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Project 365: Day 333- October 29th

My morning was pretty relaxing. I spent the greater part of the day helping my friend Rachel at Romancing Rachel edit and fix her blog. It was neat because it was my first time every designing something for someone else.... I hope she likes it :)
After that, I got a shower and got ready to go because I got a pretty sweet phone call earlier in the day asking me to go on a date to our favorite mexican restaurant.... And guess what? This was our real, legit FIRST date ever to a nice restaurant! Sure, we've went to nice restaurants with other couples. We've went to McDonalds and Burger King and Subway together, but we've never been to a nice, sit-down restaurant together.. alone. So, it was a special time for us :) I got the taco salad with chicken and Ethan got the steak fajitas with about 45 sweet teas, haha! He was cracking me up. We were making "Napkin Faces." (Oh come on, please tell me you've seen 'The Holiday' with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Win…

Project 365: Day 332- October 28th

How did I spend my morning you might be asking??
Yes, I was finally home for a whole day where I had time to vacuum, dust, scrub the bathroom, mop the floors, do all the dishes, and the laundry! I even got a swiffer jet... and LOVED using it in the kitchen, haha! It was awesome. Here's a shot of that:
It was exhausting haha, but it felt great to have a clean, clean house! :) It smelled so nice in here! Wonderful! Then I snuggled up on the couch (because it was freezing cold in here), scheduled Tayler and I's 5 month doctor's appointment, and ate some mashed potatoes and gravy and a salad. I did have a picture of that amazingly yummy meal, but I can't find my camera. I think it's in Ethan's car-- TRAGIC! :( 
Anyways, Ethan finally came home from work and we went out to run some errands. We ordered some pizza, breadsticks, and salad and it tasted amazing, then we headed over to the fitness center for Ethan to play some basketball. In an effort to convince …

Project 365: Day 331- October 27th

I woke up this morning still feeling awfully groggy. I don't know if I just didn't sleep well the night before or what was going on, so I was kind of... uhm.. lazy this morning! I watched some TV and oh, I took about a 2 hour nap. Hey-- I'm pregnant. I'm allowed ;) haha! After awaking from my nap, however, I decided to be productive-- I switched my blog over to a "Halloween" theme complete with "Halloween Titles." Did y'all notice that? "MUMMY and Daddy," "Our Little Trick or Treater," "Spooky Tunes," "The Haunted" (because I check out their pages all the time-- okay, go on and laugh. That's hilarious, haha), and "Our Ghosts" (instead of "Our Guests.." oh come on, laugh :P) 
I hope you all like it :) I'm a little late considering Halloween is Sunday, haha, but oh well-- we can enjoy it for a few days, right? :)
And then I finished that, watched some "Ghostly Encounters,"…

Project 365: Day 330- October 26th

I got up this morning, felt GREAT... yes, that would mean NO nausea. I have figured my little booger out :) I ate a HUGE meal right before bed and snacked as soon as I got up. See-- if you keep her full, she's happy. Like father, like daughter I suppose, haha! After eating, I worked on a project for one of my friends and got ready. My dad and I were going to lunch with my little brother Ethan at his school. We got there, got our visitor passes, and here Ethan came down the stairs waving his arms like crazy. He was so excited! All of his friends asked, "Are those your parents?" Yes, I about freaked, haha! I'm 23 years old! Not nearly old enough to have a 4th grader, my heavens, haha! We go through the lunch line, we broke the news that Ethan was going to be an uncle to a GIRL and not a boy. You should have saw his reaction, haha! "A girl??? GROSS!!" haha! And then we sat down to enjoy some lunch. I wasn't hungry as I had just ate (yea, yea, I always &qu…

Project 365: Day 329- October 25th

So, I had to say goodbye to my sweetheart yet again this morning. Yes, this is getting rather old :( He's had to go out of town for his job the past 2 weeks and it really bums me out! I miss him so much when he is gone. But I guess at least he got to come home over the weekend so he could be there for the ultrasound :) That definitely made Tayler and me happy! So, after saying too-da-loo to him, I headed to my parent's house. Everyone felt it was safer that while he was gone, I stayed with them... and I agreed! It felt like it took forever to get there, but once I got there I immediately went back to bed haha! I was going to stay up and work on my project for class that was due tonight, but.... sleep won! :)
About 8 I woke up to a starving baby, haha! So, I ate and got started on my project. I worked for about 4 hours organizing an outline, creating a powerpoint project, creating a blog for Multiple Intelligences.. and submitted it! What a relief.
Looks pretty, huh? haha!
Yea.. …

Project 365: Day 328- October 24th

After such a wonderful day yesterday, I woke up EARLY. I couldn't sleep. Are you kidding? I was so so happy and excited! So I woke up early to work on a project, got peppers cut for dinner, and chicken laid out to thaw. Then FINALLY, Ethan woke up (at almost 10 AM haha... lazy bum lol) and we  headed to pick him up some breakfast at Subway and then we went to our old apartment to finish cleaning it. We had to move a piano and couch out and then scrub the bath tub, fridge, and kitchen floors, plus vacuum, haha! We got all of this done and Ethan called a few of his friends to move the HUGE piano we had, haha! It was hilarious watching them load in the truck, but it was even funnier watching how they hauled it away----- 
Yep, 3 boys in the front of the truck.. and 2 weirdos in the back holding it up, hahahaha. Nope, they did not use straps or cords. They merely held it.... and oh it started sliding and falling. So, they had to stop and fix it. Thank God Ethan was there, right? haha!

Project 365: Day 327- October 23rd

Today was the day this mommy and daddy found out if their precious baby was a baby girl or a baby boy! :) This is us in the car waiting on my parents to get there, hehe!
And we snuck a quick smooch. Gross, right? LOL
Hey sue us! We were excited :)
And we were there, finally, after a short bathroom stop, haha!
We got there a little bit early, so mom, dad, Ethan, and I just chillaxed in the car waiting on Corey, Jon, and Arena to get there :)
And Ethan told me to act like a mom! LOL
After this, Jon, Arena, and Corey finally arrived and well, it didn't matter because we still had a long wait. Apparently there were some stubborn babies earlier that weren't letting the technician see the goods haha! But finally we got in there. I laid down on the bed, everyone took their seats on the couch (with a huge big screen in front of them), the technician put that goo on my belly, she got the ultrasound started.... and we saw our precious baby for the first time :) Sorry I didn't get a…