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A Vehicle [My Grateful Journey: Day 7- July 31st]

A vehicle.
Today I am grateful for a reliable vehicle. I know there are many people in our world today that struggle to find a way to work, to the store, etc. And I have one that has air conditioning, a CD player, etc. Not only does it give me the necessities, but it also gives luxuries! I am so grateful that I have a hard-working man and that I also have a means to make money so we can have such a nice 'mom-car' LOL :) I love it and I am so thankful that God blessed me with it! 

God Almighty [Grateful Journey: Day 6- July 30th

I should have began with Him, but I know this doesn't take away from the fact that He is absolutely AMAZING.
He has taken care of me... all of my life. He has protected me from many things that could have hurt me. He has sheltered me when storms were raging around me. Sure, my life hasn't been perfect. I have had my fair share of struggles, but He has ALWAYS brought me through them! I love knowing that all I have to do is say JESUS and He will bring peace in to my life. I love that prayer is my connection to Him. I love that closing my eyes and singing a song of worship changes me. He is so precious to me and I cannot imagine my life without Him in it.
Some question how I know that He exists and all I can say is that I FEEL it. I feel it when I'm happy and I feel it when I'm sad. I SEE it when I see my daughter. It boggles my mind that a man and a woman can make a human being. How amazing is that? How amazing is He to create them perfectly for us? 

Being Married [My Grateful Journey: Day 5: July 29th]

I am so thankful for being married today.
I am thankful that I have my best friend with me... every day. It's crazy that there are people that search for years for what we have. I love that he can make me laugh when I just want to be angry. I love that one hug from him makes all of my worries just disappear. I love that he loves me despite all of my shortcomings... the things that some individuals didn't want to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Sure, we have our fights. We argue about the small things and ignore the big things. He makes me mad when he tucks the comforter under his feet, ripping it off of mine. I hate how he HATES water being anywhere on the floor after a shower. He drives me crazy when he cleans because he throws everything away. But his hands.... they fit in mine. And that's all I need to know :) I love that my soul-mate is with me EVERY DAY. I love being married :)

My Siblings [My Grateful Journey: Day 4: July 28th]

Today, I am grateful for my siblings.

We don't always keep in touch like we used to. Growing up has done that to us. I remember when we'd all be at our dad and mom's house... movies, pop corn, Christmas. Now, we all live in different houses.... different cities. It's crazy how life changes, but I am thankful that I have them :) I know that I could call them tomorrow and they would be there for me! So happy and so thankful for them today!

My Parents [My Grateful Journey: Day 3- July 27th]

I know, I am REALLY behind, but I am going to catch up! :)
Today, I am grateful for
I have amazing parents. They have been married for over 25 years and are a great role model of a true, lasting relationship. My parents did a great job raising me. They taught me how to love, how to be kind to people, how to be mannered, and how to stand for my morals. They taught me about Jesus and the love He gives us. They taught me how to pray and how to trust. Sure, they spanked me.. they grounded me.. but I am so proud of the person I have become because of their discipline. 
And not only are they parents, but they are grandparents now. It's such a neat thing to see. Being a grandparent (according to them) is different than being a parent. They have fun with Tayler. They let her get away with things ;) LOL I love seeing them in this role! It's beautiful and I am grateful that they are just as amazing as grandparents as they were as parents!