Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project 365: Day 55- August 10th

Today was a Tayler and Mommy day! We stayed in bed for awhile in the morning watching 'Beauty and The Beast' hehe! (Until we both crashed, haha!) I can't wait until she's old enough to LOVE that movie as much as I LOVE that movie :)

After that, Tayler napped off and on through the whole day. I think she was still really worn out from yesterday's events, bless her heart. Mommy was exhausted from that too, hehe! But I did a lot of work around the house while she was snoozing---- laundry, dishes, and cooking! I made some steak stir fry and cookie dough brownies. YUM! 

I took a picture of the kitchen to represent all of that, haha!

But productivity soon DECLINED thanks to my mom getting me addicted to 'Teen Mom.' I vowed NEVER to watch that show.. and here we are... I'm freaking 16 episodes in. RIDICULOUS, haha!

Thank you Netflix for making me completely irresponsible, haha! No seriously-- I got everything done yesterday and hung out with Tay, but this show sucked my life away for a few hours!


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