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Project 365: Day 91- September 15th (and Project 52)

I love Thursdays for that reason alone, haha!
And my Tayler turned 24 weeks old today! At 2:22AM, it'd been 24 weeks since she came into my life in the flesh. Isn't that amazing? She's getting so big too!

A little over 19 pounds and growing every single day! 
What are we doing this week? 
Tayler has officially said TWO WORDS: Coh-wee (Uncle Corey) and Dah-dee (Daddy!) Yeah, I'm not bitter that I spend every waking moment with her and she hasn't said "Mama" yet. Everyone tells me it's harder for them to say. Lets hope that is why, haha! Tayler got the sling taken out of her bath tub so now she sits up like a big girl in it.... with toys! We have a picture of that :)

Thanks Gigi! She loves them :)
She finally has a good eating schedule down as well now. We've been working at it (she's not very patient-- when she's hungry, she's hungry. There's no warming up food, etc haha!) So, now we have it down to wh…

Project 365: Day 90- September 14th

Wednesday.. we were excited because once E got off work, we knew he had ALL of Thursday off with us! How anxious were we? haha! To pass some time, we spent about an hour or two on the porch swing. As I have previously posted, Tayler cannot resist falling asleep out here, haha! It is the cutest thing. She snuggles up next to me and just..... goes night-night. It's precious!

I adore that little girl!
We also worked together on dinner! We had a 'football' theme last night minus the football, haha! We had pizza and nacho dip with some funfetti cookies. Yum! The nacho dip doesn't look too pretty in the picture (darn sour cream and cheese!) but it tastes amazing!

I took sausage crumbles and refried beans and mixed them together and put those on the bottom of the pan. Then I took Cheese Salsa (I really don't remember what it's called, but you know what I'm talking about right? haha!) and then I put a layer of sour cream on. Then, chopped some onions! It is simple, bu…

Project 365: Day 89- September 13th

Our morning started off with a yummy bottle. Well... a bottle for Tayler :) And guess what? She fed herself 3 ounces! Yay, Tayler. I finished the last ounce because she had trouble tipping it!   Then, she got dressed in her pretty blue! I think today could possibly be the last "hotter" day we have. We shall see :) Since it was so nice out, we sat on the porch swing for about 2 hours. Tayler cannot ever resist it's power LOL She always falls asleep, haha!

When we came inside, I worked on editing some car pictures I have taken for E's man-cave and man-bathroom LOL He wants old car pictures in black and white around the room, so this was my first test run :)

I like it :)
I made stuffed peppers last night for dinner. You can find the recipe HERE

Yummy! Nice and moist :)
And before bed-time we had a dance session with Tay to "It Girl" by Jason Derulo-- the clean version ;) We had so much fun and she LOVED it LOL


Project 365: Day 88- September 12th

Monday is typically our lazy day. We have busy, busy weekends and then we catch up on EVERYTHING Monday... including being lazy, haha ;) Alright, I seriously wasn't THAT lazy! Lots of laundry to do. Lots of Tayler stuff to do. I worked on some articles to make some MONNNNEEEEY and then... I got addicted. No, seriously.
It's terrible, y'all. Like I am legit thinking about seeking intervention already. I have found so many ideas to decorate our house, I don't even no where to start first. So anyways. First picture... my laptop where all of the 'pinteresting' things happen!

And while I was searching for things, Tayler was of course, snoozing. And she has a new way to snooze. I swear, she doesn't like my arms anymore, haha! She has become soooo independent. I'm not allowed to hold her for nap time anymore. Nope. Now, she wants to lay on her side with her binkie and blankie. I rock her side to side and she falls asleep... It's what she wants. So.…

DIY Projects

For anyone that checks out this blog, I'd LOVE to hear from you on this post. 
Here's what I want to know:
It can be anything... furniture, decorations, bedding, etc. 
I just want to hear about it :) Pictures, description, supplies needed, etc.
I can't wait to hear from you!

Project 365: Day 87- September 11th

Well, we've upgraded (and I completely forgot to note that my daughter said her first word this weekend! Everyone in my family can confirm this, plus I have video proof ;)) I will post that at the end so be ready, haha!
Anyways, back to upgrading... (Have you noticed everything in my blog is about my daughter anymore? I don't really do much else, haha!) But, here lately I have been bathing Tayler in her bath (with the sling still in it) then I take it off and let her sit in the tub like a big girl to get used to it. Well, it is tough to put her in, bathe her, pick her up soaking wet, take the sling out, and put her back in the tub, haha, so we decided tonight to officially take out the sling and just bathe her like a big girl. It was MUCH better and she played and had such a good time! I cannot believe my sweetheart is THAT big now! 

Would have been nice if I took a picture of her in it, right? haha! Oh well. You get the picture!
And here's Daddy with his big girl after her b…

Project 365: Day 86- September 10th

Today, we woke up before the crack of dawn. I wish y'all knew how long it's been since I've actually woken up (for the day) before the sun has risen, ha! It has been since BEFORE I had Tayler. I mean, I wake up and feed her in the dark, obviously, haha, but I'm never up and 'atum before the glorious rising of the sun! So, we got up at 5:00AM, got ready, and trekked our way through the great outdoors to watch my dad and his team in the 
Have any of you ever competed in this? It looks brutal!
And the way my dad looks in this picture... well, it shows it all!

Dirty from head to toe! That's the way everyone looked up there! Crazyness-- especially from someone like me that doesn't particularly like to get dirty!
But Tayler and I came along and watched Papaw :) We were so proud of him!

Gigi, Uncle Corey, and Aunt Marie also came to support Tayler's Papaw! We were all so proud because we knew (after reading about it) how tough that course was. I'm …