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Tons O' Topics Day 14

Day 14: What is the wackiest advice you've ever received?Wow, this is tough, haha! I'm sitting here trying to rack my brain thinking of the WACKIEST advice I've ever received.... give me a few minutes. Usually if it's ridiculous advice, I put it outside of my mind and never think of it again, haha!I think the wackiest advice I've ever received was.... "Don't get married."I know, sounds crazy right? But you wouldn't believe the amount of cynical people out there. I always heard "Don't get married too young..." "Divorce rates are high..." "Love doesn't last..."but truth be told, I couldn't imagine my life without Ethan in it :) I WANTED to marry him. December 28th, 2010 was an incredible day that we will never forget. I think taking that advice and tossing it out the window has made all the difference in my life, hehe :)

Day 480: March 25th- Baby Care Packages and Stuffed Shells!

First off, lets start with a lovely motivational quote taken from Quotemeal:"God has a history of using the insignificant to accomplish the impossible." [Richard Exley]Thought this was a good quote for today :) Don't EVER think you aren't good enough!And now for our FRIDAY update!I've gotten into a routine in the mornings here lately. With labor being possible ANY day now, I want to be absolutely prepared, so every morning I find myself getting up, getting a shower, getting dressed, cleaning the house, and making sure everything looks good JUST IN CASE Tayler decides today should be her birthday. I know, do I sound like a complete weirdo that I'm worried about what people think when they come over to my house directly after she's born? I'd be embarrassed if there were messes everywhere! haha! So, I find myself making sure everything looks spic and span... then I relax :)But there was no relaxing involved today. After getting ready, I met my mom at the…

Tons O' Topics Day 13

Day 13: If you had a time machine that only let you spend one hour in a different time, what date would you go to?

That's a tough one. There have been some amazing days in my life. But, and I'm going to get sappy here.... I would probably just go back to one day where my brother and I still lived at home with my parents.

I LOVE my life right now! I love being married to the love of my life. I love our house. I love being pregnant with our sweetheart. I love how things are, but...

I do miss being around my family all of the time. It's hard to believe that we all live a distance away from one another and we have to 'plan' visiting each other. I see my parents when I plan on going somewhere with them, or we invite them to dinner. I see my brother about 2 times a month because of his work/school schedule.

Life is a beautiful gift, but boy oh boy, did it go by quick. Sometimes, I just miss staying up late watching movies with all of them. I miss my mom popping pop co…

Day 479- March 24th: 38 Weeks Pregnant, BBQ Chicken & American Idol Thoughts

And I'm going to use a different motivational quote page for a little while: Our quote for the day is: "Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?" [Frank Scully] And now for our THURSDAY update :) Today marks being 38 WEEKS PREGNANT. We've got 14 days until our due-date... and let me tell you. This momma is getting tired, haha! I'm seriously SO ready to see my sweet, baby girl. It's KILLING me inside... and it kills me every single day that passes, haha! I just keep wondering when her birthday will be! It makes me so anxious. I have everyone telling me their theories... calling and checking on me... and I just keep saying 'No progress, still dilated 1' LOL :) But I just have to keep remembering-- she will come when she feels prepared and ready. Mommy just needs to remind herself of that. Alright, and now for some belly shots. Here's a side of me facing the right.

But I think me facing the left shows the REAL view of this bell…

Tons O' Topics Day 12

Day 12: What made you start blogging?

Honestly, in December 2009, a bunch of my friends were on Plurk chit-chatting and one of them brought up the idea of a 'Project 365.' She said she had seen one of her friends writing about it on Facebook. So, we all get really curious about it. I started looking up other Project 365s and I FELL IN LOVE with the idea! So, I got started...

I started off just posting 1 picture a day, but soon, I started realizing I wanted to talk about my whole day, so I did that :) And soon, I branched off and started writing about other topics when the mood hit me.

I LOVE blogging. I LOVE documenting life. I enjoy looking back at March 24th, 2010 and see what I was doing then and see how my life has changed. I can't wait to take tons of pictures of Tayler and document her sweet, beautiful life :) I am a blogging advocate and I find myself encouraging a lot of others to blog as well!

Day 478- March 23rd: Casseroles and an American Idol Analysis

Our daily quote from Quotemeal:"If God be your partner, make your plans large." [Dwight L. Moody]And now for WEDNESDAY update :)I had a good bit of contractions Tuesday evening. Yes, one of those false alarms type-deals! The contractions were close for an hour, but after laying down, they started to not be quite so intense OR frequent. I know, I was devastated, haha. I'm so ready to meet this little girl. But because of this long evening and long night that I had (not to mention the rain and storms that passed through here all day...), I spent most of my day RELAXING. I figured I should anyways since I'm sure labor is only days/weeks away... and sleep will inevitably be a thing of the past ;) HAHA! So, here's where I relaxed today:

My favorite spot in our living room :) Ethan has the recliner chair. I have the couch recliner :)I did however get my booty in gear in the afternoon so I could make breakfast casserole before Ethan went to work. I had to actually cut up…

Tons O' Topics Day 11

Day 11: What are you looking forward to most in 2011?Oh did you even have to THINK about this question? LOLIt's OF COURSE the arrival of this beautiful baby girl (that could happen at any time....) and boy oh boy, are we all anxious, haha! I'm so ready to see what she looks like! As I've said before, I literally go to bed every night dreaming about what she will look like when she first comes out.... when the doctor holds her up for me to see! Is she going to have chubby cheeks? How much hair will she have? What color will it be? What color will her eyes be? Will she have my nose? How much will she weigh? How long will she be?I get so teary-eyed and anxious just thinking about it. I am so in love with this precious sweetheart already and just so so so ready to meet her!

Project 365: Day 477- March 22nd

And let's start our day off with a quote from Quotemeal: "Our faith should be our steering wheel, not our spare tire." [C.L Wheeler]And now for Tuesday's update! :)Early this morning, I heard a knock at the door and there was our sweet FedEx man (it's the same one that delivers EVERY package hehe!) He carried in 2 packages for us. I was quite shocked because I hadn't ordered anything.. (I know, my husband was shocked too, haha!) So, I started opening up the package and lo and behold my Aunt had purchased us a high chair for our sweet Tayler! And since hubby was at work, I took it upon myself to put it together. Since getting pregnant and purchasing things, I've started putting A LOT together. Quite frustrating at times, but I feel amazing when something finally comes together and I did it ALONE :) Well.... I started on the high chair and I was so excited that I thought I'd finally put it together, but... something didn't look quite right HAHAHAHAH…

I'm Pregnant. Now What?

In 2 days, I will be 38 weeks pregnant.We are dilated a little over 1, we are effaced, Tayler is head down and locked and loaded... This journey is SLOWLY (and yes, I stress slowly haha) coming to an end. (When pregnant women tell you the last few weeks drag on and you're thinking 'Oh, my pregnancy flew...' please... remember.. the last few weeks DO drag on... and on... haha!) It's not a bad 'drag on'... it's just that 'Gosh-I-want-to-see-my-child-plus-I-want-to-sleep-on-my-belly-and-wear-a-bikini' drag on haha! I am so anxious to see Tayler. Looking back, it seems like I've been pregnant forever. To put it in simple terms, I got pregnant before all of you kiddos out there started school last fall.... and yes, I'm STILL pregnant as some of you are preparing to graduate. 9 months... is a long 9 months, haha! But let me tell you something--- it has been an INCREDIBLE journey.I figured since I'm 37 weeks pregnant, officially considered full…