintballing. (He bribed me with taking me to the japanese steakhouse afterwards.. yummy!) Here's Ethan and his stealthy moves :)

And what I DID while Ethan was paintballing, haha! I totally painted my nails, read Harry Potter, and watched America's Funniest Home Videos, haha! How productive, right? LOL

And here's a shot of the place. That's Brian and Matt on the other side. It was a lot of fun! Maybe next I go... I can play? haha! :P

Then I headed to dad, Brad, and Corey's softball game. Here's a random shot of the field and a few of the players. GO MRM! :)

And this is mom and I watching the game.

After the game, we all went to Steak-n-Shake. It was fun to catch up with our weekly activities and find out what's going on in each other's lives :) We were getting ready to leave and Corey, Brad, and I decided …

Project 365: Day 165- May 14th

Well, since I woke up feeling AWFUL Friday morning, I basically spent the day cuddled up with some blankets, a crossword puzzle, and a book. But I knew I actually had to get some things done, so I did about 3 loads of laundry and went to the grocery store. While at the store, they had some blenders on sale... so guess what! I BOUGHT ONE. :) Ethan and I OFFICIALLY have a blender. How we love it! Ethan decided to make a banana/chocolate/peanut butter smoothie... yummy! He loves it!

And oh my lanta, I tried Strawberry Apple Sauce for the FIRST time ever today at Ethan's mom's house. How yummy is that? First of all-I LOVE apple sauce, but strawberry apple sauce... wow, that was taken to a whole new level :)

And the night ended... with Ethan and I laying outside watching the stars for about 2 hours in our backyard. It was seriously the most romantic moment ever. We talked about the vastness of the sky, the beauty of the sky, what's beyond the sky... I'll always remember …