Wednesday, February 20, 2013

29 Weeks Pregnant!

Well, are officially 29 weeks pregnant today, folks!

Is it just me or are Wednesdays getting here quicker and quicker? LOL 

I am extremely excited about meeting Quinn, but I have to tell you.... the closer my due date gets, the more nervous I find myself! You could say, 'What's the problem? You've done this before...' and that makes me feel a BIT better, but there's still that 'fear of the unknown.' Every pregnancy/labor is different... and that's where my nervousness lies! I know the process. I know how it feels to have your water break at home. I know how it feels to be dilated 2 for 15 hours (yes, Tayler Bay. I hope you read this one day! LOL) I know how it feels to go from a 5 to a 10 in 10 minutes.. and not be able to receive your epidural. (I am not going to act like a B.A woman. I begged for it. She just came too quick for me to receive it!! lol) And I know what it feels like to push.. and push.. and push for a little over an hour. BUT, I also know what it feels like to see a precious baby be born... so alert... even if it was 2:22AM ;) I know what it is to have 'love at first site!' It was a lot of work and I was completely worn out, but that little girl was gorgeous.. from the first time I laid eyes on her. I think everyone was fixed on her. Nurses kept saying, 'That is one of the prettiest babies I have EVER seen be born!' (Well, look at her Mommy and Daddy right? ;))  Wanna see a picture of her?? This was her about 30 hours old I do believe...

Isn't she a beauty? :) That photo was taken by 'Jessica Barber Photography.' (Are you in Charleston, SC??? LOOK HER UP! :))

Sorry for all of the reminiscing, but what a life changing moment for us.. and it's about to come again! I honestly just can't wait to see what Quinn looks like! I wonder if she's going to look anything like Tayler or be completely different? So exciting!

Well, according to 'The Bump'... Quinnie is the size of an acorn squash (what's that?) this week! They are estimating she is about 15.2-16.7" long and about 2.5-3.8lbs! We will know how accurate all of that is SOON! Our 3D/4D ultrasound is in 10 days! March 2nd, we are celebrating my birthday a couple days early and going to b.d Monogolian BBQ and then seeing our sweet Quinn! I received the same thing for my 24th birthday.. and got to see Tayler on the big screen too! :) Now for my 26th-- I get to do the same thing. (YES, I just said '26'! OH MY GOSH. Downward slope to 30, hahaha!)

Now, lets talk about heartburn.

Because it nearly killed me this week.

I had heartburn for 36 consecutive hours. I wish I was kidding, but I am not. I couldn't even sleep Saturday night. And wanna know what the culprit was? I was CRAVING a restaurant where we used to live, so Friday night we went there. I had a burger with a LOT of mustard... fries with mustard... and hot buffalo wings *smacks head* I know. I deserved heartburn... but not for 36 hours. Come on! LOL I felt SO sick all day Saturday.. couldn't sleep Saturday night.. had it again Sunday morning, but it started easing up towards the middle of the day. I've still had it occasionally through the week, but nothing compared to that thank the Lord. I have been joking around telling everyone that this baby better be coming out with hair braided down her back. Seriously. HAHA!

On another note..

I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST. Praise God! I was soooo nervous about it! With Tayler, I had to drink the flat, nasty, orange drink at the doctor's office... sit for an hour.. get blood drawn (which I hate!!).. but this time was completely different. I am going to a different doctor office this time around and I LOVE how they do things. They gave me the drink to drink at home. I drank it 45 minutes before my appointment.. went to the doctor.. had my routine 28-week appointment.. and they only PRICKED MY FINGER! Beautiful! :) I made it through without even feeling like passing out! Hallelujah! I am SO happy I passed! I have never felt such relief! Now... we are going to appointments every 2 weeks! AHHHH! :) My 30 week appointment is next Wednesday.. then it's my 32, 34, and 36.. and then it's every week! YAY! :) Getting closer!

Alright, now how about our 29 week questions??

How far along? 29 Weeks
Total Weight Gain? It was 18 pounds at the doctor last Wednesday. I only gained 3 lbs in 5 weeks, so I was pretty pleased with that LOL By this point with Tayler.. I'd already gained almost 30 pounds. Progress!
Maternity Clothes?  Yes! Still wearing some pre-preggo shirts, but definitely maternity pants, haha!
Stretch Marks? Yes, but I keep telling myself it is for a beautiful reason!
Sleep? Not great this week! :( I have so much back pain with this pregnancy!
Best Moment of This Week:  Passing my glucose test. Thank You Jesus!
Miss Anything? Comfortable sleep. Having a stiff drink after a stressful day LOL!!! Drinking a buttload of sweet tea. Having a skinny body lol!
Movement? Oh yes! She is super active. I love it!
Food Cravings? Nothing really this week. 
Anything Make You Queasy/Sick?  Poopy diapers. Trash. BLEH.
Gender: GIRL!! :) Our Quinn Makenzie!
Labor Signs?  Just braxton hicks... my body is preparing :)
Symptoms: Constant peeing. Back pain. And lovely braxton hicks :)
Belly Button In or Out? She's an innie.... for now, haha! Slowly starting to protrude haha!
Weddings Rings On Or Off? On for now! :)
Happy or Moody this week? Very happy! :)
Looking Forward To:  Our ultrasound March 2nd!

Cheers to 29 weeks! On to 30!

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