Thursday, May 13, 2010

Project 365: Day 164- May 13th

I spent the morning working on homework assignments AND finally getting our printer to work! We got a USB cord for it thanks to Marilyn and it's working... yay! :) I was sooo happy hehe!

And this would be our FIRST printed page hehe :) What is it you might be asking yourself... our grocery list :D Yes, I feel grown up hehe!

and oh, how exciting... we got our FIRST net flix movie today thanks to Daphney! I don't know if you're reading this, but your coupon came in handy hehe! We ordered "Last House on the Left" and oh my lanta, I'm so excited to watch it! :)
And once Ethan got home, we headed over to his basketball game!

And the final score was 54-35. Ethan's team scored the "54." He actually let me come to a game (apparently I make him nervous, haha) and guess what.. HE WON :) I just might be a good luck charm. He even had 14 points. Good job baby :)

And to make the time spent watching Ethan's basketball game go faster (haha) Carrie, Linda, and I chit-chatted! Their boyfriends played for the opposing team, but hey, they're my friends so we made it work, lol! Linda is Fred's girlfriend and Carrie is Matt's girlfriend. And oh yeah, my boyfriend Ethan kicked their boyfriend's butt in basketball, LOL. Just kidding girls if you're reading this, haha! I mean, he did win, but it was a little harsh to say he kicked their butts lol We had so much fun though.. giggling, talking about wanting our boobs bigger, LOL Good times, haha!

And thought I'd give a nice picture of my leg for everyone to see, haha. I know you were all dying to know how I was doing. Here's a shot of my leg 10 days after the burn. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself.. now.. it just itches... A LOT.

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 163- May 12th

This morning, Ethan texted me and asked me to go pick up some plumber's tape at the local hardware store. Well, as most of you may know, I recently moved to a new town with Ethan so I'm not particularly familiar with ANYTHING here, haha! So, I get in my car and drive down the streets looking for it and ah, alas, I find it. I go inside and wander aimlessly down a few aisles. Definitely not my particular forte (being in a hardware store I mean, haha) and finally the woman that worked there said "Maam, you look like you need some help..." haha! FINALLY. So, she went and found it for me... only $.74.. I could handle that. I felt successful after that trip. I'm finally finding my way around down here... thank You God hehe :)

And Ethan brought home Burger King for dinner.. my favorite! :) They have whoppers 2 for $4.00 on Wednesdays, so we thought that'd be the perfect treat for our Wednesday evening.. the first evening we get together since he works so much lol! And he stopped and rented "The Box" and "Sherlock Holmes." Okay, seriously-- "The Box" was SO weird. I really didn't like it whatsoever. I know I've been saying that about a lot of the movies I've seen here recently, but for real-- it just didn't even make sense lol! I get that it was all about morals and ethics, but still... stepping into a box of water? Weird. However, it was an amazing evening with Ethan that I'm very thankful for :)

Ethan and I joined a Ghost Hunters group. Oh, I am so serious... and oh, I am so excited! We filled out all the paperwork last night and started researching some haunted places in Ohio we're planning on visiting. I honestly am so excited about this. I watch all of the shows- Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, Most Haunted Places... and now, I get to take part. I fully believe there are spirits still left here. I'm honestly not really sure where we go after we die-- because I don't believe we go directly to heaven or hell, so I firmly believe we all could just be earth bound (to finish unfinished business) prior to that. I can't wait to get started on this! :)

And the night ended with us watching American Idol. How I just ADORE Daughtry and LOVED seeing them on the show! And I'm soooo happy Crystal and Lee made it into the top 3 :) Can't wait for next week already!

Cheers to Project 365!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project 365: Day 162- May 11th

I woke up this morning, got ready, and went to meet my momma for some lunch! She texted me and said "How about chinese?" OF COURSE I was up for that! Yummy! So, we went to the Chinese Buffet by her work and I got the sweet and sour chicken and fried rice... oh my gosh, SO amazing. I am literally craving it right now, haha!

After Ethan left for job numero 2, I went ahead and got a shower, cleaned, went and got his electric bill, did the dishes, and packed his lunch. How yummy does that look? hehe! A wrap with chicken, bacon, and cheese with a side of lettuce, cucumber, and peppers. Then yogurt with grapes and bananas and a bag of baked southwestern lays! I hope he enjoys it today :)

While sitting here watching Ghost Whisperer, I heard Ethan's car pull up... which is really weird cause he was suppose to be working. So, I get up, unlock the door, and here he brought me 2 more things of apple sauce. He knew I'd ate the last of my apple sauce before he left for work.. and wanted to get me more, so he dropped it off in between delieveries. Why yes, I have an amazing boyfriend hehe! And yesssssssss it's MOTTS! :)

Then it was time for American Idol. And let me tell you, I had GOOSEBUMPS when Lee and Crystal sang "Falling Slowly" together. What an amazing duet! I literally got choked up. And then went and downloaded the song as my texting ringtone :) I am in love. I am praying that Lee and Crystal survive elimination tonight.. and that Casey James goes home.

