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Project 365: Day 270- August 27th

I spent the morning cleaning and doing dishes from the night before, then mom and I went to lunch together--- which I FORGOT to get pictures of, ugh! But before I left, Tayler (the baby in my tummy--- we think "it's" a girl already, haha) and I left Daddy a poem and a $20 bill for him because he was going to a bachelor party tonight! Here's a picture of that and the poem is under it, hehe:

My dear sweet man, you’re just arriving home from your long day at work
and first, let me tell you, how much I missed you and how my heart hurts.
It’s only been 10 hours since you walked out that door,
but the way my soul aches, it feels like it’s been hours more.
Now you’re probably preparing to get ready for your night out on the town,
wearing a cute little smile on your face instead of a sad, sad frown.
You’re putting on your finest jeans, a t-shirt, and a hat to boot,
calling all your buddies, and getting ready, lookin’ all cute.
You’re probably going to go out and get extremely toa…

Project 365: Day 269- August 26th

Journal Prompt 16: Short, sweet, and straight to the point :) What are you wearing today? Write it, doodle it, cut it out of a magazine, whatever!

What am I wearing today? Dark blue jean shorts. A white baby doll tank top. Black flip flops. And vanilla cupcake lip frosting. Hair is straightened in a ponytail. It's a gorgeous day :) After working on this, I took some pictures because I'm 2 MONTHS PREGNANT TODAY :) (Shirt shot)

(8 week belly shot, haha)

Then, I got some homework done and started cooking! My parents are coming down for dinner tonight... and guess what I made?


(We also had beef & veggie angel pasta noodle bowls with carrots and peppers... it was yummy!)

(Apple crisps with whipped cream)

It was good if I do say so myself lol

And here's mom, dad, and me after dinner, getting ready to go shopping:

We had so much fun!

And then we went to Kohls so Ethan could find some clothes to wear to Kelly and Josh's wedding... and I bought some shoes to…

Project 365: Day 268- August 25th

Journal Prompt 15: Today I would like you to brainstorm some goals for the upcoming month. A short list of goals that will be attainable to accomplish in one month.
I decided to make this a goal list for September 2010 (giving me an entire calendar month to work on things) and my goal list is as follows:- schedule next doctor's appointment: with the way the insurance rolls, I haven't had the chance to schedule this yet. So, that's on my to-do list.- clean out the back bedroom: as long as we're still living in this apartment, I want to get the back bedroom cleaned out and stuff sent to a storage unit so that we can start getting things prepared and cleaned for Baby B :)- finish our scrapbook: I have about 65 pages done with it and have like 15 left to do. I really want to find the motivation to get that done before the end of September so I can really focus on the baby's scrapbook.- purchase a new bed: we need a new bed, post stat! our bed is no…

Project 365: Day 267- August 24th

Journal Prompt 14: Ok, now that we have all of the yucky insecurities out of our system, I want us to completely focus ONLY on the things that make you the amazing person that you are. What are the qualities that you possess that make you so wonderful? Don't be shy and don't be modest either on this one :)

I'm compassionate. I love others and I love doing things for others. I love sending gifts to unsuspecting strangers and loved ones for no reason. I think that's why I love Christmas so much! There's so much compassion, love, and joy in the hearts of others. I wish I could have a job where I visit people, send gifts and cards, etc. every single day of my life. I just love people.I love my side-swept bangs. I feel like they brighten up my face, if that makes sense, haha! I remember the first time I was getting my bangs cut... I was so nervous that I was going to look like a geek and now, I can't imagine not having them. I love how they swoo…

Project 365: Day 266- August 23rd

Journal Prompt 13: Silly insecurities....we all have them unfortunately. If you don't, you are my hero :) Today I want you to document your insecurities, face them, write them down, reflect on them, and get them out of your system. Somewhere on your page I want you to write "BUT..." This will lead in to tomorrow's prompt :) This is definitely not a fun prompt but it's kind of necessary in order to move past them.

Here are a few of my insecurities I battle with every day:I don't like to smile really big (where you can see my bottom row of teeth) because they are really crooked. The top teeth are perfectly straight, but the bottom are kind of embarrassing.I'm goofy. I don't feel like I have a sexy bone in my body. I feel like I walk goofy, act goofy.... Just not the type of girl guys find "HOT" you know? I'm pale. Oh, brotha, am I pale! I have tried tanning and nothing seems to work. Of course, I can't fix that now s…

Project 365: Day 265- August 22nd

Journal Prompt 12: Journal 12 is all about trends. Whether you consider yourself "trendy" or not, I bet there are a few trends that you find yourself gravitating to. If not, you can create a page of trends that you think are lame too, it's up to you :)

These probably aren't the most popular trends, but I will say that these make me.... me :)Side swept bangs: I have them, I LOVE them. Most tell me that bangs are outdated-- I say "Brrrrrrrrrrrring on the scissors, yo!"Baby Doll Tank Tops: I LOVE wearing these, especially in the summer. They are comfortable and loose. I love them :)Flip Flops: Oh dear, these are my favorite! I don't think I've worn anything else the entire summer.... love me some flippy floppies :)Lip Frosting: Yep, I still wear this too. So what if girls were wearing lip frosting 10 year ago, I'm bringing it back, ha!And after working on this, I made some lunch for Josh, Ethan, and I, then I headed down to the basketbal…

Project 365: Day 264- August 21st

Journal Prompt 11: Hello friends. Today is another one of my favorite pages. And speaking of favorites, this is a page all about your faves!! We are going to list your favorites in each of these four categories: * TV shows * Music * Food * SplurgesMy favorites :)TV Show- Ghost Whisperer. This is my ALL TIME favorite TV show :)Music- Taylor Swift. Her music, her lyrics-- I love it all!Food- Sesame Chicken. Oh my gosh! I LOVE Chinese food, especially Sesame Chicken!Splurges- Movies! I buy tons of movies! I never see the sense in renting movies.. just buy them! Might as well, haha! I buy movies every single week. It's an addiction :PAfter I worked on this, Ethan and I headed to my family reunion out at Uncle Ron and Aunt Alice's :)Here's Ethan fishing in their pond:And here's mom and me :)And MY REFLECTION! how cool is this?? lolThen Ethan and I went to the mall with Josh and Kelly and then we headed to the Japanese Steakhouse! While we were there, the chef told me h…

Project 365: Day 263- August 20th

Journal Prompt 10: Everyone collects things! What do you collect?

I scrapbook (obviously!) but I scrapbook because I collect pictures and memories! :)

I take pictures of everything. I'm serious! You all know me, haha! I LOVE taking pictures and I LOVE scerapbooking :) It's such a relaxing activity to me. I know collecting photographs sounds odd, but hey, it's what I do, hehe :)

After I worked on this, I cleaned this apartment! Ethan's best friend is coming home from boot camp tomorrow, so I wanted our place to look nice!

Then I met mom to go grocery shopping and Ethan and I cuddled up with a movie, strombolis, turkey wraps, and some pop!

Cheers to Project 365!