Friday, October 14, 2011

Project 365: Day 119- October 13th (and Project 52)

Yes. It was THAT day today. You know what I'm talking about moms.. that dreaded day... SHOT DAY. :( Breaks my heart, but I went in with the optimism that this was it until April. 6 months shots... get those over with and we're done until she's a year old. We can do this! Since E couldn't join me, Mom came for moral support. I'm not too good with medical stuff. I know.. how did I get through a 40 week pregnancy right? Taking blood... pelvic exams.. It's true that you'll do anything for your kids. Even watch them get shots when you feel like passing out. But Tayler was a champ. She only cried on one and she cried for like 10 seconds and that was it. Mommy's trooper, bless her heart. It always breaks my heart because I swear, she is in the best mood on shot day. She's smiling and playing in the waiting room and has no idea what is to come. :( Ugh. Makes me feel terrible. But anyways, here are her little leggies after her shots:

Poor baby!

So, it was lots of snuggles and cuddles today with mommy on the couch. We even finished ALL of the Desperate Housewives and we are ready for the new one on Sunday :)

Guess what Gigi brought home for Tayler today? The Halloween costume we picked out for Tayler. Oh my heavens.. I'm so excited for trick or treating, hehe! I think she is going to look JUST adorable!!!!

Isn't that the cutest duckie you've ever seen? ;) And always with those fingers in her mouth, haha! She's always feeling her teeth. She rubs both of them with her tongue a lot. It's hilarious!

And Tayler turned 28 weeks old today. This past week she got both of her bottom front teeth and she took a few steps crawling! She has grown so much. I ran into a friend of mine today at the doctor that hadn't seen Tayler in awhile and she said "Oh my heavens, I feel like you just had her, literally!" And all I could think was-- I know the feeling. I still remember giving birth to her and here she is... 6.5 months old. 


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