Cheers to Project 365!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project 365: Day 161- May 10th

I'm a huge fan of food :) So, today I baked some yummy triple berry muffins and baked a french bread supreme pizza with salt and vinegar chips for lunch. Oh, yes my dear, it was quite delicious if I do say so myself :)

And after I played Betty Crocker, haha, I had to clean up the mess from the tires that were in our KITCHEN. haha! So, yes, I go from baking and cooking in our kitchen, to cleaning up the faux-garage we had going on momentarily haha! Ethan ended up selling the tires, whoohoo.. they were nice tires, but he had other plans in mind.. so he wanted some moo-lah! haha

Oh, it was a good day today. Why you might be asking yourself? I TOOK OUT THE TRASH ALL BY MYSELF :) haha! Don't sit there and laugh at me either. This trash can is huge.. and it was completely full, so it was uberrrr heavy! I was so proud. I pulled the trash bag out of the trash can, tied it, carried it out the front door, and clear to the trash dumpster. Go Alyssa, Go Alyssa! haha! :)

After taking out the trash, I washed my hands and decided to get out our new printer and get it installed to our computer. Suppose to be an easy task, right? Yeah. Right, haha! I get the whole thing installed and it says "Plug in the USB cord now...."... so I look all around and can't find a USB cord anywhere! I was like CRAP! Did I throw that in the trash?? So, of course, I went... after bagging the trash up.. and looked through that nastiness. Ugh. Couldn't find it. Go figure, haha! So, I texted my mom to tell her and she said "Most of those printers don't come with a USB cord.." so I looked at what the package came with.. and nope, it DID NOT come with a USB cord. That's my life, hahahhaa. Soooo, now I gotta go pick up a cord so we can actually USE our printer. Good times, haha!

And later on, Ethan's friends Marilyn and Ashley came over and Marilyn ended up taking my laptop to work on it and fix it in exchange for Ethan's phone that he doesn't particularly like hehe! So, we're holding out hope that the laptop gets fixed by today! How exciting! :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Project 365: Day 160- May 9th

The morning started with Ethan and I hanging out at his mom's house. Susan came over with her new beau and Jon was there of course lol. We hung out there for a few hours. Funny story: Susan, Chad, Carol, and I went to the Dari Twist (my favorite) and I was all like "Carol, I got this... (Carol is Ethan's mom)... I'll pay for you." I whipped out my debit card. Yea, guess what. They don't take debit card. So, there I was.. food in my hand.. no way to pay, haha. Thank God for Susan paying for everything LOL
Then, I left Ethan's mom's house after spending a couple hours there and met my mom at the ball field to watch my dad, Corey, and Brad play some softball! We left in the middle of the game so my mom could go SELL HER VAN. Whoo-hoo! Congratulations guys! :)

During the ball game, I played frisbee and hide-n-seek with Landon, haha! We had sooo much fun! He can throw that frisbee far. I know. I had to run after it LOL It was a blast! Here he is counting hehe:

After the ball game, we took momma to Steak-n-Shake. Yummy! I had a Chipotle Steak Burger.. and it was okay LOL I hate trying new things sometimes cause then when i don't like it, I get mad haha! But it was pretty tasty hehe! And while we were watiting on our food, mom opened her Mother's Day present. Here she is reading the card... it said something about how she gives us baths. (P.S She really doesn't hahaha) And then there's a picture of her and her new spring jacket she'd been "hinting" around about, haha! We love you mom!

After Steak-n-Shake, Brad and I headed back to where we live... and WHY YES, we were jamming to some Backstreet Boys... "That makesssss youuuu largerrrrrrrrrrr than LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFEEEEEEEEEEE" hahaha! We were having so much fun! LOL

And the night ended with me working on school work and watching Titanic :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 159- May 8th

I woke up this morning, made Ethan some breakfast, and then went to meet my mom and brother to go visit my grandma and grandpa Smith. I hadn't seen them in awhile, so it was definitely time for a visit. Well, while we were there, my grandpa showed us the card my mom sent him for his birthday. My brother and I were seriously DYING laughing haha! Check it out :)

When I got home from my grandmas, we hung out for awhile and then Ethan asked if i wanted to go for a walk while he "ran" hahahha :P I said of course cause I LOVE walks. So, we went to the bike trail and walked for about two hours. Yes, Ethan walked... oh, he ran for about 4.23423423 minutes LOL I just love him. I walked around the corner and there he was.. laying there, haha! But we had so much fun... holding hands, talking, looking at the scenery. I even got to see his tree stand where he hunts from :) We had a good afternoon. I just adore that boy!

Then Carrie and Matt came over for some taco salads and a movie night! We had soooo much fun! Here's the array of taco yumminess, haha! We had taco shells, tortilla chips, burritos, hamburger, ranch dressing, salsa, cheese, lettuce, peppers, tomatos.... oh my heavens! It was SO good! And I made dirt pudding for dessert hehe! Yummo! :) And the next two pictures are of Ethan and me and Carrie and Matt chowing on the pudding hehe :)

Carrie, Matt, Ethan, and I all decided to watch Space Jam. Oh, I am SO serious, hahahah! We totally reverted back to 4th grade LOL and we enjoyed it. There were parts in there.. I found SO hilarious... stuff I didn't even realize when I was 10 and it was released, haha. Too much fun! Then after Space Jam was over... we got a little more serious and watched The Lovely Bones. I wasn't a huge fan if we're being honest here.. but it was alright!

And the night ended with Ethan and I snuggled up.. okay, not snuggled up, haha, but we were playing cards. We're boring, old folk.. okay? LOL

Cheers to Project 365!