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Messy Opportunities [Day 4]

This won't sound glamorous (thank you Fergie, I can spell that properly.) 
My post this morning probably isn't going to give you goosebumps.. or cold chills, but it's what was on my heart this morning looking down at my sweet almost-3-month old. 
I changed one of the worst diapers I have ever seen about 9:00AM. Oh yes. I hadn't even had my morning coffee yet. About 20 minutes after Quinn opened those bright blue eyes, it was on. I could tell by her facial expressions that this wasn't going to be pretty. I was already mentally and physically preparing myself. Something around my nose to withhold the awful smell, wipes, diaper, hand sanitizer. I was set.
Quinn isn't one of those babies that enjoys having something in her diaper. So, she was immediately uncomfortable. What you might not know about me is that this breaks my heart. I remember one time on the way home from the grocery store (about a 20 minute drive to my house), I heard her doing her business and th…

Fear and Love [Day 3]

'I'm lookin' right at the other half of me. The vacancy that sat in my heart is a
space that now you hold.
It's like you're my mirror
my mirror staring back at me.
I couldn't get any bigger
with any one else beside of me.'

[Mirrors by Justin Timberlake]
While both of the girls were sleeping last night, Ethan and I were laying in bed talking about life before we found each other. It's amazing how one day can make the difference... it can change life as you once knew it. I didn't realize that December 23, 2009 was going to change the course of my life.
Most know the story of how our paths crossed. It was one phone call. He happened to be beside of the person that called me, he heard my voice, got the number from my brother, called me, asked me on a date, and the rest is history.
The 'behind the scenes' parts of this story aren't as glamorous.. or well known.
I remember getting off the phone December 23rd. I remember saying to myself, '…