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29 Weeks Pregnant!

Well, are officially 29 weeks pregnant today, folks!
Is it just me or are Wednesdays getting here quicker and quicker? LOL 
I am extremely excited about meeting Quinn, but I have to tell you.... the closer my due date gets, the more nervous I find myself! You could say, 'What's the problem? You've done this before...' and that makes me feel a BIT better, but there's still that 'fear of the unknown.' Every pregnancy/labor is different... and that's where my nervousness lies! I know the process. I know how it feels to have your water break at home. I know how it feels to be dilated 2 for 15 hours (yes, Tayler Bay. I hope you read this one day! LOL) I know how it feels to go from a 5 to a 10 in 10 minutes.. and not be able to receive your epidural. (I am not going to act like a B.A woman. I begged for it. She just came too quick for me to receive it!! lol) And I know what it feels like to push.. and push.. and push for a little over an hour. BUT, I also k…