Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project 365: Day 462- March 7th

Sunday night, I thought I was going to go INSANE if this house did not get cleaned. So, today I got up and had the motivation and determination to TRULY clean this house... I'm talking DEEP clean. I'm talking cleaning out cupboards and organizing closets deep cleaning :) And let me tell you, I feel SO much better!! And I LOVE our new vacuum and the way it makes our carpets look! Here's the living room:

And remember how all of those shoes used to be at the front door? Well, my husband had an amazing idea that we should clean out the broom closet and put them in there so they don't clutter our living room. I liked that idea, so I cleaned it out and put our shoes, mop, broom, etc. in there!

I love it and I feel like our living room looks 10x better!

And now, onto the kitchen,. This took A LOT of work. I cleaned out a lot of cupboards so I could de-clutter our counters. And I feel MUCH better about it too!! :)

And I hung up the 2 new picture frames my mom purchased us in the living room! It's really coming together :)

Our house is truly becoming a HOME..... and I am glad because guess what? I feel like I'm about to POP with this little lady inside me, haha! :) I took a shirt shot today because I was wearing a tighter shirt and I think you can really tell that she is dropping in this picture.

After I felt like the house was as clean as it was gonna get, haha, I heard a knock at the door! It was our mail lady with a package... a package from my dear friend Stephanie!! :) She gave us TONS of clothes for Tayler... and as I was showing Ethan the outfits (and the teether toy and blanket), he found the outfit HE wants as her coming home outfit. Now, if you'll remember, I had already picked out a jean jumper, pink onesie, and little jacket, but he picked another outfit he wants, haha :) Here's a picture of the package and the outfit he wants follows!

Why does he love it so much? Because it matches her room.. and it says "Love My Daddy" *smacks head* So yes, it will be packed for the hospital. He wins, haha!

Then, we had some YUMMY stuffed peppers with Matt & Carrie! :) I posted the recipe last week when I made this, but I will post it again underneath of the picture of the stuffed pepper :)

I took 6 green peppers and cut the top off of them and cleaned them out in the middle.
I cooked 1 1/2 cups of rice.
After that was done, I stirred in 1 lb. of un-cooked hamburger with the rice.
I took the rice and hamburger combination and stuffed it inside of the peppers.
I took 1 mozzarella jalapeno cheese stick and stuck it down the middle of the peppers.
Then, I dumped 1 jar of pizza sauce all over the peppers
and I added 1 cup of water to the crock pot.
Then I covered the peppers with pepper and garlic.
Cook in the crock pot on high for about 6-6.5 hours!

I think they tasted great hehe and they had an extra POP since I used the jalapeno cheese sticks! :) I love having our friends as our neighbor! We can share dinner and just have a good time! :)

After dinner, we went to the store and purchased a lamp for our living room. I've been wanting one because I'm sick of using the huge overhead light. There's no happy medium. It's either super bright or super dark in there, haha! And we got this lamp for only $12.00 :) I LOVE IT.

 And last night, I painted my finger nails too :) Did a little bit of pampering on myself, haha. They're pink glittery. How fun!

Then, we snuggled up and ended the night with "Pretty Little Liars." :)

Cheers to Project 365!