Thursday, August 11, 2011

Project 365: Day 54- August 9th

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.

It was shot day.


I hate that day :( It breaks my heart. I know all of you mommies out there understand where I am coming from! It is heartwrenching to watch your baby cry... look up at you.. and wonder why you aren't doing anything to protect them. They don't understand that in a way you are protecting them, but right now, it hurts. Broke my heart.

But Tayler did AMAZING at her 4 month shots. She didn't even cry. When we walked out of the room, the nurses asked if she even got her shots because she wasn't screaming her head off, haha! Given-- her 2 month shots, she screeeamed (and threw up), but she was a total champ at these ones! Good job baby girl...

Here's a shot of her poor wittle legs--

She even was AMAZING through Kohls too! Here's our happy baby in the cart:

Okay-- so she's not REALLY happy, haha! But she wasn't crying which was good!

Daddy bought some dress shoes and some nice polo shirts and even bought me some shirts for $3.00 a piece. Can't beat that, right? :)

Then we all got ready and went to watch Papaw's last softball game. Tayler was dressed like an adorable little cupcake! MOMMY'S CUPCAKE :)
 Doesn't she look sooooo freaking cute! Gah! I have been waiting and waiting for her to wear that outfit that her Great Grandma got her... and she can finally fit in it! I love that it has a bib to match! :) But Tayler soon got tired as she always does on ball game nights, haha! She went to sleep with Gigi and then cuddled in mommy's arms...


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