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The Awkwardness of Pregnancy

Oh yes.
When our friends first find out they're pregnant, we go in to our squeals and our 'It's the best time of your life' speeches. We go on and on about how beautiful it is and how there is nothing like feeling a little baby moving around in your belly. The smell of baby powder... the snuggles... the cuddles.. It's a true joy.
And honestly, that's all true...
but sometimes we forget a key part of pregnancy.
Okay. Maybe it's just me and that's fine.. I'll be the first woman to admit it. It's awkward.
What part?
Well, let me first ask you the question-- how far along are you? First trimester? First baby? You're in for a treat.
I've had pap smears. Nothing new there. It's always been women that have given me a pap smear too. For some reason at my OB-GYN, nurses and nurse practitioners dish those bad boys out. But when you're pregnant... and you're far enough long... 
Get ready for

36 weeks pregnant!

I turned 36 weeks pregnant on April 10th, 2013 (also my hubby's birthday!) 

The Bump says that Quinn is the size of a honeydew this week. The Bump estimates she is about 17.2-18.7" long and about 4.2-5.8lbs.
We had an ultrasound today of the little booger:

And the ultrasound tech didn't tell me how long she was, but she did say that she's about 6lbs 9oz right now which I find hysterical because Tayler was born at 39 weeks and only weighed 6lbs 3oz LOL They said if Quinn goes full term (40 weeks) she could be about 8lbs 9oz or so! I guess we will see :) They weren't exactly accurate on their guesstimates for Tayler, so we will just have to see the day this pretty lady is born if they're right ;)
We also got good news this week that we are closing on our house! I know.. I told y'all we're nuts! LOL :) Well, in our defense.. we 'sold' it months ago.. it's just taken some time to get to closing. But we are closing next week and moving the end …

35 Weeks Pregnant!

Sorry, I took a bit of a hiatus in blogging. It was beginning to be a chore again as opposed to fun, so I had to stop, haha! I just don't have the time to keep up with it like I want to anymore :( But I know I can still manage to get on here once a week and update on our progress. 
So, I turned 35 weeks pregnant on April 3rd. I was put in the hospital on April 2nd for the flu. I couldn't even hold down water. I lost 6 pounds, but baby did GREAT through it all. :) I feel 100% better now.. thankful for doctors and nurses that know what they are doing!
Okay, are you ready for 35 weeks questions??
How far along? 35 Weeks Total Weight Gain? 21 pounds. I lost a little while being sick! Maternity Clothes?  Oh yes. Pretty much everything I put on is maternity anymore, haha! Stretch Marks?  I had them with Tayler! lol  Sleep?  It's hit and miss! Best Moment of This Week:   Hearing Quinn's heartbeat for HOURS at the hospital :) I love hearing that sound! Miss Anything? Comfortable sle…