Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project 365: Day 95- March 5th

They're sure housework won't kill you, but why take the risk? Author Unknown

Well, I took the risk today, haha! I cleaned the house and did 2
loads of laundry and the dishes. But I have to say, I love cleaning. I crank up the music (CMT of course) and rock out with broom, paper towel, and pledge in hand. It's always a good time, haha! I think you gotta make cleaning fun.. or you'll HATE it.

And then, my mom brought me home CHEESECAKE. I am so not kidding. It was absolutely delicious too!

And then, I went and spent the evening with Ethan so I could wake up with him on my birthday! And I FINALLY got to open my birthday presents! He got me four movies: Stealth, Talladega Nights, Stomp the Yard, and When a Stranger Calls... and he gave me $50 to go buy some new jeans or something with! I loved it! Thank you so much Ethan!
And tomorrow is my birthday, soooo I cannot wait, haha!

Cheers to Project 365!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project 365: Day 94- March 4th

Sweet addiction..

Oh yes, I have an addiction to these suckaaas, haha! Last night I stayed at Ethan's so this morning I stopped at good ol' Mickey Ds on the way home and got me some sausage gravy and biscuits (not quite as good as Bob Evans) and 2 (yes I said two haha) sweet teas! Mmm! I just love them! I saved the one for later on in the day when I needed another fix, baha! I just love them.. and for only a dollar! You can't beat that!

And well, for reasons in which I can't really state, my day got.. terrible. Sad to say cause I'm usually a happy, optimistic person, but yea, today was a tad bit rough. HOWEVER, about 11:30 the mail came and lo and behold, I had 2 presents from my best friend Emily! She bought me ALL of the Harry Potter books, The Hangover (my favorite), my favorite candy: Peanut MnMs and Pull'n'Peel Twizzlers, a bookmark, a bracelet she made just for me, and a hilarious card! "FRIENDSHIP, FRIENDSHIP.." It was such a great Birthday present and came right at the right moment! My day got 10x better. Thanks beef, you're the best! :)

And well, I'm not usually extremely open about some personal matters. Some things tend to embarrass me... okay, not much, but some does... especially when I know the public is seeing it, but this story was too funny NOT to share.. and NOT to remember. This is my account of my life over the next year, so I have to write this lil diddy down :)

I needed some "medicine" today (I'm not on drugs or anything, just medicine is in quotes because, well, it's code, haha) and so, I went to CVS to purchase this. As I'm standing in line, the pharmacist asks me for my ID. So, I pull out my license and she says "Aren't you proud? Most people just LOVE pulling out their license and showing off their picture..." And well, I was in quite the sarcastic mood today, haha, so I replied "Yeah, this is a REALLY proud moment.." Okay, you seriously had to be there, but I was busting out laughing cause her face was beat red. She was like "OMG THAT IS TOTALLY NOT WHAT I MEANT!" hahaha! Then she was all worried cause it was probably on tape and all of this.. but it was so funny. She thanked me for having a sense of humor.. I said, honey, the way my life goes.. you ALWAYS have to have a sense of humor or you'll get sad really quickly, haha! Good times :)

Then the rest of the night was spent with my love-- American Idol and my momma haha! It was nice to just have a girls night together! :) I can't believe Michelle got kicked off.. the others I sort of agree with (although I thought Haeley was just adorable and thought Lacey should have been kicked off.. but whatever, I'm not bitter, haha!) It was a nice, relaxing evening in our peejays!

Cheers to Project 365!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project 365: Day 93- March 3rd

A simple enough pleasure, surely, to have breakfast alone with one's husband, but how seldom married people in the midst of life achieve it. - Anne Spencer

Well, Ethan isn't my husband, haha, but this morning we got to spe
nd time together while he ate breakfast. I hadn't cooked him breakfast in awhile because of being sick, so I thought this morning would be a great morning to do that! He got french toast with blueberries, cinnamon, sugar, powdered sugar, and syrup... with a glass of his favorite juice and a cup of hot chocolate (cause he doesn't have heat in his car-- gotta keep my baby warm, haha!) I love mornings when he can eat and we can just sit there and chit chat before he leaves for work. I love that boy.

Then, to keep up with my Betty Crocker theme I had going on today
, haha, I decided to cook some dinner too! Tonight we had Ranch Chicken over rice! Mmm! Chicken, green peppers, onions, and ranch chicken with some amazing brown rice. It smelled so good! I love cooking! :)

Then it was off to Ethan's to study and watch American Idol. It's girl's night tonight and we are so excited. (Our favorites are: Haeley, Crystal, and Didi) We sound like such an old, married couple, haha! We study for things, watch AI, and crash by 9:30. Sheesh! haha! But I love being with him, so it's worth it.

