Saturday, August 13, 2011

Project 365: Day 57- August 12th

We took Tayler shopping today. She loves being at the store :)
 And how about that dress? IT'S A 6 MONTH DRESS. Big girl! :)

And guess what? Tayler had apple juice for the first time today. Her pediatrician said that after she had all of her fruits, she could try Apple Juice. She had a sour face at first, haha!

But she liked it eventually :) She even had 2 ounces before bed and it really helps 'fill' in throughout the day when she'd normally be 'eating.' We love it! She's getting so big!

Then we all got ready and went to Zachary's birthday party. He turned 14 this week and he was having a party at the pool :) We had a blast! Corey was playing with the squirt guns... hiding behind a tree, haha!

And everyone was playing in the pool. Conga line, right? haha!

E and I even posed for a picture :)

I got that sweater for 3 bucks at Walmart. Nuff said, ha!

And we thought this picture was hilarious. I'm smiling, E is creepin!

We had a great day!


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Project 365: Day 56- August 11th

Thursday, August 11th... Tayler turned 19 weeks old. 

Is it crazy to think that a year ago today I was 6 weeks pregnant? Tayler was the size of a peanut and now look at her:

Yea... almost 17lbs and 27" of CHUNKY GOODNESS, haha! Good Lord this girl is a weed! She is really starting to learn to sit up on her own now. I can pretty much let go of her and watch her to make sure she doesn't face plant (which she has done a few times, haha!) She is a crazy woman too! LOL She's LOVING her veggies (and her fruits? eh, not so much!) She is really getting the hang of sleeping through the night... ON HER OWN. Bless the Lord Almighty, haha! She's getting such a personality too! She hates nap time now. Like LEGIT hates it. She pitches a royal fit. We'll fix that sometime soon, haha! 
Oh and wanna check out her new naptime position? She curves her head really far up. I don't get it, but it seems to work for her LOL
And guess what? Mommy got her hair trimmed today and got some bangs!! :) I have been so frustrated with the way my hair looks here lately. Probably some fot he reason is because I never do it. Being a mom has put me in a serious slump as far as my dressing goes. I just wake up, wear my peejays, throw my hair in a ponytail, and go... you know? So, I felt really good about this :)

After Daddy got home, we went to a ball park to watch Daddy play some softball. Tayler even saw her Uncle Brad :)

And Tayler held her own bottle while we were at the ball park. Yippee!

We had a great day :)


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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music Challenge Catch Up

Day 05 – A song from your childhood
Day 06 – A song by your favorite band/artist
Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a tv series
Day 08 – Your most played song on itunes

 Life has been crazy busy and I'm sooooo far behind on this LOL So I figured I'd just do one big blog to catch up on it and then start fresh tomorrow for Day 9!

Day 5- A song from my childhood...

Jesus Loves Me :) I think that fits perfectly. I sang that all of the time when I was a kiddo and now that I'm a Mommy, I sing that to Tayler every day too, hehe!

 Day 6- A song by your favorite band/artist...

Oh, that's tough. I don't really have a favorite band or artist, but I am pretty tight with Jason Aldean. So, let's just say: My Kinda Party. Chyea. Loveee that song!

Day 7- A song that reminds you of a TV series...

Gotta secret can ya keep it?

Day 8- Your most played song on I-Tunes...

Oh gosh, this is probably embarrassing, hahahahaha! I RARELY listen to I-Tunes. It's all about my I-pod, fo real.. so that would have to be:

Bow Chicka Wow Wow by Mike Posner and Lil Wayne, ha! I think that's mostly my hubby's doing! His favorite song right now :)

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Project 365: Day 55- August 10th

Today was a Tayler and Mommy day! We stayed in bed for awhile in the morning watching 'Beauty and The Beast' hehe! (Until we both crashed, haha!) I can't wait until she's old enough to LOVE that movie as much as I LOVE that movie :)

After that, Tayler napped off and on through the whole day. I think she was still really worn out from yesterday's events, bless her heart. Mommy was exhausted from that too, hehe! But I did a lot of work around the house while she was snoozing---- laundry, dishes, and cooking! I made some steak stir fry and cookie dough brownies. YUM! 

I took a picture of the kitchen to represent all of that, haha!

But productivity soon DECLINED thanks to my mom getting me addicted to 'Teen Mom.' I vowed NEVER to watch that show.. and here we are... I'm freaking 16 episodes in. RIDICULOUS, haha!

Thank you Netflix for making me completely irresponsible, haha! No seriously-- I got everything done yesterday and hung out with Tay, but this show sucked my life away for a few hours!


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Project 365: Day 54- August 9th

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.

It was shot day.


I hate that day :( It breaks my heart. I know all of you mommies out there understand where I am coming from! It is heartwrenching to watch your baby cry... look up at you.. and wonder why you aren't doing anything to protect them. They don't understand that in a way you are protecting them, but right now, it hurts. Broke my heart.

But Tayler did AMAZING at her 4 month shots. She didn't even cry. When we walked out of the room, the nurses asked if she even got her shots because she wasn't screaming her head off, haha! Given-- her 2 month shots, she screeeamed (and threw up), but she was a total champ at these ones! Good job baby girl...

Here's a shot of her poor wittle legs--

She even was AMAZING through Kohls too! Here's our happy baby in the cart:

Okay-- so she's not REALLY happy, haha! But she wasn't crying which was good!

