Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project 365: Day 256- August 13th

The first part of my morning was spent at the doctor's office getting proof of pregnancy for insurance purposes... oh and guess what? I REALLY am pregnant, haha! :) Go figure, right? This was a huge accomplishment for me too considering I never go to the doctor alone! Thank You Lord for Your peace!

After that, I applied for the Medical Card since the insurance I currently have does not have maternity insurance :( Bummer.
And then I came home and worked on my 30 Day J0urnal Challenge.

Day 3 Prompt:

It's always nice to share with someone why you love them. Today, I want you to draw a picture, doodle, sketch, of a person who you love, or admire. Then, write that person a letter telling them why they mean so much to you! If you are intimidated at the idea of drawing a portrait of someone, draw objects that represent them, etc.

This is my best friend: Jesus Christ and I thought I'd honor Him on day 3 of this project :)
I love Him with ALL my heart. He has done SO much for me, I can't even begin to start writing it all! I love Him because He died on the cross to cover my sins. I love Him because He shows such grace and mercy! I love Him because He changed my life for the better. I love Him because He gives me extreme peace and comfort! There is nothing like getting a hug from Him and feeling His strength! I'm so imperfect and I know this, but I'm so thankful He looks beyond my imperfections and sees my heart and shows His love to me. I am grateful! And I love Him more than words can say!
Today, I listened to:
The Words I Would Say by The Sidewalk Prophets
Part of the chorus says: "God's got His hand on you, so don't live your life in fear..." Something I always try and remember.
And, today marked being 6 weeks, 1 day pregnant:
Other than all of this stuff, I didn't do much today, haha! Cleaned the house, bought some air fresheners for my car, and bought another fan for the house! It gets hot in there at night, fo sho!
Cheers to Project 365!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Project 365: Day 255- August 12th

haha, it was another lazy day today. I've pretty much just been taking it easy because with the whole "not-feeling-good" thing, my body is worn out! So, I started off the day working on Day 2 of the 30 Day Journal Challenge. The prompt was:

What is the BEST part of your day?
Is it working out?Is it "quitting time" at work?Is it dinner with the fam?What is it?
You can write about it, draw it, sketch it, doodle it, anything you like!

Yes, this is the best part of my day hehe :) I know, I know.... it's corny, but it's true. E and I are apart from one another all day... there's stress from work and class... the main thing I look forward to at night is snuggling in bed with him. It alleviates... everything :) Oh, and don't be making fun of my drawings! LOL That is us in bed and our TV in front of us hehe! We actually have a ceiling... but I wanted to represent night time :)

Once again, I listened to "Chocolate & Cigarettes" by Angus & Julia Stone. It's such a peaceful, relaxing song.

After working on this, I did some school work and then cooked Sesame Chicken. I didn't take a picture of it, because, well, even though Ethan thought it tasted really good... I detested it. I don't think I'll be making THAT again... or I'm getting a new recipe, haha!

Today also marks being 6 weeks pregnant :)

It feels like it's just flying by, actually!

And since I'm pregnant, nausea follows. And guess what? Lemonade seems to be helping it! Rita was right, hehe :)

I look rough, but it was yummy hehe! :)

And the night ended with Ethan and I getting some shopping done. I picked up some Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks. Figured it's never too early to be covering my tummy in vitamin E hehe :)

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Project 365: Day 254- August 11th

It was a pretty lazy day today. I started the 30 Day Journal Challenge, wahoo! Here's my first page:
The prompt was:

Journal Prompt Number 1: Create a full page design introducing yourself :)
Highlight your name many times in the midst of your design.

And, what can you learn about me through this page?

I chose a few things that I "like" to display along with my name and some neat shapes/designs. My name, is of course, Aly :) (I use "Aly" for the site I'm doing this challenge on so no one knows my real name, lol) And then I have a heart in the middle because I LOVE LOVE :) And there's a little "scar" on the heart because I'm still currently dealing with an issue in my past that caused me a great deal of pain. I'm trying to "let it go" as I posted yesterday, but it proves to be rather difficult at times. There's a green maple leaf because I love nature. I find peace and comfort taking walks, sitting my a creek. Which reveals what the blue "river" type deal is rolling down my page. I love water: pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks, oceans, waterfalls. It consumes me. I think it's the immenseness of it all. I used very little red because that is my least favorite color. There is a sun towards the bottom right corner of the page because I am happy, usually all of the time :)

While working on this page, I listened to the song "Cigarettes and Chocolate" by Angus & Julia Stone. It was very soothing.

I love having music play when I work on things whether it's scrapbooking, homework, lesson plans, etc.

After working on this, I made sloppy joes and fries for dinner. Yes, it's my FAVORITE hehe! And then I got ready and headed to Dad and Corey's softball game and guess what? THEY WON 1ST PLACE! Good job team! :)

And here's mom and I after the game, so proud:

And oh my gosh, GORGEOUS sun set last night while I was driving home :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Project 365: Day 253- August 10th

I woke up this morning and made some Veggie Pizza :)

I can no longer even look at it... (my tummy gets upset) but Ethan LOVES it. How do you make this yummy treat? The crust is 2 rolls of crescent rolls... just make them normal and let cool. The "sauce" is 2 8oz packages of cream cheese, a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch, and 2/3 cup of Mayo mixed together. Then, sprinkle some mixed cheese and cut up small slices of Broccoli and Cauliflower. Chill and serve :)

After I made this, I got my hair trimmed. This is after I did it hehe :) Oh yes, I curled it and everything. I know, I got a trim a little over a month ago, but it grows like a WEED in the summer. It was NEEDED.

