Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Messy Opportunities [Day 4]

This won't sound glamorous (thank you Fergie, I can spell that properly.) 

My post this morning probably isn't going to give you goosebumps.. or cold chills, but it's what was on my heart this morning looking down at my sweet almost-3-month old. 

I changed one of the worst diapers I have ever seen about 9:00AM. Oh yes. I hadn't even had my morning coffee yet. About 20 minutes after Quinn opened those bright blue eyes, it was on. I could tell by her facial expressions that this wasn't going to be pretty. I was already mentally and physically preparing myself. Something around my nose to withhold the awful smell, wipes, diaper, hand sanitizer. I was set.

Quinn isn't one of those babies that enjoys having something in her diaper. So, she was immediately uncomfortable. What you might not know about me is that this breaks my heart. I remember one time on the way home from the grocery store (about a 20 minute drive to my house), I heard her doing her business and then the waterworks began. It's heartwrenching because you know that has to be extremely uncomfortable for them. It's the way of life, but it isn't fun.

This morning was nothing different.

I started hurrying to get her undressed and that diaper off. And as soon as that diaper came off and she was all cleaned up, you should have seen the sense of relief on her face. She felt comfortable again. She felt clean. She felt happy.

And *I* did that for her. I changed her diaper. I cleaned her off. And it brought peace to her. It changed the course of her day. I could have left her laying in it. I could have ignored her cries. I could have left her there to suffer.... it would have made her have a bad day. But I chose to push myself to the side... and bless her. 

Now you all are probably wondering how I am turning a story about changing a newborn's diaper in to something worth remembering... and here it is:

Sometimes things are going to be messy. Opportunities to help people are going to be disguised by not-always-pleasant surroundings. That's life, folks. Sometimes we are going to have to get our hands dirty, but here's the thing: PEOPLE ARE WORTH IT. 

Quinn is worth it. Quinn is worth every dirty diaper change. Quinn (and Tayler-- my 2 year old)  is worth the not-so-glamorous parts of parenting.  They are worth having to take 15 different breaks during editing my photography sessions. They are worth it because I care. I feel like so many times we pass up opportunities to bless others because it doesn't fit in our schedule. Because sometimes it looks like it is going to be messy. Because sometimes it is going to get us out of our comfort zone. Because sometimes it doesn't seem convenient. And because sometimes-- we just don't want to.

I don't always want to change those diapers. I'll be honest. Sometimes it makes my stomach turn (Yes, I was one of those people blessed with an extremely weak tummy!) But THEY ARE WORTH IT. Is there someone worth your time? Is there someone that is seeking help... seeking a blessing... seeking a friend... and you have just felt like it isn't convenient? 

Don't get so caught up in life today that you forget to bless someone. It will do your heart good. Every time I see relief on Quinn's face that she no longer has to sit in a dirty diaper, my heart skips a beat. I helped her. I saved her from that uncomfortable situation. She needs me. She trusts me. 

Bless someone today! It will change your life... and theirs! 

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