And I thought I'd share the present my parents got me for my birthday :) A new necklace and shirt! I love it! Thanks mom and dad!
Cheers to Project 365 and life! :)

Project 365: Day 92- March 2nd

"Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought." -Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

I start my Research and Methodology class today and I can tell you right now.. it is going to be my most challenging class I have ever had. The workload seems a bit overwhelming and the final project will literally take weeks to do.. if I want to do it as best as possible, but through this challenge, I am VERY excited. I am going to learn so much through this class. I get to do my own research project, literature review, etc. It should be interesting, that is for sure!

And since I had lots of reading to do for this class, Ethan and I had a study night. He came over so that he could study for his Motorcycle permit test that he has to take today (as well as his CDL test) and I read through the 1st 3 chapters of my textbook. I know, I'm a complete nerd, but we had such a good time, haha! It was so cute watching him high light everything he needed to know.. I had some music going. It was actually an entertaining night, haha! Good luck today babe on your tests!

And then, since it's Tuesday night-- it was AMERICAN IDOL night! It was guy night last night because of Crystal getting sick, and let me tell you-- I loved it! I was bored with a few performances but the men like Michael, Casey, and Lee definitely spiced things up! And Alex, he's starting to grow on me too! Those are definitely my top 4 guys! But my favorite would have to be:

His voice is just incredible. I love the sound of it, I love the song choices. I definitely think he'll be in the top 2! I LOVED his version of Lips of an Angel last night. Amazing! TEAM LEE! :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Project 365: Day 91- March 1st

What a strange power there is in clothing. ~Isaac Bashevis Singer

I'm a girl, so of course I LOVE clothing, haha! Today I tried a little college girl look.. book bag, black hat, black scarf... ya know how that goes, haha! :) And those are my FAVORITE jeans ever! Just wanted to share my wardrobe choice for today, haha!

Then I spent about 6 hours today working on my final project for class. I had to develop an implementation plan in PowerPoint to accommodate the needs of a student (s) in my classroom or work setting that has special learning needs. I chose to do my project on Gifted and Talented students. I LOVE making power point projects, so I had a great deal of fun doing it, haha, but it just took forever! It ended up being 20 slides long with a great speech to go along with it I would eventually have to present to a school board to get funding for 3 technology tools. Fun, fun, fun!

Then, to break up the stress of the day, I took a REALLY relaxing, hot, bubble bath and got some Subway! Mmm, my favorite! I had a 6" steak sub on Italian Herbs & Cheese bread with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, and lots of chipotle sauce with a sweet tea and baked BBQ lays! Yummy yummy yummy! Plus, I got to spend some time with my momma!

And the rest of the evening was spent with Hot Chocolate and Rules of Engagement! I was SO excited this was premiering tonight, haha! This show is by far one of the most hilarious TV shows out there and if you aren't watching it, you should be haha!

Cheers to Project 365... and still getting better! I'm still REALLY tired, but my body is feeling 10x better! Thank God!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365: Day 90- February 28th

I believed in studying just because I knew education was a privilege. It was the discipline of study, to get into the habit of doing something that you don't want to do.
Wynton Marsalis

My morning began with my lovely final project that is due t
omorrow... that I haven't even started. *smacks head* In my defense, I was in bed like 10 of the past 14 days... with little to no energy to do anything. Now, my professor won't buy that excuse so I have to really get my little booty in gear tonight, but it sounds good right now haha! So, I tried to get a little jump on it this morning.. and then I'll really start hammering it later on tonight.

Then, my mom made an AMAZING dinner. If you have never had twice baked potatoes.. you are definitely missing out. Look at how good this meal was:
Then, sadly, it was time for my brother Corey to head back to school. He goes to college about 75 miles away from where we live.. so it's about once a month we see him. He's my best friend.. love you bub!

Then I worked on some job applications. Y'all need to be sending some prayers up for me... crossing your fingers.. something.. pleeease, haha! I am desperately in need of a job and I'm just praying for God's perfect will in this situation!

Then we went to my little cousin Brady's 4th birthday party hehe! It was a Tonka truck theme.. whoohoo! :)

And I had to try on this awesome fire truck hat, haha!

Cheers to Project 365 :)