Then, Ethan went and got his Nova painted :) It looks great! He got it painted flat black... I think it looks amazing!

Doesn't it look great, y'all??

Then we cuddled up with some McDonalds and watched the season finale of "Pretty Little Liars!" And wasn't that a GREAT episode :) I'm already excited for it to return!

Cheers to Project 365!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Project 365: Day 252- August 9th

I spent most of my day working on a project for class and once it was finished, I made Dorito packs for Ethan and I :) He and I enjoyed our dinner, then he worked a little bit on his car, we got ready, headed to Lowes, and went to my dad and brother's softball game :) Here they are getting ready to play:

During the game, someone hit a foul ball and it was literally headed RIGHT FOR ETHAN. I jumped up out of the way since he was sitting right next to me and he wasn't moving. I didn't even have time to say anything to him.... Corey came over and caught the ball right before it hit Ethan's face! No lie. It was insane! Here's a reenactment: (haha)

Thank God for Corey! :)

And after that, Corey got walked... just like they did every time. They were so scared of him, haha

Here's a picture of my momma and me hanging out:

And here's Ethan KILLING BEES! lol His favorite thing to do:

And here's a picture of Ethan and I being... well... weird!

Dad and Corey's team won both games :) Then Eth and I went to JoAnn's Fabrics so he could get fabric for the interior of the Nova. And we headed home...

While home, we were talking about high school. Ethan was a bit of a "big man on campus".. and we were talking about how I wasn't exactly "popular popular".. you know what I mean? And for some reason, the subject came up of girls wearing guy's jerseys. He asked me if any guy in HS ever asked me to wear his and I was like "Nah...." and so, I got the bed ready for us to hit the sack and he comes walking out of the bedroom like 10 minutes later with one of his basketball jerseys and says "Would you wear my jersey?" It was the sweetest thing EVER!! hehe :) Thank you Ethan. That was perfect!

Cheers to Project 365! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Project 365: Day 251- August 8th

Since Ethan got his Nova, he's been working on it... non stop, haha! And today was no different. He woke up about 10am and immediately got started on fixing some dents, rust, etc. He's getting it ready for the paint job that is getting done Tuesday. (Yes, he's excited.. and I'm super stoked for him too! :)) Well, while he was working on the Nova, I decided that was my cue to scrapbook since I hadn't had a chance to do it in a few days :) So, here are a few pages I worked on:

(Awww... every time you sweep me off my feet, hehe!)

(Follow your heart and you'll never get lost hehe :))

(We sent 2 videos in to AFV and I wanted to document it, hehe!)

After scrapbooking, Ethan and I went to Dollar General and guess what movie they had: SLAPPY AND THE STINKERS! Oh my lanta! It brought back memories of having "sleep overs" with my brother Corey... and watching this movie! We LOVED it haha! And yes, I bought it :)

We settled down to watch it, but I have an ADD boy on my hands haha, so we soon "paused" it and Ethan went to play basketball with his boys! :)

And I got to hang out with my preggo partner and OF COURSE, we took a pic :)

Then Ethan and I spent a little time at his mom's house, came home, got our peejays on, got some jalapeno cheese cubes, crackers, and watched Meet the Parents hehe :D

Cheers to Project 365!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project 365: Day 250- August 7th

This morning, Ethan and I went to a cook-out at his Aunt Karen's house and I got to meet the rest of the family. They were congratulating us on our new addition hehe! The picture above is of Ethan, Keaton (his.. well, our nephew) and myself :) Then I started not feeling good.... and we headed home.

I had a glass of water laying next to the bed. Ethan managed to avoid it for like 2 hours and then the last time he came in to check on me, he knocked it over. He didn't say anything because I was sleepy and dozing off anyways. But like 2 more hours later, he came inside and grabbed a glass and got a cup of water himself. He put the glass beside the couch, sat down and watched some TV, and then got up to grab something to snack on. As he got up to grab something to snack on, he hit his cup and spilled all the water in it. With that, he said "I really wish you'd quit leaving your cups on the floor..... *and quickly said* I know that was mine." hahaha! I guess you had to be here, but it was HILARIOUS. Here's HIS cup on the floor, baha!

And I finally started feeling better and we went to an "Art Walk" downtown with my family. We saw tons of amazing art, heard rap, and listened to a local band -- "Obliged."

We grabbed some food. I got a rib sandwich that I couldn't even bite through, ha! Mom got some ice cream....... which fell off and got all over her arm, LOL

And here's Eth and I just having a good ol' time :P

And here's Dad, Corey, and Ethan showing off, haha! The first picture, we laughed cause Dad looks so tiny! And Ethan's "holding an ice cream cone" haha! The second picture, they're just trying to be hard, haha!

And here's mom and I before we left:

I just love her :)

And cheers to Project 365! :)