Friday, October 14, 2011

Project 365: Day 118: October 12th

Papaw and Gigi bought Tayler some new blocks this past weekend and that's what we 've been playing with all week long (along with watching our Desperate Housewives addiction LOL) But Tayler has this thing now where we'll stack up the blocks and she thinks it is hilarious to knock them over LOL! Too cute! :) Actually, the first picture on here she doesn't look too enthused, haha, but seriously-- she loves doing it LOL

She got a bit sidetracked, haha. And notice her shirt says "That's Miss Cutie to You" ;) Of course!

Later on, once Papaw and Gigi got home, they took Tayler for a walk while E and I ran some errands. I was home in time to take their picture once they arrived home though. How cute is this picture? she looks so cute with a hoodie up!

I took a close up because I thought she looked too darn adorable not to!
When she got home, we worked on her crawling skills... :) She's getting there... slowly but surely. I am so excited for when she takes off (and leery-- chasing her everywhere? haha)

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