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Project 365: Day 221- July 9th

I woke up this morning to find that one of my blogs I wrote ... "Why Buy the Cow.." had been published on :) I was SO excited! Like I always say, I know it sounds extremely silly, but since I love to write, this was a big deal for me. Here's the link:
And it was on the "top blogs" as well as another blog of mine: "Get Over Your 'Life is Unfair' Attitude." :) I am so happy!!

And after seeing that (and being really excited, haha).. and since it was storming:

It was time to clean. I wanted to SCRUB our kitchen floors and get the stains up, so I moved everything out, got on my hands and knees, and worked it, haha! I think it looks really good if I do say so myself! :)

And finally the house was clean, so I started scrapbooking. Here are a few pages I did:

(We got a dresser... Ethan's old laundry habits were wretched, haha)

(An Act of Kindness...Ethan bought me a desk :))

(Extreme Hom…

Project 365: Day 220- July 8th

After getting my homework done and making some plans with my momma, I decided to work on our scrapbook a little bit more. Here's another page about me moving out.. April 2010. And the little quote says "Ethan said- There's girl stuff everywhere!" haha cause that's exactly what he said when he opened up the bathroom cabinet, haha!
And the next page (which is still requiring a little bit of work) is about our dresser haha! This was a big deal in our house because Ethan's previous laundry system was a hamper in the middle of an empty room, clean clothes on one side of the floor, dirty clothes on the other... We had to get that fixed, so we got a dresser and hangers to organize all of this haha :)

Then Eth brought home Popeye's chicken and rice because I'd never had it before and lemme tell ya, it was yummy in my tummy, haha!

And we did NOTHING the rest of the night and it was perfect :) It's been so hot lately.. we decided to lay inside the air conditio…

Project 365: Day 219- July 7th

I started Education 675 today... and so far, so good :) We've been learning about Professional Learning Communities and how to create a highly effective classroom. Pretty interesting if you ask me! So, I worked all day reading my book, watching the online videos, and "meeting" my new classmates.

After that, it was time to get a grocery list together AND clip some coupons :) I decided we were going to have roast, meatloaf, sausage nacho dip, and hawaiian chicken for dinner next week. Yummy, huh? hehe! Now, it's just getting to the grocery haha! All in good time, I promise :)
And during all of this, I was eating hot fudge.... oh my word... one of my favorite snacks... EVER :)

It was a pretty boring-ly, relaxing day today, but I enjoyed it. I'm just ready for Ethan not to have to work 6am to 10pm anymore... :(

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 218- July 6th

We got our new life jackets today! :) Mine of course is pink and black haha! I needed something extra girly when I'm out there riding the waves like I do, haha! :) Ethan's is black, blue, and gray/white... it looks like paint splattered on his right side. He loves it :) And they fit perfectly and snugly! Here's Ethan's:

And since Ethan had to work from 6am to almost 10pm and it was almost 100 degrees today, I stayed inside in the good ol' air conditioning and worked on homework for my new summer class, then I scrapbooked :)

Here's the rest of the Easter page:

Ethan's 20th birthday page #1:

Ethan's 20th Birthday page #2:

Ethan's Garage haha! A page of all his toys :P

And the beginning of my moving out pages:

I finished my night by waiting for Ethan and watching Pretty Little Liars :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 217- July 5th

Today, I met my mom, dad, and brother at the mall and rode with them to my brother's apartment. It's about an hour away from where I live. I'm so proud of my brother taking this huge step and being the man that he has become. Here's his living room... and everyone watching "Hocus Pocus" and enjoying their Dairy Queen.

Here's the kitchen:

And Corey's bedroom:

And the bathroom:

It's a really nice apartment and Corey does an amazing job keeping it clean... well, when I'm not there haha! We were having a conversation and I went to set my sprite down and the edge got caught on the chair and it splashed EVERYWHERE. All over Corey's face... futon... chair... floor. haha! I think he was ready for me to leave...

Here's the cleaning up part:

Then, I came home and started scrapbooking and watched Secret Life of the American Teenager and PS I Love you :)

The "Love Dare" page:

Easter page #1:

Cheers to Project 365!

Project 365: Day 216- July 4th

We spent the entire day jet-skiing today and it was wonderful :) This would be Ethan and me just chillaxin' while Bobby, Matt, and Carrie were jet-skiing haha! We had so much fun.

Here's Ethan pulling in the jet-ski. What a studly man, huh? hehe

Ethan tubing:

And Carrie and I tubing:

Then, I played my first game of beer pong EVER..... Ethan and I were teammates... and we won all 7 of our games, haha! Sooo much fun! :)

cheers to project 365!

Happy 4th of July!

Project 365: Day 215- July 3rd

Oh what an adventure our crew had today, haha! We wanted to do something in the water and we didn't have a truck to haul our jet skis.... so, we decided to go tubing down the river. Ethan and I have a huge 2 seater intertube, Carrie and Matt brought their intertubes, and we were going to pick TJ and Laken's intertubes up at the river lot we were at. Well, lo and behold, TJ and Laken's intertubes weren't there when we got there, haha! Soooo, TJ, Laken, Ethan, and I had to share the 2 seater intertube... and guess what happened? Oh yes, we got a hole in it. *sigh* So, of course it starts slowly letting air out... and we're only about 1/4 of the way down the river. Ethan said it was probably best if we got out since we had no other tubes.. and only a few could swim. TJ and Ethan jump out and start pulling the tube to a sand bar where we could all get out. Here they are swimming for their lives... and all the sudden one of them realizes.. "Hey, we can stand up!&qu…