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Project 365: Day 119- October 13th (and Project 52)

Yes. It was THAT day today. You know what I'm talking about moms.. that dreaded day... SHOT DAY. :( Breaks my heart, but I went in with the optimism that this was it until April. 6 months shots... get those over with and we're done until she's a year old. We can do this! Since E couldn't join me, Mom came for moral support. I'm not too good with medical stuff. I know.. how did I get through a 40 week pregnancy right? Taking blood... pelvic exams.. It's true that you'll do anything for your kids. Even watch them get shots when you feel like passing out. But Tayler was a champ. She only cried on one and she cried for like 10 seconds and that was it. Mommy's trooper, bless her heart. It always breaks my heart because I swear, she is in the best mood on shot day. She's smiling and playing in the waiting room and has no idea what is to come. :( Ugh. Makes me feel terrible. But anyways, here are her little leggies after her shots:

Poor baby!
So, it was lots…

Project 365: Day 118: October 12th

Papaw and Gigi bought Tayler some new blocks this past weekend and that's what we 've been playing with all week long (along with watching our Desperate Housewives addiction LOL) But Tayler has this thing now where we'll stack up the blocks and she thinks it is hilarious to knock them over LOL! Too cute! :) Actually, the first picture on here she doesn't look too enthused, haha, but seriously-- she loves doing it LOL

She got a bit sidetracked, haha. And notice her shirt says "That's Miss Cutie to You" ;) Of course!
Later on, once Papaw and Gigi got home, they took Tayler for a walk while E and I ran some errands. I was home in time to take their picture once they arrived home though. How cute is this picture? she looks so cute with a hoodie up!
I took a close up because I thought she looked too darn adorable not to! When she got home, we worked on her crawling skills... :) She's getting there... slowly but surely. I am so excited for when she takes off (a…

Project 365: Day 117- October 11th

I took quite a few pictures of Tayler today. She was entirely too cute. Maybe it was because she was wearing a shirt that said 'I love Mommy?' hahaha! :) But I just couldn't believe she's getting so big! She was such a happy baby today! :) We played with her blocks. And guess what she's doing now? If you sit her down to play, she immediately reaches forward and gets into the crawl position. Then, she falls flat on her belly, haha! I can't tell you how many times I walked down there, picked her back up, and watched her fall all over again. She's hilarious! :)
And I tried to take a picture of her TWO TEETH (Yes, Tayler had another tooth come in today!!!!) But this is the best I could get:

Funny, right? :) Anyways, they're on the bottom. Dork. haha! ;)
And I forgot to share a picture yesterday of Ethan driving in MY sunglasses. LOL he forgot his. He cracks me up!


Project 365: Day 116: October 10th

Tayler and I had a good day today and then we got ready so we could meet Gigi and Daddy for some YUMMY Mexican food!! Yes, we were going to our favorite yet again, haha! Here's a picture of us together:

Notice my glasses keep changing? I'm so ready to have my regular ones back! LOL
Once we went to the restaurant, we enjoyed our yummy fajita burritos... steak of course! And Tayler caught a couple's eye :) She always stares at people, haha, and this lady LOVED it. Well, lo and behold, she was 4 months pregnant and is sooo excited to have their baby! She didn`t know what they were having yet, but she talked to us about a lot of things going on in her pregnancy :) It was so nice to meet someone pregnant again, hehe! I miss being pregnant *sigh* Here's Tayler staring at them even after she walked away:

She wills people to talk to her, haha!
Once we ate til we couldn't eat anymore, we figured we should take a walk LOL!! Yes, that's what cures our guilt around here. So, E…

Project 365: Day 115- October 9th

We got up this morning and got ready and went to a Diabetes benefit for my Grandpa's nephew. I took a few pictures of Tayler with her Great Grandpa and Grandma Smith. As they progress in years, I find it even more important that I take TONS of pictures of them with Tayler. If anything were to ever happen, I want her to know who they were and how much they loved her :)

And Dad got stung by a bee... WITHOUT his epi pen, so we had to leave rather quickly, but we all posed for a picture prior to heading out!

When we got home, Tayler was beat.
Here she is snoozing on Daddy, haha!

Looks just like him, huh? ;) haha!


Project 365: Day 114- October 8th

Tayler went to the grocery store with Papaw and Gigi this morning. They were under strict orders not to buy anything for her. We are already accumulating sooo much stuff here that we're just going to have to pack up and move LOL Well guess what? They didn't listen.
According to them, Grandparents don't HAVE to listen. ;)

And a new toy.

According to them, these are all necessities.
Hmph. HAHA!
After that, we loaded up the car and went to Gabi's 1st birthday party. It's crazy. I remember when Kelly's mom told us she was in labor.. and it's been 1 year already. Time goes too quickly. Gabi's party was so cute. They've lived in Hawaii the past year, so that was the theme! :) Tayler was having fun...

Aren't those sandals adorable? Another purchase from Papaw and Gigi......... She looks so big here I think! 
And here's Gabi's cake. Isn't it just adorable??

Once we got home, we spent some time with my cousin who is home fr…

Project 365: Day 113- October 7th

Tayler and I spent Friday enjoying each others company. Well... haha! ;) I had an article to write this morning and I wanted to get it out of the way so that we had time to do other things. Tayler wasn't in to playing with her toys on the floor, so I let her sit with me while I wrote. Now that little miss thing thinks she's BIG STUFF (haha) she was crawling and flopping all over me. Kind of makes it hard to work, right? :) haha! But oh well, I finally got it done... looking like this almost the entire time LOL

Once I got that done, Tayler and I went outside to enjoy the GORGEOUS weather! :) She loves being outside and so does Mommy! Here's what it looked like today.... AMAZING.

So thankful I live somewhere where you can truly appreciate the seasons and how they change :)
We swung on the porch swing for over an hour. So peaceful, serene, and relaxing.

After that, we all got ready and went to the football game. I think Ethan is totally becoming a fan of my Alumni. I'm workin…