Friday, December 24, 2010

Project 365: Day 388- December 23rd

Today marks 25 weeks pregnant for us :) Tayler officially has 105-ish days til she makes her grand entrance into this world, hehe! I couldn't be more excited... more anxious.. more nervous! Wanna see how this belly is growing? Sure, why not! :)

Yes, I even decorated it to make it "Christmas-y" hehe :)

And there's an upclose belly shot (with my shirt down of course, hehe!)

And a bare belly shot! hehe :) She's growing, huh? I feel like it's super looooooong, haha!

And my daughter, God love her... always has my tummy lopsided LOL She sits on one side or the other, never right in the middle... so here's a look at my belly from the front:

And here's a cute shot of our Christmas gift :) The best gift we could have EVER asked for :)

And because my loving boyfriend is soooo sweeet.. and because he has put a lot of trash in my car this week, he took it to the  car wash and cleaned it out, vacuumed it out, and sprayed some good air freshener in it hehe! He's so sweet :)

And the rest of the night I spent relaxing :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Project 365: Day 387- December 22nd

Today was a CHRISTMAS kind of day :) I spent the day finishing up wrapping a few items :) We purchased this for Ethan's momma. It says "Grandma" on it and it has a precious little poem that says:

When I heard you were on the way,
I smiled and wiped a tear away.
I cried the tear because I knew,
My heart has held a place for you.
And we slipped a picture of her ultrasound in there too :) I really hope she likes it-- I think she will!
We worked on something for my parents as well, but I am not posting it on here because they may read this, haha! But I also got another one of Tayler's ultrasounds printed off and we put that in the frame that is in her bedroom. We wanted to at least have one picture of her in there, hehe :)

And I got myself something nice--- a belly band :) It's SO nice. It makes it to where I can wear my regular jeans AND it supports my tummy! I literally NEVER want to take it off, haha!

I LOVE it! :)

And I got the exciting privilege to go shopping with my momma last night! Ethan, my dad, and my brothers played ball together down by our house, so I met my mom at Walmart (WHAT A NIGHTMARE, hahaha!) and got some baking supplies for the cupcakes I'm making on Christmas Eve, some new bras (shhhh! hahaha), and another present for Ethan :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Project 365: Day 386- December 21st

Today was a special day. 

Yeah, it is absolutely CRAZY! This was one of my dreams... and I can hardly believe it has happened! God is so good to me, let me tell you! I almost can't believe that a year ago tomorrow, I was reading this allowed to Ethan for the first time and he told me to try and get it published... I was so scared.. so nervous (still am if I'm being honest here...) It's just one of those things... you're becoming vulnerable. You're opening your heart, your soul, and your life. I'm terrified of bad reviews or of my friends not enjoying it! I was driving myself crazy last night LOL But I know it's not perfect, but one thing I can say is that it came straight from my heart... and I just want someone's life to be changed because of it.

Anyone out there interested in purchasing? If you are, just follow this link and you can buy it!

It's a book about finding yourself and your purpose. It's about the heart. It takes a deeper look at life... and the beauty of it. It shows you that you do have a reason for being here :) Please just pray for every person that reads it that their life will be blessed-- that is my desire!

Last night, Ethan, my mom, dad, and myself went to the girls basketball game at our local college. A young lady I used to baby sit plays on the team (yes, that makes me feel OLD haha) and one of Ethan's HS friends plays on the team as well. It was quite the intense game-- a close score, a lot of fouls. I was stressed, haha! But our girls ended up pulling out a win! Here are a few photos of them playing:

Good job ladies!!

And cheers to Project 365!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Project 365: Day 385- December 20th

Yesterday, we got Tayler's mobile in the mail. We were SO excited to see it because it was black and white polka dots and pink accents. Ethan wasn't home yet when I got it... so, I put it together alone. And oh my heavens, it didn't come with directions LOL So, it took me awhile, but I finally got it put together and on here crib :) Here is an upclose of it:

And I LOVE what it looks like in her bedroom :)

I LOVE her bedroom, hehe :)

After that, Ethan came home and we went to meet my mom at Tayler's ultrasound :) She was an active little lady before so I knew she was going to be through the ultrasound-- she hates them putting things on my belly, haha! They got me in quick (thank God because last time I had to wait 40 minutes and I had to  pee SO bad haha) And we got to see our sweetheart! 

(Here she was waving to us, hehe! Isn't she the cutest thing, ever?? :))

(A flipped view. She was moving so much. I love hearing the ultrasound technicians tell us that :) She had a strong heartbeat of 144. I absolutely love her)

(She was singing... my mom said she was talking like her mother haha! but either way, we could see her tongue a flippin' out there, haha!)

(Her big feet, haha!!)

We had such a good time :) I love seeing her!!

After that, we ran some errands, came home, relaxed, and drank some hot cocoa that Marie and Corey bought us. We tried it with water the other night and it was yummy, BUT Ethan suggested using milk next time... and oh my heavens, I warmed up some milk on the stove and it was SO yummy!!

Cheers to Project 365!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Project 365: Day 384- December 19th

Ethan and I had a lazy relaxing day this morning :) We got up, got some breakfast, did some grocery shopping, and laid down to watch the new "A-Team" movie. What a good movie! As I've said before, I'm not a fan of action movies, but this one kept my attention rather well :)... well, until I fell asleep! HAHA

After the movie, we cleaned up, visited his mom for a little while, and then met my parents for some putt-putt action :) I was hoping to get some holes-in-one like last time, but I didn't haha! Ethan ended up beating all of us... here's our score card:

Mom and Dad got 43s, Ethan got a 35, and I had a 47. Rough evening for me, haha! Here's a few photos from our afternoon there :)

(Ethan dominating-- I do believe he had a hole in one here, hehe!)

(I was pouting--- EVERYONE got a hole in one on this one, but my luck wasn't good last night and I missed it. LOL)

(there's momma planning her strategy, hehe)

(And dad watching others putt-putt.... that's not his purse LOL)

After putt-putt, we ate at Applebees, then we went to Family Video and rented a new movie-- "The Other Guys" (we'd heard it was hilarious!) And I rented a TV series-- "Fringe" hehe!

We came home, cuddled up with blankets (and flannel peejays), and hot cocoa (thanks to Marie and Corey) and we watched "The Other Guys." SUCH  a funny movie!

Also, Ethan's Aunt Barb gave us TONS of blankets for Tayler yesterday! She gave us burping clothes, receiving blankets, towels, blankets... here's a few pictures of some :)

Cheers to Project 365!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Project 365: Day 383- December 18th

We have been collecting Christmas cards the past few weeks--- thank you to EVERYONE :) We took some time to hang them up on our door so we could see them, hehe! You might be able to pick yours out if you sent us one! Take a look :) We love them all!

After hanging those up, we relaxed for a few and watched "The Ghost Writer." The trailer made it look like it was an amazing movie... and oh my heavens, it was not! Absolutely terrible. I'm usually pretty optimistic when it comes to movies, but I was ticked off that I wasted 2 hours of my life... and the chance to take a nap to watch it. Don't do it. LOL

Then we got ready to go to Ethan's work Christmas party in Columbus :) Here's us ready to go:

We tried to match, hehe :) Tayler, Ethan, and I had so much fun! We ate some really good food-- Ethan had a porterhouse steak and I had chicken parmesean :) And guess what? 

I won a $100 gift card there! Heck yes!

We had a really good time.. and we came home and went to bed. We were so worn out lol!

Cheers to Project 365!