Daddy bought some dress shoes and some nice polo shirts and even bought me some shirts for $3.00 a piece. Can't beat that, right? :)

Then we all got ready and went to watch Papaw's last softball game. Tayler was dressed like an adorable little cupcake! MOMMY'S CUPCAKE :)
 Doesn't she look sooooo freaking cute! Gah! I have been waiting and waiting for her to wear that outfit that her Great Grandma got her... and she can finally fit in it! I love that it has a bib to match! :) But Tayler soon got tired as she always does on ball game nights, haha! She went to sleep with Gigi and then cuddled in mommy's arms...


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Project 365: Day 53- August 8th

Daddy was busy on Monday, so Tayler and I sent him a cute little picture to remind him HOW MUCH we missed him, hehe! :) We always send random shots when Daddy is away. He says he enjoys them, hehe! ;) And see Tayler's new found love? Taking her binky out of her mouth and holding it. Adorable.

And guess what else I did?


This is a right of passage for having a little girl, let me tell you that, haha! I have painted her toe nails sparkly before, but now they're a creamy white color. And I didn't do it while she was sleeping.... yes, she was awake LOL And she wouldn't quit moving around, so I held her feet and blew on her toenails and she thought it was the most hilarious thing EVER, haha!!

We had a good day :)


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Monday, August 8, 2011

Project 365: Day 52- August 7th

If you couldn't tell, Tayler has been growing.... tremendously. It's ridiculous, folks, haha! She's 4 months old. Shouldn't she be like a 4 month old? Wearing 3-6 month clothes, wearing size 2 diapers... but NO. She's wearing 6-12 month clothes... size 3 diapers... size 2 shoes. Please... someone tell me.... where's my BABY at because I cannot find her. :(

This pretty little blue dress that she wore yesterday is a 6-12 month dress. It barely fit over that 41 centimeter head, haha! But boy, did she look cute!

She was snuggling with Mommy and Daddy in bed :) We had another lazy morning--- wonderful :)

Then we went back to where we used to live and visited with E's family. But we soon headed back home (after picking up Tayler's 9-18 month clothes) and I quickly started unpacking those. I got rid of all of the clothes on Saturday to make room for these, but I guess I underestimated how many clothes were at our storage unit because there definitely wasn't room for all of them, haha! PLUS, I found TONS of new sleepers and peejays (more about that later!)

When we got home, my dad said he had a surprise for us. Tayler's closet didn't have doors on it, so guess what he and my mom did?

Put a cute little hot pink sheet up. It works perfectly. I HATE closet doors that slide because they always, always, always get off track. Annoying. Sooo this was WONDERFUL. Thanks guys!

We soon got Tayler ready for bed in her adorable 12 month peejays. Oh, I wish I were kidding. I think they're made small.....

But doesn't she look cute with her weird dad? haha! :) 

Finally, it was bed time. Remember me telling you what a struggle it has been to get her to sleep in her own crib since we moved? Yes, I've been THAT mom and she has been co-sleeping with me. Forgive me here-- but it has been easier. E has worked midnight shift and I get more sleep when she's next to me. For some reason, she just will not sleep in her crib since we moved. No idea what is going on. Maybe it's just the environment change? Well anyways-- a lady gave my mom a suggestion to get a 'wedge' to put in her bed so she feels the 'closeness' of someone next to her (but no one is sleeping next to her.) and since we don't exactly have the funds to buy something extra, we decided to use the co-sleeper we got at our baby shower (thanks Susan!) And it works wonders!! Tayler has slept in her own crib in her own room the past 3 nights. She usually sleeps 11-4/6am. Yes, I get 5-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It's beautiful. haha! I love that little girl, but I have been sleep deprived for so long.... it was time for this to happen and it is WONDERFUL.


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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Day 04 – A song by the first band/artist you saw live
 The first artist I saw live would be:


Amazing music, amazing people. I love Christmas time.

And my favorite song would be:

 Christmas Canon Rock.

Go check that sucker out, yo! Love it!

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Project 365: Day 51- August 6th

We had a lazy Saturday today and it was wonderful, haha! We are usually sooooo busy it's insane... I can't remember the last time we just sat and enjoyed each other's company :) After our unusually lazy morning, I got started doing some laundry...... oh, I know... I know how to live it up on the weekends, yo! haha! Actually, I did the laundry Friday night but forgot to fold it... sooo, I was catching up today with my little buddy. :)

She loves 'helping' Mommy with the laundry, haha!

Then, I got clothes organized. Who's clothes? TAYLER'S. This little girl is growing out of her 0-3 month clothes AND her 3 month clothes AND her 3-6 month clothes. A lot of her 6 month clothes are the ones that fit... PERFECTLY. Crazy, right? That's my 95th percentile right there, haha! So, I started cleaning out the old clothes to make room for the new clothes that were at our storage unit. Then, I gathered up all the oldies and gave them away!

Yes, even clothes like that ^^ one of my favorite shirts!! She's just too big. Where does time go again?

After seeing Brittany and hanging out for awhile, we rented 'The Source Code' and bought some mocha moolattes. When we got home, we found Gigi asleep on the couch with her 2 babies-- Tayler and Oreo, haha! Can you spot the kitty?

Then Mom, Dad, E, Tayler (who snoozed the whole time), and myself watched 'The Source Code.' What an amazing movie. I even made my Facebook status about it last night--- "watching a movie tonight made me realize how vital it is to cherish EVERY moment you have with the people you love... and how tragic it would be to waste that precious time on petty arguments, grudges, and regrets."

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