Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 479- March 24th: 38 Weeks Pregnant, BBQ Chicken & American Idol Thoughts

And I'm going to use a different motivational quote page for a little while:
Our quote for the day is:
"Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?" [Frank Scully]
And now for our THURSDAY update :)
Today marks being 38 WEEKS PREGNANT. We've got 14 days until our due-date... and let me tell you. This momma is getting tired, haha! I'm seriously SO ready to see my sweet, baby girl. It's KILLING me inside... and it kills me every single day that passes, haha! I just keep wondering when her birthday will be! It makes me so anxious. I have everyone telling me their theories... calling and checking on me... and I just keep saying 'No progress, still dilated 1' LOL :) But I just have to keep remembering-- she will come when she feels prepared and ready. Mommy just needs to remind herself of that.
Alright, and now for some belly shots. Here's a side of me facing the right.

But I think me facing the left shows the REAL view of this belly I'm carrying around. Huge, right? haha!

But I think upclose, it looks a little tinier, haha

And my bare belly, haha!

Drop, drop, drop my little lady! :)

And I figured I'd show you what it looks like when I look down LOL

That's one big belly, isn't it?? haha!! :) I LOVE it and although I'm going to be STOKED to have Tayler here, I will definitely miss feeling her kick and sitting down, rubbing my tummy :)

And since I'm pregnant and all.. I get these cravings. And well, Wednesday night I kept talking about how I had a craving for barbeque chicken, so I went to the store and bought barbeque sauce and set out to make some chicken in the crock pot today. When I got up at 4:45AM with Ethan to eat some breakfast and send him off to work, I thawed out chicken so it was ready at 10AM to put in the crock pot :) I covered it with 2 bottles of barbeque sauce and turned the crock pot on 'Low.' It smelled good all day long...

my daddy even agreed :) It came over to visit today! I think my parents get a little worried about me being so close to labor and being a good bit of distance from them, lol. But it was a fun visit! We talked.. he napped.. we watched the 'Game Show Network' hehe! He even brought me a milkshake. YUMMY :) The mail man came today and even brought Ethan's punching bag.... so, once Ethan got home, he had to pose with the punching bag and my dad got in there with him, hehe :)

Ethan was so proud, haha!

Thank you so much for the visit today, Dad! It meant SO much to me :)

Dad even stuck around for the BBQ Chicken. I think he liked the smell of it a little too much ;) haha! Dad had a bowl of BBQ Chicken and Ethan and I had baked potatoes with cheese and sour cream... and of course, the BBQ Chicken I'd been craving :) Here's my plate:

Oh yes, it TOTALLY hit the spot :)

And of course it was AMERICAN IDOL night in this household!

Now, if you'll remember, I predicted the bottom 3 as: Thia, Paul, & Haley and Haley was going home. (My PERSONAL prediction -- because I'm not a fan of Naima--- was bottom 3 as: Naima, Stefano, and Thia and Naima was going home...)

Oh how wrong I was!

CASEY ABRAMS got voted off. Holy crap! I seriously don't think ANYONE saw that coming, but America-- this is why you cannot just THINK someone is safe. You have to vote, vote, vote!!

Fortunately, the judges saved Casey Abrams. Thank God! I had him pegged from the beginning as the winner of the competition and my heart broke that there was a possibility of him going home :(

The bottom 3 ended up being: Thia, Stefano, and Casey. (The other two I completely agree with...) My heart broke when Casey got voted off and it broke as well when Ryan Seacreast told James Durbin and Paul McDonald they weren't safe (of course, it just meant they weren't safe from Hulk Hogan!)

Crazy American Idol night tonight. I'm so excited for next Wednesday already.

Cheers to Project 365!